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Random update

Getting quite exhausted these days, not really sure why ehehehe.. Just thought I’d do a quick update about… nothingness AHAHAHA I’m so 無聊.

P1010966My look in physio uniform.. everyday Monday to Friday.  I look so tired

I am announcing my last make up splurge hopefully till the end of the year XD

Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B1


  • I was very surprised when I used the lightest colour to find out it was a warm creamy colour and not plain white 🙂
  • The reddish brown is quite pretty
  • Easy to create a natural warm browny look


  • I think I still like the reddish brown colour from my Red Earth Starlights palette in Chocolate Dream a bit better

I’ve actually been really interested in this palette from Majolica in BR799 but I never ended up buying it.. I really like the colour combos with pink, silvery colour + dark brownish plummish colourI did alot of discouraging to myself to stop myself from buying it.  Also Ricky helped convince me not to buy it as well 😀  Knowing me I can probably blend colours I have atm to create something similar anyway wahahaha ><


Just finished watching this 12 episode TW series “ToGetHer” starring Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang and George Hu.

It was so sweet haha… It’s a really simple, and uncomplicated sort of story.  Left me with butterflies in my stomach just because it was sweet and cute.  No need for brains, and no really annoying frustrating draggy melodramatic conflicts included.  Just a really nice watch.

Wonder Bakery! Starring WonderGirls!! So hilarious.  Has 8 episodes but I’ve only watched 7.

I might get killed by their fans but after watching this series I realised how very average these girls look compared to what I usually saw them as.  But they are funny nontheless and quite talented in many ways.

Call me screwed up in the head but I actually really like freaky movies.  Not blood and guts like Saw or Chainsaw Massacre… but I really like the ghost stuff.. like phenomenol ghost stuff.

I was expecting to watch a movie like that when I watched this korean movie “Alone”.  But there was nothing of the sort.  It was just a very sad story about a very screwed up family.  I did get scared at the beginning when I was watching it at 12 sth at night.. I had to stop in the middle because I got too scared.  But when I finished watching it the next day I realised all the scary parts didn’t make sense and didn’t really have  a purpose.  Disappointment 😦

Any good scary haunting movies to recommend me?

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  1. August 17, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Makeup splurge!

  2. August 20, 2009 at 12:01 am

    thought northern busway been open for a while… did go to RCH stop last year sometime??

    but eastern busway is awesome! lol get some looks from uni ppl tho when getting off at PA 😛 but i think more PA staff are catching on that bus goes there and no more walking from Buranda ..

    no scary movie recommendations from me… i hate them! 😛 they freak me out too much

    • miky612
      August 20, 2009 at 9:19 am

      yah sorry didn’t elaborate properly. I was talking about the RBWH stop opening. Was having to walk up that damn hill from the petrol station and running for my life across the road for the first two weeks XD

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