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New bus routes

So I was sent home because I was starting to get sick and will be having the rest of the week off to recover.  Must recover ASAP!!! Went to UQ GP for their point of view about the possibility of swine flu since I’m working at the hospital atm and they said what I have is nothing much to worry about.  Yay!

Now to get back on the topic of the post.  The new Northern busway is SO convenient!!! It opened up around the 3rd week of my placement so LUCKY ME!!!  It takes probably 15 minutes to get from Cultural Centre to RWBH stop.

Edit: Didn’t realise how shotty my English was ahha.. the RBWH stop opened up in my 3rd week of placement hehehe… before that the busway ended after RCH stop and it was pretty bad coz traffic was HORRIBLE!!!


Since I went to UQ today I also got to go on the new Eastern busway too!! It’s so cool!!!! If only I was having a placement at PA hospital it would be so sweet! All these busways are making everything so much more convenient!!!!  Not only that but they added in more services in the morning for the 209 so we can all get to uni on time in the morning!!!!

Now if only we can get a busway that goes straight from Carindale to Sunnybank WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! dream come true!

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