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downloadsLook at that download speed!!!!! OMG!!!!! WAHAHAHHA WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Not sure if I said this in my first post here, but I was living without net for a good 4-5 months due to my dad changing our landline plan to use optus optic fibre lines instead of Telstra’s copper wire lines.  Due to a series of mishaps I was only able to get my net back last month.

I also got ADSL2+ and I’m really lucky because I’m just within the boundary between crappy bandwidth and good bandwidth.  So after I got the net back I’ve been downloading things like theres no tomorrow (nothing gross!!!!).  That download speed I have might not be anything compared to the rest of the world, but over here in Brisbane, and especially where I live… I say it’s OMG!! I’m lucky!!! WAHAHAHHAHAHH anyway… that’s the end of my boast.


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  1. September 8, 2009 at 9:10 pm


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