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More Make-up…. hehe… ^^”

Okay… so I said that I wouldn’t buy anymore make-up.. but that didn’t really work.. and I lost my motivation to save up for the end of the year.. so I blew it… just a bit… hehehe… ^^” Had a mini E-bay haul as well… (BECKIE!!!! And thanks to cel for helping me ^.^)

The line up:

Lavshuca in BR-2

I love this eye shadow.. I’m actually so surprised.. It’s super shimmery and the colours all show up really well and makes for a good daytime eyeshadow.  You can make more dramatic looks with this as well.  Very smooth too and easy to apply 🙂

Not many cons I can think about this except for the fact that it would be better if they made the bottom two compartments the same size as the two above!!

Koji Eyelash curler in 22R

P1020006Small pic XD nothing fascinating… The size 22R is the one that is less curved which is good because my old one kept nipping my eyelids and it bloody hurt!! This eyelash curler has a spring on the hinge so it  saves you some squeezing effort (well it claims to) but.. let’s see how long the spring lasts.

Sguard Rock-On mascara


Bit hard to get a good picture of the brush.  But not QUITE what I pictured it to be.

  • Mascara is waterproof, claims to lengthen, volume and curl in one.
  • Brush– As seen on the packet, the brush has one side that is longer and the other side that is shorter.  Looks a bit like a round head with spikey hair on top XD (tried to capture it in second pic but failed miserably =.=)
    – Longer side for the tips of the upper lashes for lengthening
    – Shorter side for the roots of the upper and bottom lashes to space them out and get volume
    – It does spread out the lashes nice and evenly, better than any other mascara brush I’ve used.  that short brush for roots thing really does work and helps to prevent clumping.
  • I saw heaps… and I mean.. HEAPS of fibres on the brush.  Frankly I think that the container is abit too narrow for the brush, and things can get quite messy because of that.
  • Formula… good concept.. doesn’t really work.  Layered it on around 3 layers before I got minimal volume, but got more length and great separation.
    – Formula is really light and doesn’t weigh down the lashes, but this could also be why it takes 3 layers for it to show up.
    – I think this mascara is for lengthening more so than volume.
    – Fibres might be a tad too long and too much… I think it may have started to irritate my eyes.
  • Overall, I don’t think I’ll be getting this again… stick to Kiss Me Heroine Make volume and curl mascara instead….

This Japanese cherry blossom face mask came free with my ebay package ^^ probably won’t be using it anytime soon though I should.


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