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Maccas FAIL + Sushi FTW

I decided I’d get a filet-o-fish meal from maccas while I was working at the city on Sunday.  Since the Myer centre entrance is closer I usually go there and don’t have any problems  but that day was just… I can’t put it any other way but… EPIC FAIL!

I think the manager was working that day.. not too sure.  So why was it so fail? Here’s why:

  1. He repeated in a very monotonous voice… 3 times to me the cost of the meal – $6.25 (It was still $5 sth 2 weeks ago, but I let that go since I wasn’t sure if they recently raised their prices).  But seriously, he had no intention of collecting my money at the time, the amount was displayed on the screen, so why does he need to repeat it 3 times when he was busy anyway? Beats me. Do I really look like a retard who can’t read or understand numbers?
  2. Again.. not sure if he ripped me off.. but not tooooo worried about that..
  3. He did not fill up my drink properly.   There was at least 1cm gap from the top.
  4. Not his fault but.. the chips were overcooked!! On the verge of being burnt!! They were dark brown! All of them!

So there was my little rant.  Wasn’t too happy after that since lunch is the only thing I look forward too during work.

On another note.. I went to Garden City with my friend Celeste and had Sushi Sushi today!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the salmon and scallop.  Their uni nigiri was as expected… not very fresh.. but their salmon sashimi looks so good!  They also had a shelf of sashimi and boxes of assorted nigiri for around $8-9!! Enjoyed it alot and would definitely go back 😀

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  1. Ewic
    November 18, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    LOL @ “…Do I really look like a retard who can’t read or understand numbers…” hahaha poor mimi..

    On a positive note, that Sushi place is quite nice. Ange and me go there sometimes and we like to eat the scallop one cos it’s actually surprisingly nice considering the price.

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