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Recent Happenings

It’s been a big few weeks and I’ve only begun to enjoy the beginning of my holidays.  Although I enjoy finally having a break, it makes me somewhat uneasy because the longer I have a holiday, the longer I will be without a full time job. I don’t want that!!  Once everything settles down… heads down!  Must get serious about looking for a job.  Luckily I still have my clothes boutique casual job to help me chug along for now.

This was my last day of uni, first and last day of exams, the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  What a colourful at that!

Everyone (excluding me :P) dressed up in bright, tight or tie-dyed costumes to celebrate the finishing of the program!!

Since then life has been boring yet hectic, just been lazing about, handing in registration forms, working and becoming increasingly petrified of getting my wisdom tooth taken out on Monday… =.= Just trying to enjoy food as much as I can before the coming week.

Free Lipton Tea was given out outside borders while I was working today!!! How could I resist!! 😛 hahaha… they give out these cute 250mL bottles instead of the full size ones now haha

My last big big meal before Monday! Courtesy of parents and relatives 🙂

Tofu with fish, mushrooms, carrots and I think celery/cucumber

Combination Rice!!

Mud crab + ginger and shallots + efu noodles on bottom!!!!!

Mud crab + salt and pepper!!!!!

All in all a very fulfilling dinner with 2kg of crabs 😀 yum yum!  Definitely makes up for the coming foodless week!

I think I should really start putting my camera into my bag… phone pictures suck.. =.=


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