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Sydney Trip (pic heavy..then again other posts are too haha)

It’s been a two weeks since my graduation and less than one week since I came back from Sydney!  This was my first time away from home and in another state with Ricky so it was very exciting for me.

Merry Christmas everybody! Have a great new year too 🙂

My Sydney trip was mainly for heaps of food, HEAPS of window shopping and a bit of actual shopping.  We stayed at Dan and Su’s place for the 9 day trip, and I think I have come to enjoy staying so close to the train station.  It was literally at the bottom of apartment! Get to ground floor, turn right and you’re at the steps already!

(Some photos from my camera, most from Ricky’s Flickr)

Miriam the noob saw double decker trains for the first time in her life.  HK, Singapore and Japan didn’t have double decker trains!!!

I shall highlight, my most memorable feeds while down in Sydney:

Fish Market!

The Chinese sausages and pork jerky Ricky and I spent 2.5 hours walking the whole of the city and Chinatown for.

small snacks at random places in Chinatown 🙂

horr the normal 小籠包 was good, but the crab meat ones were so good! I can just eat these ones all day.  I crave for more everyday T.T

Some awesome rice sashimi dish at Sakana-ya

The best crabs and dessert at Golden Century in Chinatown

Passionflower desserts!

And how could I forget, Ricky’s Cooking!!! The awesomeness

It’s as awesome as it looks!

Some of the highlights of the trip… mmm… so many.. The weather was perfect!

The huge Swarovski Christmas tree in the QVB.  This was only the tip.  Oh and QVB itself, so pretty.

Going across the “King Henry VIII bridge” and the “Queen Elizabeth” bridge, a fair few times. Um.. they look strikingly similar.. And why do they look so much like the Sydney Harbour Bridge? I wonder.. Oh but I did “finally” get to go through the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the end of the trip when heading to the airport 😛 cough..

The fun times. Ownage.

And just having a nice stroll after dinner at night, without a care in the world- apart from my hair blowing off and freezing to death.

All in all Sydney was a pretty good place to visit.  It’s got both the big brands, the luxurious malls, but also all those random little stores in Chinatown where you can find some great stuff.  The food is awesome!  Would definitely go there again, but for now I shall have to return to my boring life in Brisbane.  A new year is coming soon!  Must work hard!

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  1. December 25, 2009 at 1:27 am

    One of the best Sydney trips ever!

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