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Uncontrollable hauling.

Over the months, I have gradually given into my uncontrollable urge to buy things I see in make up stores, especially since they are on sale atm damnit.  I’m such a consumer.. Shame on me >< But I guess money is not wasted if the items I buy are actually put to good use right? I believe so… yes.. yes thats definitely the case.

Kate Gradical eyes in B-1, Visee Glamorous Hunter in G-5 and Visee Brilliance Forming eyes in A-1

Swatch of Kate

I’ve been in search of a good brown palette for so long and I think I finally found it! It creates good contouring and for some reason the colours look better on the eyes than on the hand.  Mixing with Visee Blackish forming eyes in B1 gives all the shades you need from white to black.

Swatch of Visee Glam Hunt

This palette is pretty shimmery.  I thought the colours would look kind of funny but it ends up all blending into one smokey colour at the end anyway haha.. Don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not.  It doesn’t look bad, I actually quite like it, but.. just not what I expected.

I decided I should invest in a brown eyeliner.  Too bad the shop couldn’t stock Spring heart’s eyeliner pencil in brown.  I really like the black one and you’ll see why soon.  Anyway, I ended up getting this Palgantong eyeliner combi pencil set.  Pretty good deal since it has brown, black and a glittery white pencil for supposed to be around $15 (naturally the shops here in Australia do a ridiculous mark up).  It claims to be waterproof.  So far only Revlon Colorstay and Spring heart eyeliner pencils have left me impressed.  So let’s have a comparison of staying power.

From left: Spring heart, Palgantong, Kate square cut

Kate is the least black of them all, and Palgantong seems the darkest.  Smooth-wise, Palgantong was quite hard and super sharp to begin with.  Once it is a bit more blunt it’s just a bit smoother to apply than Spring heart.  Spring heart is abit dry, and Kate probably wins the smoothness contest (but fails miserably for everything else).  So staying power… one swipe across with my fingertip after waiting a few minutes…. tada!

A clear winner.

No I don’t think I will get Palgantong again.  I wonder if there are others that automatically links “waterproof” with “smudge-proof”.  I usually would think that if it doesn’t smudge, it would mean it’s pretty good against water/sebum.  I have decided I love Spring heart eyeliner pencils and shall use nothing but from now on.  Oh as for the brown eyeliner theory? Scrap it.  It only suffices as a liner for the bottom eyelid.  It’s great for that.

I also got Imju’s raved about Fiberwig mascara.

It’s one of those.. love or hate things and I’m afraid I can’t say I love it.  What’s great is that it really does make your lashes really really long.  What’s crap is that I don’t need length, and length without volume looks stupid anyway.  It will kill a curl faster than the speed of light if you curl your eyelashes first.  It hates anything but the Panasonic heated eyelash curler, anything else will cause painful ripping out of your eyelashes because of the rubbery texture of the mascara.  You can attempt to layer it up, but the consequence of one wrong move will result in disgusting long and spikey eyelashes, and forget about volume.

It washes off super easy with luke warm water and comes off in rubbery chunks.  Too bad I would never use this mascara on it’s own, and because of that it’s a freaken pain to get off.  Fiberwig does not like make up removers.  At all.  I have found a way to make this mascara work for me though.  Curl eyelashes->volume mascara->Fiberwig-> volume mascara at roots again.  But even so, it can give a great look, or make one wrong move and your eyelashes will be totally fked for the rest of the day.  However, after all this, I can’t say I hate it-just that I will never buy it again.

Moving on, anybody heard of DealExtreme.com?  Ricky told me about it after his friend introduced it to him.  It’s a great site for buying those really random things for super cheap prices.  They are offering free shipping at the moment too!  The stuff came in about 2.5 weeks.

My microfibre cloth.  I think this one is actually genuine haha…  Cost US$2.56

4 pack get your fringe out of the way thing… US$2.36.  Does the job!

Eyelash curler US$2.85.  I took a photo to compare it with my Koji 22R eyelash curler (on left).  They both have a spring.  The no brand one is slightly more curved than the Koji one but same width.  The no brand one doesn’t have the looped finger handle, which some people like, but I’m not too used to.  It wasn’t very smooth when I first tried it but realized it was because it was bent a little the wrong way.  After I fixed it it actually works really well, on par with Koji one.  Wouldn’t try comparing it with Shu uemera or Shiseido though.

My favourite purchase from DX!!! US$4.69.  It advertises it as the random brand “Seavennus”, but when it came it’s the genuine Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust it mattifying hair powder!! Retails on Sasa.com at US$17.40 discounted price.  It’s so small and light but a little goes a long way.  Have to be careful not to rub it into the scalp or else it will clog the pores.  I love it so much I decided to get another 2 hehehe…

I believe I shall be good for another good few months.  Now I am looking forward to the arrival of BB creams I’ve been wanting to try for so long and my HK wishlist ahaha 😀

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  1. Amanda
    January 23, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    cool! how do those get ur fringe out of the way things work? i’m just seeing the pink thing and i’m confused… (considering getting one tho if they work well !)

    • miky612
      January 23, 2010 at 10:53 pm

      yo how’s your new habitat!!?!!?!? That pink thing is just a strip of velcro that sticks your hair in place when you want it out of the way. pretty good wor.. you don’t really need 4.. i think even 2 is more than enough but they give you 4 anyway.. guess it adds to the whole bargain factor haha

      • Amanda
        January 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm

        new habitat is good 🙂 settling in finally – the traffic isnt keeping me awake now!

        hmm u might need to send me the link to the store u got those things at 😛 sound like a good thing to have when annoyed at fringe whilst studying

  2. beckie
    February 10, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    ooo i always wanted that powder for my hair to try….. hahaha now it remmindsd me to get it in hk hahaha

    i havent done much shopping in hk ><

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