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My new chair

I got sick of sitting on my shitty Office works synthetic leather chair so I decided to look for something with some back support, that didn’t give me a numb butt and left leg everyday.  Ricky bought a nice ergonomics chair last year sometime which led me to want to get something similar.  His one is here.

Ricky recommended me to look at milandirect.com.au since mojodirect is currently quite pricey unlike when he bought his chair.

This was an aeron inspired ergonomic chair that was on sale for $199 during March which I really wanted to get.  Due to my current state of poverty I decided against it.  Would have been awesome too!!! Adjustable head rest, adjustable back tilt, tilt tension, chair angle tilt, arm rests!!!

Instead I went for the cheaper alternative high back ergonomic chair instead.  Not half as adjustable but only half the price!   It set me back $135 inc. delivery.

Front on

side view

This seat only allows height and tilt tension adjustments.  The arm rests are removable but why would you :O The mesh back is framed with metal and is super sturdy.  Even with the minimal adjustment availability, I am able to sit up tall to do work, or just lay back to watch series as well, which was one thing I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do.

The mesh seat cushion is so comfortable and my butt doesn’t get numb at all like it did with my previous chair.  Also no slipping down the seat either! XD

Delivery service was great.  Ordered on Sunday and Blue Star sent me an email on Tuesday to tell me that they had received it from milandirect.  They have  a tracking link to show you where abouts in the delivery line it is, and once it has been picked up at signed, the signature immediately goes up on the site to show that it has been delivered.  They also called me up on Thursday to tell me they were outside my house lol.

The chair was easy to assemble, I did it on my own with help of instructions sheet, but it was surprising how easy it is to assemble and be able to get such a sturdy chair.

I was initially a bit disappointed when I saw the lumbar support region.

As you can see it is just a thin cushion pad that is strapped on with elastic.  However, the support the chair provides is not bad at all surprisingly.  The lumbar support is at just the right place, and just the right amount.  Of course it would be ideal if it had a more rigid support that is slightly more anterior, but for what I paid for, can’t expect the world.  The upper back support doesn’t recline too much either so overall back support is not bad.

The neck area doesn’t really provide any service really.  You can lean on it a little bit if you’re watching tv which is what I like to do.  Surprisingly it isn’t painful to lean on even though the frame is metal.  It doesn’t have any sort of cushioning around the area so not sure why it’s not uncomfortable to lean on.  In terms of sitting up straight, back support ends at the shoulders, which is pretty sufficient anyway.

Overall very happy with my purchase.  I was missing a washer in the pack and Adrian from customer support was very quick with replies, no questions asked and is sending me a replacement set of screws via Australian Post 😀

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  1. April 4, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Probably better than my chair!

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