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Autumn cleaning and random post

Since probably 4 weeks ago, I have been “determined” to clean out my wardrobe on the weekend.  That obviously didn’t happen for 4 good weeks hahahaha.. well today I finally got up off my butt and did some major wardrobe cleaning – aka chucking out all the clothes under the  “maybe I might wear it one day” category.

Got rid of 7 bags of clothes and bags.  All shall go to the next donation bin I come across ^.^

My wardrobe is so small 😦 I can hang all my clothes inside my wardrobe now!!!  And I can open each drawer easily now ahha.. I had to hang some of my clothes on a hook on the door of my wardrobe before 😦 And up until today, the left side of it was occupied by my mum and dad’s very VERY old clothes.  I’m talking about those heavy checkered suits from the 70’s :S  Good thing my sister’s wardrobe is vacant so we can use that as the new store room of the clothes my parents will never wear, but will also never throw out.  So you can imagine how bad it was before I did the big clean out!!

Funny I still have clothes that “maybe I might wear one day” after the clean.  I’ll probably be chucking them out after winter ahaha..

Does everyone keep a lot of clothes thinking maybe they might wear it one day… but know deep down they never will?

Made some creamed corn with diced pork for dinner tonight 🙂 dad made the veges. yum yum.

BTW update on MAC paint pot.

It’s pretty good 😀 Very economical because you literally sweep your finger over it, and dab that all over.  Any more and it will support creasing instead of prevent.  It lasted from day to night with very little creasing.  I usually wear dark E/S and I could only see a little bit of fading on the crease but other people probably can’t tell unless they starred at me while my eyes are closed (who would do that anyway :S).  I also used the paint pot on my lower lid too and that worked really well.

My very teary left eye corner still smudged after around 6-8 hours but way slower and less than previously.  I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect anyway since I think I would pretty much need a permanent marker to prevent smudging.. and even then I think permanent marker will still fade on me =.= But would definitely recommend and repurchase 🙂 eyeing soft ochre now ehehehe

very tired now.. feel like I’ve done a workout for the whole day LOL

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  1. Tiffany
    June 8, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    ehhh~~ so many bags~ if u havnt thrown them away u can give them to me **shinyeyes** lol i bet ur clothes r all nice x]
    and yeah i keep bags of clothes that “ill wear one day” but at the end i just forget about them and then my mum donate them without telling me XD

    • miky612
      June 8, 2010 at 7:21 pm

      haha nahh those bags are all old and broken.. not nice ones 😛 so are the clothes ahahaha.. trust me.. my clothes arent very nice!

      • June 9, 2010 at 2:12 am

        lOl wow u reply fast!!
        [oh Im anj3lsong now and not Tiffany, but same diff x] ]
        After seeing ur blog i decide to write my own too :] cause wordpress seem so much nicer than blogspot. but so complicated @.@

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