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“Shuck em’ to me baby!”

We bought some unshucked Tasmanian oysters for $10/doz today!  I always loved Tasmanian oysters because they are fat, sweet and also “crunchy”!  My least favourite of them all is the Sydney Rock.. small puny little things and not much taste.  I recently discovered Coffin bay ones as well which aren’t too bad either 😀

So I learnt how to shuck oysters tonight!  It totally reminded me of Masterchef ahahaha (hence the post title).  I’ve been a religious follower of the show for some reason.  I say Ricky is the one that got me into it although he hasn’t been watching this year’s one.  Surprisingly it wasn’t TOOO hard.  Just requires a bit of elbow grease and you have to figure out where the mouth is- usually on the middle right of the rippled side ^^

Look at those fat fat oysters… mmmmmm

After battling with the lids.  Finally done!  There were two that were just impossible… nothing a little bit of banging on the kitchen sink won’t fix 😀

And of course there has to be a little battle scar 😛  Looks more like a small paper cut.  It hurt when the knife popped out of the oyster and into my hand though…


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  1. angelique
    June 19, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    aiya u should be careful with the knife… Oysters and knife with cut = bad bad infection.
    and yeah the crap in the sink plug don’t look too good hey .. hahahhahahha

    • miky612
      June 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm

      AHHAHA I thought the exact same thing when I looked back on the pictures. Don’t worry I washed all the oysters another time after that as well so all clean ^^

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