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Shopaholic much? (picture heavy)

Just received my parcel from facial-shop the other day!  So exciting 😀 Delivery was very prompt, and the owner (?) Vivian was very nice and helpful when answering my questions.  Only thing is it is not the cheapest but you don’t have to pay shipping fee 🙂

I got free Orbis E/S samples and an extra Aube blush for $6USD

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in 10 Vintage Decor

It’s sooooo shimmery and bling I love it so much!! Consistency is literally like jelly and has the typical Jill Stuart floral smell.  I think I have grown accustomed to it hehe

Colour away from the light reflection.  It’s more of a taupey brown on the eyes.  Lasts a whole day! love love love!! Going to get some other colours later ^^

Visee Blackish Forming Eyes B2

Was choosing between Brilliance Forming in A3 and this, but got swayed by my sis to get this instead XD Ended up getting one each

A nice orangey brown palette.  I was worried the highlighter shade would turn out too silver but it’s great.  The palette overall is more shimmery than B1 too ^^


Thought I would do a quick colour comparison between B1 and B2.
All the colours have a  pretty obvious difference apart from the darker shades (bottom right in each palette).
B2 is slightly lighter and is a more obvious brown as opposed B1 which is more blackish brown with shimmers.
Both give a very different look, so I’m happy to have both ^^
What I LOVE about Visee palettes is that they co-ordinate the shimmers perfectly with the colour.  It’s so elegant and wearable hehehe then again most jap brands do that anyway

Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes C2

I really wanted a pinky red palette as this is what I have least of, and really liked the look fuzkittie made on her blog ^^

Nice pigmentation and exactly what I wanted ^^  The cream colour is very greasy with fine shimmer but I would be very reluctant to use it anywhere apart from the brow bone.

Kate Gel Liner BR-1

Was a bit disappointed when I got this because it looked like customs opened it, and may not have closed to lid straight away so it felt a bit dry.  However, after I got rid of the top layer it was nice and soft ^^

Shimmery brown, lasts the whole day, good for day time when you don’t want to have too harsh a dark line, but still want good definition 🙂

“Gift” for extra $6USD for purchase over $100USD:  Aube Chiffon Touch Cheek in RS803

Looks dark, but it actually shows up light and gives the cheek a nice little tint.  Exactly what I wanted!

Bit hard to see but you can’t see a little bit of the pinky tint on the left side of my hand as opposed to the right.  Highlighter is in the middle

Comes with some instructions completely in Japanese so can’t really understand it lol Luckily it’s got pictures ahaha

Orbis E/S samples

Vivian was very nice to add this in as well as I wanted to see whether these were any good.  Loose eyeshadow- 3 colour gradation vertically: blue, green, purple, pink and brown

Decided to press the eyeshadow because it would last longer and more convenient to use
Pressed it with Isocol, and the pigments where not compromised, although pressing with Isocol does not work with all types of loose E/S on the market

Swatches are pretty random.  First darkest colour is not from the sample.  I think the top colours are from the bottom row.  Nevertheless, the shadows are not very pigmented and slightly shimmery.

Happy ^^

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