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New stuff ^^

My Bobodave stuff finally arrived after 2.5 weeks.  I have my reserves about ordering from there again.. takes so long even though its just registered post!  Not to mention they stopped their free shipping offer.. so sad..

I got my hands on some more Jill Stuart Jelly Eyes.  So damn pretty 😀

03 Platinum Satin

I don’t really know what I was expecting, maybe more beige than pink.  This is definitely more pink than beige.  I’m even thinking maybe I should have listened to Celeste and gotten the 02 Gold light instead.  Nevertheless, when it is spread over the eyelids it becomes skin colour and has heaps of pretty silver glitters.  Great as base 😀

09 Midnight Shine

Sooooo pigmented and soooo pretty.  It has multicoloured glitter and is a really deep blue.  When it is spread over the eyelids lightly it has a greyish tinge but when layered its a deep blue.  SO freaken pretty!

Swatch away from light.  03 is a bit harder to see because of the shadow, but you can see how it is skin colour like.

Swatch in light.  Really doesn’t do justice for the pretty glitters. 03 Looks metallic in the pic but is actually really shimmery instead in real life.

On the down side I lost my favourite daily Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliner at work the other day.. It was really new and I can’t be bothered to buy it online again either.. sigh..so depressed.. T.T

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