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Some random pics while bumming with Ricky.  Ricky was trying to copy my tired face BUAHAHAHAHAHA looks more like pouting!

I also recently cut and dyed my hair at Boom.  I’ve been wanting to try ash brown for quite a while but never really got around to it until that day.  Result is sort of weird?  I asked for a not-too-light ash brown (since I need to work and stuff) and I think I got what I asked for in a strange way XD

The colour shines a million different colours depending on the lighting.  In the picture it does look lighter and ashier, but in real life, it looks brown and a nice brown at that.  You can only see the ash under flourescent lighting.   I also think that my tips are dead (not from the dye but from before) and the colour doesn’t look as strong at the tips… then again this could also be because of the lighting issue.  I think this will fade to an orangey brown.

I also got around to cleaning my silver jewellery, after learning that my sister cleans hers quite often (and she never cleans!!! XD)!

all clean 🙂

I also had a very very tarnished piece that I was determined to make shine again

Look at that!!

This silver polishing powder I got for free from a silver jewellery shop in Tsuen Wan HK saved it 😀

Just put some powder onto a towel and rub.  All the tarnish goes away 🙂

Ingredients are mostly calcium bicarbonate and talc

I was given this by Ricky’s mum and it has powder on a cotton wipe.  It’s pretty good as well and has lasted me a long time with 25 wipes.  It’s pretty good but the powder isn’t as strong as the other stuff since it couldn’t save my tarnished necklace

Ricky’s mum also got this one for me.  It’s good for just dull jewellery but doesn’t do anything for tarnished jewellery

Tada!! After a good 20 minutes of rubbing, then some soaking, and finishing off with some rubbing again, good as new!

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  1. September 5, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    I love life…

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