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Home Made Pore Strip

Stumbled across this video a little while ago and always wanted to try it so I tried it out with my friend on the weekend.

So I headed out to Woolworths and got myself a jar of:

and some milk from the fridge as well.

She says to mix one tablespoon of each, but even from the video you can see that she used less gelatine than milk.  I would say probably 2/3 gelatine to one part milk.

Can I just warn you guys that this shit STINKS?! Like… really STINKS!?!?

But once you get over it.. you can paint it on your face and the smell fades away once it dries.. LOL

Oh hey, this is me without make up.  I don’t even think I have cream on since I washed my face, and I got shit hair too XD  I can’t believe I even have the guts to post this up.. :S

I think I had to wait around 10-15 minutes for it to dry.  So fun peeling stuff XD

Clean face, cleaner nose.  Just wish I could do something about my freckles.  Oh and lemon juice doesn’t work just to let you know.

Not the most attractive photo but hey – One should realise that a topic on “nose strips” can’t be beautiful anyway.

I think this home made nose strip is quite mild, so I don’t think it would do much for really stuck-in black/whiteheads.  Having said that, even though I could only see micro hairs on the pore strip, my nose feels a lot smoother 🙂  I definitely needed some moisturizer afterwards.  I think I’m happy enough to use this from now on.

Oh that reminds me – My friend Ella introduced me to a beauty place at Sunny Park called Sunnypark Beauty.  I always walked past that place but never trusted it until she told me they were really good at perming lashes.  I got sick of going to my previous one because she wasn’t that great at detail and screwed my eyelashes up.

Sunnypark Beauty’s Celine did the eyelash perm and I think she’s the only that does it but she spends a good deal of time on tidying the eyelashes down to the inner corners!  It was a long process and I fell asleep XD But results are pretty good.  Communication was a bit lacking and I wasn’t told how strong the curl would be.  I think I would prefer a stronger one because I think it’s starting to wear off after 3 weeks, but is still curled as you can see 🙂

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  1. Celeste
    September 13, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    lol it smelt BADDDDDDDDDD! 😛

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