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Strawberrynet and others :)

This is quite delayed because my camera’s SD card decided to crack in half and die on me.  I also tried using my parent’s point ‘n shoot but the photos were so terrible I gave up.  Here I was thinking my current Lumix point ‘n shoot was crap…

Nevertheless, I still managed to pull off something LOLS.

Delivery was very prompt and it’s the first time I have received my products in a box.  I like 🙂 Everything was wrapped up nicely too 🙂

This was the main reason for my purchase – the BF has become all high end and decided the only thing good for his skin was this product he tried at his friend’s place in Sydney.

So now he officially uses better skincare than me! LOL oh wells so far so good.  It really does help with oil control while moisturizing at the same time.

These are the stuff I bought for myself 🙂

The Balms Balms Away Eye Make up break up

Really wanted to try this because I was getting sick of using my current Garnier and Loreal two layer removers.

When I bought this I was hoping for something that will save me from rubbing back and forth with a cotton pad.  This literally feels like vaseline but claims to have vitamins that help moisturize and protect the eyes.  My eyes do feel nice after I use it and it removes my waterproof eyeliner and mascara with the 30 second eye massage 🙂

The other reason I bought this was because other reviews say it gives you a bang for your buck.  The hole in the above picture was made over 3 weeks but I shall see how long this lasts me.

What I don’t like is the wiping off process.  I usually use a cotton pad instead of the recommended tissues to wipe it off.  I have to wipe around the lash line repeatedly to get it all off, though it does eventually all come off.  That sort of counteracts the soothing properties this remover claims to provide.  Though I do believe that trial and error has made it increasingly easier.

I lose a couple of eyelashes along the way but I’m not sure if that’s because of the Rapidlash I am trying out atm (it is typical to malt for the first few weeks while the eyelashes restore themselves – review coming later :)). I think it could be the Rapidlash because I can see that the make up remover actually nourishes my eyelashes.  Shall see.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time eye primer

It offers 1.5mL/0.05fl oz for $22AUD, while TFSI offers 11g/0.35fl oz for $35AUD.  WTF 1.5 measley mL?!?!?!? HUGE unhappy face 😦

Whatever.  Since Fuzkittie loves it and rates it higher than TFSI, I bit my lip and bought it.

The twist tube it comes in is a very nice sturdy design.  One question.  What happens to all that product stuck IN the actual tube once it runs out? BAH! There goes more money down the drain.  I say fail packaging! FAILLLL!! I wish it would come in a squeeze tube instead with more.  At least humour me with even 5 or even 3mL…  I don’t even want to use it because I’m scared it would run out =.=

Anyway, to the upside – The consistency is actually drier than TFSI and you can clearly tell that it has no silicon properties in it unlike TFSI.  Well all the better because I never wanted silicon in my eye primer anyway.  One tick from me already.  It smooths on nicely with a small amount despite the dry consistency.  Another tick 🙂 (Freaken better considering how little they give us in the first place..)

I decided to put it to the test with my Jill Stuart palette.  Jill Stuart.. ahh the luxurious brand.  Has anyone ever mentioned – Your fall out is bad.  You fade faster than my Visee and even Lavshuca palettes.  You turn frosty and dull with glitter chunks easily.  What the heck.  Your range contains WAY too many pink palettes. Yawn.  And even after all that, I still really really want to buy more, if only there were some non-pink palettes..

Anyway to my surprise, fall out was little to none, and the colour stayed vibrant without creasing all day.  I got that really nice shimmering glossy feeling I always wanted from my Jill Stuart palette- not the dull faded look I was getting way too often.  I’m in love 🙂  Also, I had minimal smudging around my problem left eye corner too 😀

I think I will have to buy this again when I run out.  But I really really REALLY hate how it’s such a rip off.

Gosh Pearl Shine Lipstick in Starlet 607#

This came free with the purchase

A bit darker than I thought it would be.  It’s quite moisturizing and doesn’t dry out the lips.

It has an underlying cheap cosmetic scent, but also a sweet candy smell too.  It doesn’t bother me too much though.

I went to a discount perfume/cosmetic store a while back and saw Stila products!!  The E/S palette was only $12 AUD!!  I also got a Stila double ended eyeshadow brush for $8 😀

Stila in Marrakesh.  Isn’t the packaging adorable ^^

I had a really hard time trying to get a good shot of the colours, but my camera just was going psycho and wouldn’t let me.  It was only for this palette too.. I think it could be because of the silver packaging.

One under natural light, and you can see the shimmers better in the second pic.  The colours are still pretty true.

Swatch.  Pretty neutral pink palette 🙂 Awesome for Summer!

The two middle colours actually look pretty similar, but the third colour from left allows for some subtle contouring.  Totally loving the dark brown with red shimmers!  Actually this looks pretty similar to Visee’s Forming eyes in A-1.

Above: Stila ; Below: Visee

Pretty similar aren’t they? Except Stila has a more metallic finish while Visee has a shimmery bling finish.

Visee’s pink is also deeper and more vibrant.

Stila’s brown has a more reddish tint, while Visee has more chocolate brown tones.  I still thought Visee’s dark brown was quite reddish though.  But that’s alright, it’s good that these two aren’t completely the same 🙂

I also took advantage of Priceline’s sale 2-3 weeks ago and bought myself two mascaras.  I know I know.. I said I would end my mascara shopping but They were half price!

Maybelline Pulse Perfection’s brush.

I actually like this mascara.  It separates well and I find myself reaching for this one now.  I think it is mediocre in lengthening and voluming.  Just a good daily mascara.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect’s brush.  Very fat brush with short bristles.  Good combination.

I was a bit disappointed with this one.  The formula I think is a bit rubbery?  It does build length and volume, but I found the brush hard to work with and a bit difficult to get the mascara onto my eyelashes.  What I found surprising was that it didn’t really help with keeping the eyelashes neat – something I thought would happen with short bristles.  I find myself not reaching for this mascara all the time.

Lastly, I finally decided to re-organise my make up using the drawers my mum bought from Aldi XD Good old Aldi ehehehe

It’s so neat but I wish it was a bit longer or something.  It only just accomodates for the E/S.  I’m sure I can find a way to rearrange it to fit more though 😀

  1. littlebeckie
    September 22, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    NICE!!!! now i remember why i dont buy YSL anymore 1. expensive 2. dries up too quickly ><…..i think they're claled dividers? wish i can buy the stuff like youtube gurus with their US/UK container stores XD

    • miky612
      September 22, 2010 at 11:01 pm

      I’m still in search for the perfect mascara. Maybe Diorshow? They dry up quickly too though…

      The top one is a divider I think, but the bottom are actually drawers. OMG everything overseas is so much better.. you can’t even get proper dividers from here.. T.T

  2. September 27, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks for mentioning http://www.StrawberryNET.com in your review. We hope you (and the BF) are loving your new products!

    – Isabelle at StrawberryNET.com

    • miky612
      September 27, 2010 at 12:46 pm

      Thanks for popping by on my blog, enjoying the products a lot! Thanks for the great service 🙂

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