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Calling for Love – PRETTY MUCH SPOILER

I’ve been pretty slack in keeping up with asian TV and music up until probably a month ago.  I just really couldn’t be bothered after I got my new laptop.  I was pretty content with streaming heaps of really old dramas until I thought I should probably start building up my collection again AHAHA

The last one I finished was Calling for love 呼叫大明星, starring Mike He and Charlene Choi.

I waited until it had ended for probably a month before I decided to watch it.  I was really put off by the fact that it had Charlene in it, and she was also speaking in Mandarin too…  The only thing that convinced me to watch it was Mike and the fact that it’s only 14 episodes.  Usually 14-16 episodes is a good number if you don’t want to see any dragging.

Synopsis in my words:

Mike He is a really famous actor, loved by all young people.  However he, his manager and friend are up their shoulders with debt.  During this time Mike decides to buy a computer generated lotto ticket.  Little did he know that he had actually won the big prize which was enough to solve all his money problems.  Too bad he lost it in the middle of an argument with Charlene at a bookstore.  When the manager and friend finds out they automatically think Charlene stole it and gets Mike to get close to Charlene and get the money back.

Charlene is a taxi driver that came from HK in search of her long lost father.  It so happens that her father is actually the father of a girl that Mike likes – Zhong Wei Li (played by Tracy Zhou).  Meanwhile her good friend Zhong Wei Li (played by Chen Zhi Kai) discovers that he really likes her.   Little does Charlene know that he is actually the son of a rich family who had run away from home and became a taxi driver to enjoy his life.  Furthermore he is arranged to marry Zhong Wei Li!

The missing lotto ticket brings Mike and Charlene closer together, but who do they end up choosing at the very end? (obvious answer)

The main characters:

Mike He as 柏野

Mike is actually forced to go into show business because his dad had left him a large debt before dying.  His dad was a fail movie director who neglected his family to follow his fail dream.  Now Mike has not his father debt to pay off, but his little sister also needs funding to follow her dream to be a skilled artist in Paris.

I still think he was best in Devil Beside You ehehe

Charlene Choi as 陳德馨

Charlene has come all the way from HK to Taiwan in search of her long lost father whom she had never met.  She becomes a taxi driver in hope that members of the public may have seen him.  She originally secretly likes her good friend 鍾威力 at the beginning but that seems to change 😛

Charlene didn’t do too bad a job in this surprisingly.  I didn’t really like her sad scenes though as expected.  She actually managed to have fair chemistry between Mike, and I actually did want them to get together so that’s good XD

陳至愷 as 鍾威力

鍾威力 is the son of a rich family.  He cares very little for his wealth, and goes out to be a taxi driver with his good friend Charlene.  He has a childhood phobia of women due to ugly and fat aunties with lipsticks that harassed him as a kid.  However, he later realizes that he has actually fallen in love with Charlene, and can’t live without her.

He’s so cute in this, I felt so sorry for him by the end ><

周采詩 as 楊惟晨

楊惟晨, also Charlene’s sister, has secretly liked Mike since high school, and deliberately does an MV shoot with him to meet him again.  When she finds that Mike becomes more distanced from her she tries many ways to break Mike and Charlene apart.

This character was not an extremely annoying villain in this.  I did feel sort of sorry for her at the end, and I didn’t find her unbearable.  However, I think she’s not pretty at all =.= I first saw her in Hot Shot so it was a bit weird to see her in this elegant sort of role as well ahaha..

Anyhow, I would recommend this if you want some simple Mike goodness.  It’s got a simple and predictable storyline, and does not drag at all.

I found all the images above through Google images searches 🙂

Now that I have started to catch up on my series, this is my current line up:


  • 鍾無艷 – watching this atm.. it’s SOOOO good!! I love Ming Dao ehehe
  • Endless Love


  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • Playfull Kiss
  • The SungKyunKwan Scandal
  • The Coffee House

I have to wait a while before I start watching the Korean ones since there are still quite a lot left to come out.  Can’t wait!

Any other great series to recommend please?

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