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Recent Happenings and Coconut Cream


First of all I would like to make a note of my good friend Joey’s belated birthday party.  It was such a great night of catching up, heaps of fun, and also meeting some lovely people!

Stole a few pics from her blog also because she’s got awesome camera skills and equipment hehe

Who could resist smooching a gorgeous lady?

With Joey, her sister Joanne, and my new make up buddy Lidia!

Secondly I would like to introduce you to:

Most people would automatically think curry or cooking ingredient when they go to the supermarkets and see a can of coconut cream.

Well I’ve found a whole new way of using coconut cream, and I can say right now that most of you will be thinking to yourselves… WTF.

Oh how did the light coconut cream find its way into my stash.. I shall have to see whether it’s just as effective, but either way, it’s still more exi but luckily the cashier didn’t realise and neither did I AHAHA.  Trusty Woolworth’s Home Brand was on discount for 85c.  IGA was also selling Black & Gold for 85c too.

Okay cutting to the chase, I now use Coconut Cream as a hair treatment! Yeah yeah start the WTF’s..

I first got this idea from Jojoba from mymakeupreviews, and she considers this as her staple hair care item.

What you need:

  1. Coconut cream!  Or you can use coconut milk instead, except it would be runnier and messier ( not that cream is completely clean either)
  2. Shower cap!  These were really cheap for 10 pack from the $2 section of a Japanese grocery store a Southport Centro
  3. Any towel to help catch drips
  4. A good 2-3 hours of spare time

What you need to do:

  1. You can use the coconut milk/cream straight out of the can but it will be a bit runny.  Jojoba suggested to leave it in the fridge for a few days.
    I found that 3 days is enough to make it really creamy, but I usually get impatient and take it out on day
  2. Added in:  I first rub some extra virgin olive oil through the tips for better results
  3. Rub the cream onto dirty unwashed hair.  I use the solid cream on my tips, and the runnier stuff through my roots.
    It’s easier to part my hair into two sections rather than use the front to back method.
  4. Cover with shower cap.
  5. Optional: you can blow some hot air into the shower cap with hair dryer to get the process happening faster.  I do it to make myself feel better.
  6. Place towel on neck, or simply wrap the towel over the shower cap to catch drips
  7. Wait 1.5-2 hours depending how dry hair is
  8. Rinse thoroughly- my hair feels as though there is a film of oil even after rinsing thoroughly but make sure you rinse as much as you can out
  9. Follow with usual shampoo and conditioner


  • Hair felt so much healthier straight after.  I couldn’t do any pics because it was too hard ><
  • Only slight smell of coconut after washing, not disgusting at all
  • Even with blow drying my hair doesn’t feel like straw anymore
  • The results last for at least a week.  I think that with continued use, the results would last longer and hair will become even healthier
  • SO economically friendly: 85c – $1.30 for a can.
    One can lasts me 2 treatments at one treatment per week.  I just put the remainder in a cup and cover with glad wrap
  • Can be varied – some people add extra virgin olive oil, avocado and other stuff too – check up the Jojoba’s link to check out the comments


  • Needs a lot of spare time in a day
  • I’ll need to stock up on shower caps too…
  • Not good for people who don’t like the smell of coconut, there is still a very very slight coconut scent after it’s washed off but doesn’t bother me
  • A bit messy?
  • Added in:  Still not moisturizing enough for my dead hair on its own

I think this is the best any hair treatment has worked so far, and for such a low price, I’m happy with it.. ehehe.. try it and tell me what your experiences are 🙂

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