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Cheap Korean pick ups

While shopping around for work clothes after work today, I snuck into my favourite Korean store in Brisbane – Cozy Corner outside Elizabeth Arcade.

They always bring in new stuff and the make up counter is expanding nicely 😀

My poor Sana Covercom face powder was dying and I really needed a replacement.

Dirty puff from accidental mascara smudging numerous times

Lost the plastic cover and believe me.. they are IMPORTANT.  You lose that and you basically can’t use the puff anymore because it just continuously picks up the powder =.=

So I found all these pretty face powders in the store!  I got just one 😛

Prorance BB Powder Pact SPF 30 PA+++ 15g

(Sana’s one is 10g)

Shame it doesn’t have as high sun protection as Sana’s one.

The box is SO PRETTY with the holograhic detail and floral box.

This was $17AUD not too bad a mark up 🙂

It’s such a known brand that it doesn’t even have a proper website,

though their blushes are apparently quite nice.

The SA tried to encourage me to buy it.  This is how she did it:

“This one so cheap!!! :D:D:D:D”

I nearly laughed out loud at her, but I didn’t 🙂

The compact is so pretty! It’s press to open too 🙂

Attracts fingerprints though..

On first glance it’s rather bulky and thick, but it is only longer and wider than Sana’s.

Weight is around the same, and Sana is actually thicker.

Comes with refill + extra puff!! Loves!

The hard transparent separator impressed me.

They had two colours: lighter #21 and darker #23.

I got the darker colour #23 but it’s still lighter than the lightest Sana colour in 01 as you can see.

It carries a faint fruity freshener scent,  but not very noticeable.

The powder is very finely milled and glides on to a smooth transparent finish.

While I’m on the topic of Korean make up:

The store where I bought my fail Castledew eyeshadows was having a closing down sale a little while ago.  Their blushes and mascara were $10AUD hehe

Vov’s Show Case Love Cheek blush & Aura shimmer Blusher

The colour is #3 Love me Pink

The puff is so cute!

It has quite a strong scent.  Sweet foral smell? I can’t really tell.

I got really annoyed with it, but got used to it haha

Swatch in the middle, and blended out on the right.

Gives a pretty and natural flush to the cheeks. Using it everyday 🙂


This one is actually a highligher (#01 Highlight Shimmer Aura)

No scent for this one!

Brush is alright, slightly scratchy I think but alright.

So hard to swatch this and still failed =.=

The left side is pinky, while the right is golden.

Depending on which side you swipe your brush, the highlighter will be a pinkish or golden sheen.

Personally I find this highlighter too shimmery.  The shimmers are not finely milled enough to create the glow, so a soft hand with this is important.


Last thing I think is worth mentioning is my Missha Aqua Oxygen mask 🙂 Bought it from Laser City, Sunnybank Plaza.  I got a small discount because my friend works there, though still $21AUD

Instructions, can enlarge for better view.

The mask is supposed to deep clean and brighten the skin.

The mask is a white thickish cream

It bubbles and you can see the skin become whiter.. on the hand

On the face, there is a tingling feeling, which remains that way until I wash it off – that could just be me.

It’s really quite impressive how there is a noticeable white patch

Though the effects aren’t as prominent on the face.

The mask doesn’t lighten the face like it does on the hand.

It mainly makes the skin brighter instead.  The brightening effects do wear off within a day though.

I think this mask will last me around 7-10 times.  Still uncertain whether I will repurchase.


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  1. Amanda
    November 9, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    the prorance compact is rather pretty – it reminds me on Anna Siu type design 😀

    ooo the oxygen mask thing has hydrogen peroxide in it! no wonder it whitens… so it doesnt really whiten the face though? seems weird if it works so well on ur hand *shrug*

    • miky612
      November 9, 2010 at 11:10 pm

      now that u mention it it does look like the Anna Sui design but silver XD so princessy eheh.. yeah can’t see as much difference on the face.. :S Not sure how good H202 is for your face in the long run lol..

  2. aurea0385
    February 9, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    I’m really intrested in the prorance makeup. Can you tell me where you got it from, or is there is any way you can ship it to me? I can’t find it where i live, and i have used it before and i LOVE IT. please reply..thanks

    • miky612
      February 9, 2011 at 5:33 pm

      Hi aurea0385, thanks for passing by, I bought it from a store in Brisbane, Australia. You can also buy Prorance International products from Gmarket and this is the direct search link. Hope this helps!

      • aurea0385
        February 11, 2011 at 7:03 am

        Really, ugh that sux! lol. I went to the website but it’s not working ;( do you use ebay? maybe i can buy them off of you there, if your willing to do it..if not, it’s okay i will try to keep looking for it.

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