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Some more additions into my daily life :)

My glasses arrived today 🙂  Though my contacts won’t arrive until tomorrow, while I’m at work =.=

Another pair of Prada’s, this time not so bling.

Makes me look so “I am so smart, S.M.R.T” doh

Ella gave me an early Christmas present.

Charms for my bracelet!!!  *Loves* ^^

I also got myself some make up brushes.  I don’t want to spend too much on them because I know I won’t look after them, and I have no use for good foundation brushes that don’t streak because I don’t use foundation anyway.  However, I heard their foundation and concealer brushes were pretty good too 🙂

I kept eyeing these Ecotool ones for blush and eye make up until I finally bought them today.

6 piece eye brush set.

Comes with highlight, crease, shade, smudge and blend brush.  It’s even embossed into the handle!  Not many brushes have that!

Ecotools joined with Alicia Silverstone, best known to me for her role in:

CLUELESS!! OMFG best movie of my childhood apart from Sound of Music.  I need to watch that movie again… like.. whatever. ( pic taken from igossip.com)

Anyway the blush and finishing brushes are super soft, no wonder bloggers rave about these.  They really are a bang for your buck.

Vivian the receptionist at work got me all into studs because she loves jewelry while I love eye make up.  Too bad it’s harder for her to get into make up than it is for me to get into jewelry =.=

She helped me buy the 2 on the sides.  So pretty!!  I bought the black pearls today.  I always held off buying jewelry because they get a bit exi for me since I get allergic to anything other than surgical posts, 925 silver or 18k gold.. My neck even dies from Swarovski stuff =.= Sort of runs in the family… Then Vivian goes and tells me she buys them on sale at the jewelers and online for cheap.. gah..

Nevertheless, I finally have studs 😀



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  1. December 8, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Thought you would of gotten the thick frame ones?

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