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An early unexpected Christmas gift

So I’m sitting here on the night before Christmas Eve, a.k.a massive midnight/overnight shopping… where literally everyone in Brisbane is hanging out right at this moment.  I became really excited all of a sudden because I thought I had a tiny glimpse of hope that I would go too, but long and behold.. I’m sitting at home.. here.. It’s like.. being high on Cloud 9, missing my footing, and falling flat on my face at the bottom of the deep sea floor… actually I’m very bitter about it, but I’ll get over it.  Well I’m going to boxing day sales then!  Go go go!

But something to be very happy about is that my friends show me love 🙂

I thought I should wait until Christmas day before blogging about it, but I couldn’t quite wait till then teehee

Beckie bought me MAC pigments from the Tartan Tale range OMFG!

This is the Cool Thrillseekers set.

MAC limited edition ranges are usually stuff I admire from afar, but never end up getting because I feel too stingy, but now I have my very own pigments! I always wanted to try them ^^

The 4 pigments and cosmetic grade glitter FTW!

From left: Silver fog, Softwash grey, Mauvement, Cheers my dear!, & Reflects pearl

They all have an intense metallic sheen and the glitter shows up super sparkly in real life!

Silver fog: a metallic silver grey

Softwash grey: my favourite – purple tinged grey with purple shimmers

Mauvement: metallic bronzey earth brown

Cheers my Dear!: a pretty metallic pinkish purple

Reflects pearl: silver glitter that isn’t gritty at all!

These as you can see have a lot of fall out if you aren’t careful, so a good base is a must.  I can imagine these looking awesome over my Jill Stuart jelly colours muahahaha can’t wait to try them out on my eyes.

Thanks beckie!!  You really know me well teehee

Also have a safe trip Cel!!

Only 2 more sleeps until Christmas!  I shouldn’t be so excited because I believe it will be much less exciting than I anticipate.  I shall go calm myself down lol

Happy shopping everyone!




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  1. Celeste
    December 27, 2010 at 11:34 am

    thanks mimi and also nice colours.

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