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Had the chance to have an out of the usual lunch date with Ricky and Amanda at Sirromet, Mt Cotton on my day off – Out of the usual being not at Sunnybank lol

I snagged all the photos taken on Ricky’s phone.

Amanda with her partially deboned stuffed Rannoch farm quail.  There was some vegetable cannelloni + sweet potato crisps on top.  The quail was cooked well and was very tender. Everything else on the plate was tasty too 🙂

Ricky’s 550g steak + double smoked bacon.  The steak was also cooked just right (medium rare) and it had this great smoky flavour through it.  I devoured the mushrooms XD

Mine was the Thai red curry Moreton Bay bug with honey & cashew wild rice.  The bugs were fresh and the tangy-ness and creaminess of the curry really brought all the flavours together.  The meal looked medium-small, but I had a lot of difficulty finishing this off, even after some sharing.  I usually wouldn’t go for such an Asian boring sounding dish at a restaurant like that, but given a second choice, I think I would still choose this dish.

After that, we couldn’t really fit in dessert, but…

Who could resist BRANDY SNAPS!!!!  Sirromet way haha

It had a selection of caramel/toffee, vanilla bean and raspberry ice cream, fruit and topped off with spun sugar.

And we thought we would have a chocolate taste plate too 🙂

Rocky road brownie, white chocolate mocha ice cream truffle, petite chocolate tart and a white chocolate panna cotta

We were all very satisfied and needed to go for a little stroll around the winery before heading home.  The one thing I hate about fine dining is that a lot of the time the food is overrated, unless you go to a very very famous restaurant like Aria.  Half the time the food is just really mediocre with fancy names, and the portions are enough to feed a 2 year old.

I didn’t experience anything of the sort here.  The service was excellent – not a bunch of rude poms who make dining feel like I’m going through a prac exam.  Call me middle class or whatever, I want dining to be a carefree experience, and I don’t really like to worry about what is the “right” way to eat my food.

The food was of high standard, with good portions from entree straight through to dessert.  The only thing I can fault is their pumpkin & coconut soup which was a bit bland, but having said that it kept its original flavour well, so it served its purpose as an entree.  I highly recommend this restaurant!

The weather was also very nice and didn’t rain on us, for once.

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      =.= well technically it’s Restaurant Lurleens

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