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Brisbane weather and random findings

I nearly can’t remember the last time I saw sunshine in Brisbane.

Hello devastating 1974 floods?  I thought it wouldn’t happen again in my lifetime, but long and behold…

We have better drainage systems than back then, but correct me if I’m wrong, the flood levels I believe is actually worse this time round.  Meanwhile Western Australia has been fighting a deliberately lit raging bush fire.

It’s pretty bad, Brisbane River broke its banks, the North side is pretty much going under in the lower areas.  CBD 24HR HUNGRY JACKS closed!

Fortunately Sunnybank and Carindale areas are still good – hope it stays that way 😐

The CBD basically got evacuated by midday today, so Ricky finished early and was kind enough to pick me up from work on the way.  I only went home when the traffic chaos died down.

View of the gateway in the car.  Still good 🙂

More pictures can be found from smh here

And this is what the Satellite radar looks like, straight from BOM

damn that looks bad..

On a more cheery note, I get my usual Tuesday half days, and nothing better than…

To indulge in Japanese magazines ^^

These are translated into Simplified Chinese, which really does not do much for me since I can only read Traditional.  But still good, yay for pictures 😀

And a line up of stuff I have yet to review (excluding the mag).

Some of this stuff is dating back to October/November 😐

I also have a few Jill Stuart and Esprique Precious items coming my way too TEEHEE!!

I also got a chance to try Breadtop’s dessert crepes 😀

Green Tea was surprisingly disgusting.  Way too much red bean, and just not nice.

The mango is the nicest, though strawberry is also nice too.

Typically a sponge cake, whipped cream and fruit wrapped in crepe.

And for those who were interested in how my wish flower crystal was growing-

It’s very spiky now.  I am still waiting a couple more days to see whether it will become a little bigger.

Stay safe, stay dry, and stay entertained everyone!


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