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Brisbane Floods

It’s been an anxious couple of days.  It’s frightening to see what damage these waters can do, turning streets into creeks.   It’s lucky the water levels did not reach that of the 1974 floods.

Living on the other side of Brisbane, I woke up on Wednesday morning to sunshine, and it wasn’t until I turned the TV on that I confirmed that the nightmare in the city and other inner city suburbs was still unfolding just half an hour away.

These are some pictures I have gathered from the internet, mostly Courier Mail, Brisbane Times and facebook (ahh trusty old facebook).

I never noticed this structure when I walked passed it.

The top of these words mark the level of water reached during the 1974 floods.

A scary 1m away from that this week.

On Tuesday when the Brisbane River already burst it’s banks at Southbank

And when the river reached its peak.

This is on a good day

And this is after.

Blue skies, raging river.

St Lucia, Nandos T.T


The route to the Busway from Cultural Centre.

The busway is still closed as well.

The drift… It’s such a great restaurant

But Brisbane River’s current was too strong to prevent it from being torn apart, and mutilated by the Victoria bridge…

I still cringe every time I hear the noise being replayed

Ipswich.  I walked up and down this road everyday last year for work.

I also went to this Coles every second day to buy snacks.

I can’t believe that the water can rise so high.

These are only the central areas, not to mention the inner city suburbs such as Rocklea that have been hit badly.

The waters have now receded dramatically, and the clean up has begun.  There are so many places destroyed, and so many lives affected, some lost.  My heart goes out to all the people that have been affected by this natural disaster.

However, Queenslanders are very optimistic, and have a great sense of humour.  Even during this difficult time, some can clean up their muddy backyards with a laugh, some sit in ankle high water with a stubby in one hand.  It’s that sort of attitude that can help us pull through anything.

Now the floods have reached Victoria.  Meanwhile other parts of the world are suffering the fury of Mother Nature as well.

It definitely hasn’t been a great start to the new year, but better times will come.



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