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Lunasol Ocean Scene Purification shadows

I have a few exciting new items, all thanks to some wonderful people who went out of their way to buy them for me over in Asia!!  I feel so lucky!

My newest additions 🙂

I will just mention about Lunasol today, just to keep it tidy.

It came as such a surprise.  I literally screamed and could only keep repeating “OMG” when Vivian the receptionist handed over the Kanebo bag.

She had pulled a few strings, and managed to get the Ocean Scene Purification eyeshadows for me before the official release date!  Here she kept telling me she couldn’t get them!!

These will be my first Lunasol palettes because I was too poor before.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still poor, but at least I have consistent income.

01 Warm Ocean

All very shimmery colours when swatched.

However, on the eyes, the lighter colours only show up with the very subtleness of pink and blue, while the purple is packed full of pigmentation and shimmer.

04 Smoky Ocean

Again, very shimmery when watched.

This one showed up better on the eyes and makes for a great natural smoky look.

For some reason, I find that this turns into a blue-tinged grey.


If you want crazy pigmentation, sorry, Lunasol Ocean Scene Purification is just not for you.

If you want buttery smooth, subtle and buildable colour, these are definitely for you!

I was slightly disappointed when I put these on my eyes, but they really do give a feel of ocean freshness.

They are shimmery with little to no fall out, and very very suitable for summer.

I am now awaiting for the 02 Natural Ocean, a very pretty gradation of browns 😀 Can’t wait.


They included a free sample of lip colours as well. 

Comes in a really cute case.

The lip colours are sheer, and very moisturizing.

Don’t think I would spend money on them though.

Be back in a few days with either an Esprique Precious, Jill Stuart or more Lunasol post!


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  1. January 25, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Jill Stuart cases are sooo pretty. Still haven’t got mine yet ><
    Love that lip colour palette!

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