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Jill Stuart

To continue on from last time, Jill Stuart shall be the topic today.

I feel so bad every time I look at this eyeshadow.

I had originally been looking for the limited edition 101 Smoky Quartz, but it was already sold out in Taiwan.  Vivian ended up buying Layered Gem not knowing I had it already, and had to go all the way back to help me exchange it >< I felt so bad but so grateful she went out of her way.  Thanks so much!!

To be honest, 01 Crystal Ruby wasn’t something I was too keen for.

I thought that my Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes in C2 was all I needed for my reds.

The lighter two colours have obvious gold glitters,

While the darker two have fine shimmers.

It’s so easy to look cheap (as my sis says “so chicken” in chinese) with this palette, but with a light hand and careful application, it turns into a really sweet, feminine pinky purple.

Again, I would apply this over the JS jelly eyes as it doesn’t show up that nicely without it.

On top, I have JS 01, on the bottom I have Esprique Precious C2

The darkest colour of EP has a brownish tone to it.  The middle red of C2 is also lighter than that of JS as well, so I’m happy they have clear differences 🙂


The next 2 items were purchased by my good friend Celeste ^^

I decided I would take the plunge and try the messy Blush Blossom

Such a cute case.  I can’t help but feel like Sailor Moon when i look at it.

LOL!  Anyway…

The brush is not connected to the case anymore.

It’s apparently softer than that of Mix Blush.  I can’t tell because this is my first JS blush.

Pretty soft and does the job IMO.

Blush Blossom in 02 Sweet Mum

I can tell you this much – This is NOT a blush to use on the go.

Once I  lightly tap the brush on the mesh, I tap off the excess, and then lightly brush it over my cheeks.

Despite the hassle, I still love it!  Such a pretty flush it gives to the cheeks.

I chose 02 Sweet Mum because there were two completely different colours.

The apricot colour is more shimmery, while light pink has a pearly look.

Both of them go well together or on their own, without looking like disco ball cheeks.

Jelly Eyes in 02 Gold Light

I finally decided to get it, because I couldn’t stand not having a gold base anymore.

It’s so prettyyyy 🙂 It goes well under Lunasol Ocean Scene and JS palettes.

02 Gold Light, 09 Midnight Shine, 03 Platinum Satin, 10 Vintage Decor

And that completes my desired Jelly Eye collection.  Don’t think I’ll get anymore.


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