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Valentine’s Day

The famous Valentine’s Day which is recognised all throughout the world happened yesterday!! (obviously)

How did everyone celebrate? Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s whether it was with you SO, friends, family, or even yourself 🙂

Our number 7 was celebrated twice this year, super special lor XD

We moved it forward and had steak at the Morrison’s on Sunday.  Too bad no photos because we didn’t get our new camera until Monday teehee

Come Valentine’s Day we had a quiet night and ended it with Fusion360 dessert! Simplicity FTW

Panasonic Lx5!!!!! Best of all in pearl white + silver

Ricky’s Green Tea ice cream with pancake

My Black Sesame waffle + ice cream (without bananas.. yuck)

Pictures taken via Lx5 with no flash, stolen from Ricky

I feel all warm and fuzzy hehe .. as commercialized as Valentine’s Day is, and as much as people might try to boycott it, I think it’s really just a nice way to give couples an excuse to do something different and/or remind each other how special they are 🙂  Afterall, it only happens once a year!

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  1. February 15, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    LX5!!! SO NICE!!!!
    super sweeeeet ^^
    happy valentine’s 🙂

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