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NeGoo Hair Curling Set

I don’t think I’ll bother mentioning how delayed my posts are anymore, because as you will see, this was done even before I dyed my hair lol.  So I shall just keep the posts coming 🙂

I bought this NeGoo curling set from Adambeauty for $17.50USD

This is a really easy way to create loose waves without heat!

It comes with DVD, 6 Curlers, paper instructions + stork

The difference between the blue and pink are large.

They determine which direction your hair will curl.

So you just shove the pink stork through the plastic tube,

Hook it through a section of your hair and pull stork down.

I usually like to use this on semi-dry hair and let it dry for 1-2hr before heat blasting it and then removing it.

I usually prefer to make the front curl outwards, and the back inwards.  However in the picture I made the front go inwards instead.

Basically, just for reference:

Pink on the right = inwards curl

Blue on the right = outwards curl

and vice versa.  If yours isn’t differentiated by those colours, all you need to do is hold it up next to your hair and you can see which way it will curl.

You can also control how low you would like the curls to begin.  The good thing about this curling set is it will turn out pretty true to the way you set your hair in the curlers, except a lot looser.

This was a result of front curled outwards and the rest inwards.

I left this overnight once just to see how tight the curls would be, since I was tying it up for work anyway.  I prefer not to leave it in over night because the curls become a bit too tight for my liking.

Again styled like above but left for only 1-2hr, heat blasted and then removed.

I think I put the front one a bit lower as well so the curls didn’t start as high. Loves!


  • Very simple to use, for a simple wave result
  • 3 is enough to cover the whole of one side for a simple wave result
  • Good quality curling tubes
  • Really need no heat! But it depends on how long you leave it in for.  If you don’t leave it in long enough to let your hair curl, it just turns into an unsightly KINK


  • Only comes in one size and can’t find refills separately
  • Slightly fiddly because your hair can have a big kink at the beginning if you don’t put the curlers in to follow the direction of your hair (but that applies to all curling devices)
  • The pink stork thing snap locks, and comes undone very easily, and if it comes undone while trying to pull hair through the tube, it won’t go until you snap lock it back!
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  1. March 9, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    oOoO thats awesome~ look fun~ but would you prefer that to using a curler? or would a curler be more convenient?

    • miky612
      March 9, 2011 at 6:46 pm

      On casual days I think this is good for just putting in while getting ready and then you can just have some loose waves, but definitely if I want to go to some event it wouldn’t replace a curling iron

  2. July 10, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Interesting method of hair curling. I saw it first here on your blog, and i must say i am a bit impressed. I will buy a pair of Negoo set and to try them after your tutorial.
    Nice info.

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