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My Princess

I’ve been MIA for nearly 2 weeks!  Time really does fly.  I’ve been fairly busy but I also managed to fit in a drama to watch too which I think is worth blogging about.  I think I finished this one in 3-4 nights LOL

TBH I haven’t watched any dramas for I think… more than 4 months now.  Reason being-

1: My internet is completely fked and dies everytime someone uses the landline- which means direct download is risky business
2. Not motivated to watch anything due to my lack of free time.  Full time work where you finish work at 7 really takes it out of you 😐
3. I didn’t want to BT

But, I knew there were so many great series I was missing out on!!! I kept relying on Cel to give me series to watch XD But there was this one series I always wanted to watch.  Alas I gave in, and got this one.

My Princess!!!

I’m such a sucker for princess series XD

It looked so funny, sweet, cute, with fairly minimal family politics (I absolutely HATE series that have heaps of family politics)

Basically this series is about Lee Seol (Park Tae Hee), who lived a rather ordinary life and had been adopted from an orphange at 5 yrs, who discovers that she is a princess.  She enters the palace to help the restoration of the Royal existence, together with the help of Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun).  He becomes responsible for teaching Lee Seol the manners of a princess.  However Park Hae Young is against the whole thing because his Grandfather wants to hand back all the national treasures he had taken to build the Dae Han group (founded by Park Hae Young’s grandfather), meaning he would lose everything.

Park Hae Young does many things to get rid of the princess, but through many hardships and quarrels, Lee Seol and Park Hae Young’s relationship grows and he ends up giving up so much for her ~cries~

TBH I really can’t remember specifically the nitty gritty of the political side of this series because I only paid attention to how they got together, so my recollection may not be completely correct XD

The Cast:

Park Hae Young!!!!

Played by Song Seung Hun, he is the supposed successor of the Dae Han Group, highly respected for its collection of national treasures.  Here he is taking a picture with the young Lee Seol, who can really act lol

He is so clean cut and handsome in this series.  I never watched his previous series because his roles were really dark and rough, and he was more perceived as a bad boy – nothing like his role in My Princess.  He was so rude at the beginning, but he became so adorable as the series progressed!

I felt so bad for him when he gave up so much for her, but he always did it with a smile 🙂  I love how he was always around to protect the princess hehe

Lee Seol – Lovely princess

Played by Park Tae Hee, she played the role very well, sporting clumsiness, cluelessness, cuteness and elegance altogether at the same time.  She was hilarious and I really enjoyed watching her ^^

Though I worry she will get wrinkles easily… I wish they gave her more clothes in the series too 😦 I always saw her in a black pom pom skirt with different tops, and sometimes in a different skirt with similar style.  The style was really nice, however I wanted to see a bit more variety.

Oh Yoon Ju – The villain

Played by Park Ye Jin, she is the villain of the series.  To me she was slightly psychopathic because she spoke very calmly but she always had this very psychopathic, blank look in her eyes :S

She was the highly respected director of the museum, and was against the princess and used all measures to screw the princess over.  She also used Park Hae Young and Nam Jung Woo to her full advantage!

Honestly I hated her guts so I guess she played her role well.  I don’t see why they did her hair like that, it looked so bad and made her look so butch – not to mention I think she’s had a lot of surgery…

Nam Jung Woo – The professor

Played by Ryu Soo Young, he is the “attractive” professor and he examines the national treasures etc.  Also the secret boyfriend of Oh Yoon Ju for 10 years, before she starts using her claws on Park Hae Young.  Lee Seol also had a long crush on him, but that didn’t progress to anything, however he was also always there to protect the princess 🙂


I really liked this series, there were politics but it wasn’t overly unbearable.  I admittedly fast-forwarded some parts (or else how would I finish it so fast!).  I wish the ending was a bit more… umm… clear cut?  But all the characters were really cute in this and I can imagine myself watching it again.

What other series are worth watching?  I wanted to watch Secret Garden, but it seems a little too melodramatic for me right now, so ideas for funny, romantic, no brainer series anyone? 🙂


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