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Jobee’s Birthday at the Venice Restaurant

With May comes birthdays!  Actually every month has birthdays, but for some reason they seem to be more closely packed this time ehehe

I was glad to be able to attend my high school friend Joanne’s birthday dinner yesterday. She chose a restaurant along the riverside called Venice, it’s actually quite highly rated.

The Special Birthday girl – Joanne aka Jobee

Our little All Hallows’ group appears to be getting smaller and smaller now since everyone seems to be finding their feet and moving away.

Joanne is also going to be moving to Emerald to work.  I am quite glad we were able to catch up before she leaves.  Really the good ol’ times 🙂

Back to the food, this is my entrée creamy shellfish soup.

I would say that it was a very fresh, light starter.  I can’t really fault this soup at all.

Another entrée that we shared, bread with truffle butter and… I can’t remember, but it tasted like olives.

Unfortunately I really dislike olives so I couldn’t enjoy it, but the butter and bread was nice 🙂

I decided to go all the way and be a pig.  Seafood platter for me it was 🙂

They say it’s great to share, but I think if I were very hungry I can down it all.  Though I did share mine hehehe… Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with the twins, and they both had the same dish as well, I don’t think any of us had trouble finishing it 🙂

Everything was light, the oyster shots were sooo fresh.  The chilli soft shell crab was a bit salty – probably over seasoned I suppose.  Overall I really enjoyed my dish, not to mention the bee-battered chips were everything it should be 🙂

With Joanne and my good friend Cel

Cel ordered the other dish I was contemplating to order – I think it was a tea smoked duck?

I think it could have been a little more tender but it was a tasty dish.

Our other Joanne, or shall we say, Jo, or ah por hehe

She ordered an entrée sized pasta dish.  I can’t really what it was.

Generous serving.  It was an appetizing tomato base, however I would have liked it slightly saucier.. but that’s just me 🙂

Me with Janice, another make-up fanatic, may we go broke together 😀

We could not leave without dessert, I think Jobee would have cried hahaha, and for good reason!

She had a mixed platter with another high schooler I don’t often see – Phuong/Helen.

My chai créme brulée with milk ice-cream and some sort of biscuit… thing…

Really hit the spot, everything complimented each other nicely and it was perfect!

Chocolate pudding with caramel sauce and the milk ice-cream.  Heavenly!!

The location was great and quiet.  I think we were slightly too noisy but oh wells XD  The only bad thing were that the waiters kept looking at the time and hurrying us to order.  I still don’t quite understand why.  It’s not like it was packed.  They were very polite though and delivered prompt service.

We had a great catch up and there were even fireworks as well!!  Jobee must be quite special haha.. and until the next AHS dinner..

We shall create more mischief elsewhere 🙂

Happy birthday all you May babies!

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