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Lowie’s birthday

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Though I’m pretty sure most of you who read my blog won’t be mums.. but still.. hehehe.. I have reserved my whole day for her as a symbol of my respect for the day… lol.. hey that’s a big task!!  Went to yumcha in the morning with the sis and brother in-law + family, and shall be going to Indian tonight.

Lowie called me and Beckie out to Wellington Point for a cozy afternoon early celebration for his birthday yesterday.  I’ve missed our catch ups!!!  Unfortunately Joey couldn’t make it because she is still feeling crook 😦

We spent most of the afternoon playing around with our cameras XD

I didn’t really take much since mine was running low on battery =.=

Oh we also enjoyed watching Wong Fu Productions and Kevjumba on Beckie’s Ipad 2 hehe

We ended up landing our butts at Off the Wall Diner – home of the “World’s hottest chilli burger”

None of us were up to it, so normal burger it was.

This is Lowie’s Greek style burger.  I didn’t get any shots of him!!! noooooooo

Beckie and her beef… with cheese burger.. I can’t remember the name.

I also had this one too.

Inside the beef burger

I think the beef was very home style though a bit dry.  Overall tasty and I loved how they had spinach in it.  It’s my favourite salad vege apart from lettuce/cabbage.  The chips were also really yummy.

And we admired the sunset at Wellington Point

Wish I was able to walk across to the island.. but…not wearing sneakers or thongs XD

Once again.. happy birthday all you May babies!!!!

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