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Good things come cheap too :)

Unfortunately Australia rarely has anything good that comes cheap.  Heck even if it’s expensive it might not necessarily be good either – referring to clothes and shoes that is.

I like to roam random stores and look at what they have to offer.  There is this one store called Cosmetics Plus at Carindale Shopping Centre which sells the largest range of BYS products I know.  I don’t think I can bring myself to use a lot of their products because I don’t like using cheap make up, but there were some things that attracted me 🙂  They also sell some Maybelline, Revlon, L’oreal products for cheaper too.

And from there, I introduce you to one of my latest mini hauls.

I think this was $39AUD all up

My Accessory Bun enhancer

I really wanted one of these because it makes it so much easier to do a bun.

My bun 🙂 front and back view in one picture woot!


  • Easy to use – just feed the hair flat through the middle, roll down and then loop into a donut, then tidy it up 🙂
  • Can control the size of your bun, depending on how loose you roll your hair down
  • Cheap.  I think around… $4AUD
  • Re-usable
  • Need to have thicker, longer hair to make a very fuss free bun.  My hair is very layered and it was difficult keeping all the hair in.
  • I had a hard time making the bun complete.  I have to pin some of it down to cover the sponge part at the bottom

BYS Kabuki Brush

I really wanted a kabuki brush for easier application of translucent powder and blushes.  I also didn’t want to spend too much money on one because for some reason I’m not cheap on eyeshadows, but I am on make up brushes.

The brush isn’t very travel friendly because it comes housed in a cheap plastic cylinder.  But I finally found a function for my Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming serum box hehehe

  • Very soft and fluffy, not scratchy at all!
  • It has a large surface area, exactly the size I was looking for
  • It comes in purpler horrrr
  • Cheap – $10AUD
  • Does not shed much at all.  Probably 3 hairs in total and I’ve washed and used it several times already.
  • STANK REALLY BAD!!! Like cheap plastic shoes and it didn’t go away for 2 weeks.  Fortunately the smell went away after I aired it out.

BYS cracked nail polish – my camera went pysho and I couldn’t get the right colour

I actually bought these for Beckie because she wanted to try them.  I kept the red for myself to try since she wasn’t into red 😄

The red is so bright 😮

  • Has a nice eggy crackle finish
  • Does not dry too quickly
  • Comes in quite a few colours although most of them are quite scary
  • Cheap – $5AUD
  • It flakes off
  • Does not last long at all
  • Ok so yeah. cheap price cheap quality

And my $10AUD scarf ^^ loves!

Speaking of scarves,  I’m really into the loopy ones this winter.  They are so convenient and not too bulky!!
I also bought another 2 scarves from Tree of Life.  See told you I’m random.  It’s like a gypsy hippie store and I found something there 😄

I look so scary!! I was using my shitty camera before I got fed up and switched to my Lx5, which helped… every so slightly… ehehe… ^^”

I love my new scarves!
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  1. Beckie
    May 18, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    The blue scarce is very cute ^^

    Yeah although the bys finish is so pretty … It really doesn’t last ><

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