Hong Kong Goodies!

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

My sis went to HK for a couple of weeks and I gave her a list of stuff to buy XD

She said that most of the stuff were very difficult to find, especially the Dolly Wink eyeshadows because they are such scary colours that no one would use AHAHAHA

I was unable to get the liquid eyeliner and mascara unfortunately, but… no worry I will own them one day buahaha

Forgot to put this in the above picture as well ><

I was most excited about Jill Stuart’s newest limited edition eyeshadow

102 Amazonite Dazzle

The design of the box and palette is sooo dreamy

The colours shout out secret garden to me, they are so different from the usual Jill Stuart colours!

I find the colours really complicated, I couldn’t really put a name to them ><

From left (my interpretation):

– Silver with a tinge of pink

– Moss green

– Blue grey which sports a green tinge due to the green shimmer

– Plummy brown with some hints of fine green shimmers

Those colours took me a long time to come up with, and I still don’t think it’s completely right….

So I this palette must be green themed XD  I love all the colours and it makes a very sweet smoky look.  Not the easiest colours to use, especially the plummy brown – it can end up looking super dirty.  However I did manage to wear all the colours today.  They are so fun to play with!

As usual, I find that using the jelly eye as base helps the colours turn out more vibrant.

The eyeshadow has the usual Jill Stuart scent, which I have grown to get used to.

I’m also really loving my new Koji Curving eyelash curler.

I was in need for a new eyelash curler because my 22R wasn’t really working for me anymore

I think the biggest difference with this one is that the Curving one is.. obviously much curvier lol

The curving eyelash curler is also wider, and the rubber has two ridges on either side where the curler clamps, rather than the one groove as most curlers have.

I think its curviness is really helping to deliver neatly curled stand up lashes 😀

I shall talk about Koji stuff and the rest in a later post 🙂

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Chocolate buffet at Bistro Allure

May 2, 2011 4 comments

This offer was brought to my attention by one of  my friends – only $20AUD!!

So we took advantage of it and went on a binge, and had a nice catch up too 🙂

Offer ended today though…

It was really busy at the front, but nice and quiet at the back where we sat.

It was really dark inside as well… wanted to sleep already

The cake section

The fondue…horrr

The mini dessert area – that woman on the left hand corner took her sweet ass time picking and poking through everything =.=

I had 2 plates like this and I was done… got hooked on the fruits.

I really liked the chocolate in the fondue, rich, but not too sweet.  I found it better than Max Brenner’s… sorry to say.  Though not comparable to Haagen Dazs horrrrrr

And a whole table of chocolate… and I didn’t get any of it!!! Totally forgot!!!! GAHHHH

They also had DIY flavoured milk.. thingies but I can’t take a lot of milk because I ended up gagging for the rest of the day.

So that was my first chocolate buffet experience!  I don’t think I can handle too much of those though, but was a nice one and got to catch up with some friends I don’t see often.

Any ideas of better chocolate buffet locations in Brisbane?

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Sydney Tripping Part 2

April 28, 2011 7 comments

Managed to snap a few shots of Zara second time round.

This line is NOTHING.

On Saturday you CANNOT EVEN SEE the metal fence.

This is first floor Zara, people mountain people sea.

BTW it’s situated at Westfield Sydney, such a pretty shopping centre!!!

Blurry pictures coming up… it was really dark in that place.

Inside Westfield Sydney…. Miu Miu hasn’t opened yet!!!!! T.T… next time.. 😀

And just across from the unopened Miu Miu, and before the unoponed Prada


Bloody Asians kept making the line into there so huge.. and I was one of them.. shame ><

And this is the food court!!! It’s sooo pretty… takes food court to a whole different level.

However Westfield Bondi Junction has even more awesome food court..

My Thai um… satay beef with their.. rice noodle.. my favourite type of noodles 🙂

Massive.. couldn’t finish it.

So high tech!  They have these little beepers to let you know when the food is ready.

Shanghai dumplings at a food court 🙂

Definitely not as good as…..

Din Tai Fung!!!!! HORRRRR… They didn’t have any crab ones left though..

Most awesome drink ever… Lychee mint frappe… thingy….

A bunch of yummy sides

Poor Ricky was down with gastroenteritis… and was knocked out from Saturday and even on the last day of the trip… he could only stomach a little bit of this soup…

Heart Ache T.T

Meanwhile… I went shopping…

Stopped by at Haigh’s for some chocolate.. should have bought more =.=

Fell in love with these nuts at QVB, on the way to the train station last trip.

So I bought more to take home 🙂  Couldn’t get my hands on any pork jerky though 😦

But my main damage came from here…

My new accessorised Coach Madison dotted op art tote

Gucci off-white Sukey tote – looks better bare or with a scarf?

Couldn’t find any clothes or shoes I liked this time round… or maybe there were.. but I wasn’t very focused on that…

Shall finish up with our last take away meal before last day… Rengaya take away!

Was a new experience but a nice and simple one.

A short but fun trip, too bad my Ricky was sick the whole time and is still not recovered… but it was still a good get away nonetheless… well until next trip 😀

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Sydney Tripping Part 1

April 25, 2011 2 comments

Muahaha I’m such a dedicated blogger, even spending time to blog on my holiday away.  No actually I just have heaps of time to bum and do nothing in between all the food and window shopping.

 This post is picture and food heavy!

YES ZARA IS OPEN! But I really cbf to go in.  They had a massive line with security guards on 2 or more floors.  I really should have taken a photo!!  I think the wait could have been over an hour!   I don’t think I want to waste half my day for that.  Maybe next time 🙂

Taken by Ricky, and it took a whole minute for this shot to be captured with the Lx5.  Well worth it 🙂

Mizuya @ Town Hall, a feed to start our shopping day 🙂

Touch screen self serve menus!  They are evil!!

The photos from this restaurant were taken from my phone, so size is a bit different ^^”

Edamame – can’t go wrong

What was left of sweet chilli soft shell crab.  It’s the first time I tried sweet chilli flavour and I think it’s a really good way to get rid of that fatty taste.  

My sashimi

Su’s sukiyaki

I think the price was pretty good with generous serving, and most things were between $10-20AUD

Went to this restaurant for Ricky’s friend’s birthday, famous for its seafood

Great location overlooking Sydney Harbour – I apologize for my sleepy face.

Oysters Kilpatrik – not the best, not the worst

Ricky’s Tuna – not something I would choose ^^”

My Lobster Mornay – so filling!! But the lobster was quite fresh.  It was also diced up as well so it was really clean and easy to eat!

The menu at Peter Doyle’s is rather simple and most of it was fish and I wouldn’t say I would pay so much for fish.  My lobster however was great for $68sth AUD for a whole fresh lobster wahahahahahaha… Overall a pleasant fine dining experience.  

Take away Golden Century meal, awesomeness.

Today we headed to Manly for a late lunch/afternoon tea.  Was quite a nice day 🙂

What was left of our meal of fish & chips, oyster kilpatrik, salt & pepper squid

A satisfied me in the car on the way home before I passed out.

MuMu Grill @ Crows’ Nest, near where we are staying at St Leonards.

It boasts the best grass fed beef.

My Victorian Beef Fillet – very meaty yummy!


Organic wagyu beef balls – tasted like normal meatballs but still nice.

 And that ends my post for tonight, more to come later 🙂  Enjoy the remaining of our long weekend and stay safe!

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Easter trip

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Greetings from Sydney!!! So glad to be able to get away from Brisbane and finally get some fresh air 🙂 This year has been pretty shit house for lack of a better word for me, so really enjoying this time away!!

Go Australia and its 5 day weekend MUAHAHAHAH

Have a happy Easter everyone and stay safe!

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Packages with love and make up brush cleaning

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Ella dropped off this bag of goodies for me last night, she’s so nice!!!

She said that she had too much and wanted to pass them onto me, but… my gawd.. so much, and all of them were coincidentally things I’ve been wanting to try!

Serums, Skin food Omija Whitening set, sleeping masks, face masks, eye masks, eye cream, and even two pair of CK jeans that were too big for her.  Surprisingly they fit me.. and were actually a little loose too… I feel good XD AHAHAHA

Anyways thank you so much ^^ Going to cherish all of these!

I’ve been inspired by all these make up tool cleaning videos I’ve been seeing on youtube and I went on a make up tool cleaning spree at like.. 12am one night, and spent 2-3 hours on it… seriously late night lol

I am really lazy, and I just sit them on top of my box if I am just quick cleaning them.

Don’t do that if you are washing your brushes people…

Something different was a video by BeautyQQ.

She is so unique and creative, her ideas are always different.  This inspired me to clean even my sponge tip applicators – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but was worried they wouldn’t survive the cleaning process.

Couldn’t get all the colour out but they are pretty clean 🙂

I am reluctant to put these under the tap though, because I think it would really ruin the applicators.

Example of ruined sponge tip applicator.  This is an old Kate one.

From this cleaning experience, I really got to learn more about the different sponge tip applicators offered by various brands.

I found that the poorer quality sponge tips didn’t survive the cleaning process.

What I have found is that each brand rarely alternates sponge tip applicators and each brand has its own unique perks.

The best applicators I found were by Esprique, Lunasol, Coffret D’or and Visee.  The sponge part was dense, did not move around a lot on the plastic bit when wiping them, and were easiest to clean.

My experience is that, the best applicators must pass two tests.

  1. When you bend the sponge part, it shouldn’t feel like the sponge is moving too differently on the plastic bit inside.
  2. When you squeeze the sponge, it shouldn’t depress a lot.  It should feel quite springy.  Jill Stuart and some of Visee’s newer applicators were too squishy.

My favourite of them all is the one in the new Visee Glam Shade eyes.  I love how the bigger end is pointy as well!

I was worried that Lunasol’s applicators would crumble because I saw a few extra holes show up when cleaning it but it turned out alright.

Kate’s sponge tip applicators apply well, but also crumbled the most!! I don’t know why this is the case because they feel similar to Visee’s forming eyes ones.

At the top is Visee’s Glam Nude x Royal Party e/s, and below is from Blossom Eyes.

These were the poorer quality ones by Visee when they were trying to be innovative and putting a brush on one end.  I’m so glad they stopped doing that because it was horrible!

As you can see, the seams split apart because the sponge tip was too floppy and moved around the plastic when I was wiping it.

I used Bare Escentual’s quick change brush cleaner to do all my cleaning.

I was too lazy to wash them with water.  Shall do it next time ahaha

This quick change brush cleaner has a purpose of doing a quick clean for your brushes so that you can use many colours with the same brush.


  • Really does do a quick clean, it can clean waterproof eyeliner off the brush too
  • Relatively cheap, $17AUD from Strawberrynet
  • generous size – 110mL
  • hygienic bottle
  • I choose this to clean my sponge tip applicators
  • Very strong scent
  • Have to spray at least 4 sprays onto cloth before you can start cleaning your brushes
  • Can actually use up a lot of product by the end of all that cleaning
  • Does leave some residue, so still need to actually wash the brushes after a few quick cleans
  • Not really that quick drying
At the end of the day, I don’t know if I would repurchase.  I wouldn’t say I definitely won’t but I would need to try other products first.
And to end my super long post,
I bought all this lace from a craft shop at Greenslopes.  So many pretty laces – I need to put my mind in creative mode again and turn this into jewellery.
This could take a while… lol…

Make up brushes, and the infamous UDPP

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I finally received my replacement make up brush set from Adambeauty the other day.  I waited like 2 weeks for it.  I swear Australia Post is understaffed or something at the moment… the packages are taking longer and longer to arrive and I believe it’s not at the fault of the seller.

NTP Mini make up brush set

Adambeauty actually stuffed up my order and gave me another NeGoo hair set instead of this brush set, and also forgot to put in the travel size Juju Aquamoist toner that was supposed to come with full size bottle I got in a promo set.  I won’t be getting that either because they forgot to check about the toner.  Moreover, I was going to send the hair set back, but instead I ended up getting it for half price – and gave it to my sis.

Anywho, this is the make up case, smaller than I imagined.

It has a detachable zip up case in the middle, houses a mirror and pockets.

And just a quick look at the size, it’s long enough to fit a JS e/s, and quit roomy if you put a Lunasol palette in.

I can also zip this up completely with both palettes in there, but I took the inner pouch out.

Brushes themselves: eyeliner, lip, eyeshadow and face brush

The eyeliner brush is awesome! I really love it because it can draw a really precise line.  The lip brush is also alright although there were some fray bits

The face brush malts like crazy and is a bit scratchy and so is the eyeshadow brush.  My Ecotools ones are so much better, but I still keep the face brush in the computer room and I do use it.

The brushes themselves are actually quite sturdy and I like how they fit in my hand.

These had powder coming out of them when i ran my fingers through it so I had to wash it thoroughly before use.

Overall, all I can say is that if I went back in time I wouldn’t buy this, and would buy another Ecotools set instead… lol…


My next topic begins!!

I need to mention about this eye primer first though.

The NP Set eye primer

Can you already tell my reaction to this eye primer?

This is really a horrible eye primer!!!!!

It boasts that it uses all these oils… yeah OILS… to produce this great eye primer that enhances eyeshadow colour and make it last longer.

  1. Half the damn tube squirted on my wall and on the floor because of all this pressure build up in the tube!! WTF?!!?!
  2. I have to massage the tube like I freaken knead muscles for 5 minutes to make sure I don’t squeeze a puddle of oil onto my hand (TFSI also tends to separate too but it’s so much better and blendable too)
  3. I can’t squeeze this directly onto my eyes, because a little is still too much and it requires a lot of blending
  4. It smells like cheap cosmetics…. and fat.
  5. From the land down under, nothing good comes cheap – and even if it’s exi, it still may not be good.  This primer was $30-35AUD.  Good thing they at least give 10mL.

I gotta say some good things about it…

  1. Consistency is a bit mousse-like.  I mean.. that’s different to other eye primers….
  2. It claims to nourish your eyes with Jojoba, Rosehip and sunflower oil.  It’s also sulfate-free
  3. Made my hands feel smooth when I swatched it… 😀

On a happier note, yes, UDPP!!!!! I got the professional 25mL size for myself.

Beckie requested the regular tube (10mL) but then I found out there was an XL version but non on ebay 😐 I believe that the regular UDPP has also recently changed to the above squeeze tube but smaller too.

I love the packaging 🙂

Oh I got this from ebay seller queen.4.a.day, good seller and great packaging.  Only bad thing is she didn’t message me to confirm combined shipping when I requested her to.

The full size version was $26AUD inc shipping, and the professional size was something like $44AUD inc shipping.  Shipping is bloody exi!!!

Transparent original colour 🙂 Hygienic nozzle tip

From left to right:  UDPP, TFSI, NP set

No Bare Escentuals comparison since I used it all up already.

Smeared down once, UDPP is clearly the driest formula.

Woah TFSI looks shiny there.  I think I squeezed a lot out though.

I know these eye primers have been reviewed like crazy and way better than the way I do it, but here’s my say anyway.


  • Spreads surprisingly well, it looked similar to Bare Escentuals but it is much easier to spread.
  • Didn’t make e/s frosty.  I put off buying it for a long time because I was scared of that.
  • Does enhance the colour of my e/s


  • Exi and hard to find
  • Didn’t stop my left eye from smudging… I give up.. I really do.
  • The squeeze tube isn’t that great?  Really hard to squeeze the product out but good thing is it doesn’t shoot out product like NP did on the first squeeze.
    I think the nozzle might a bit a bit too narrow.  I read some horror stories about the tube bursting, but then again it happens with TFSI as well but mine is fine.

Overall great product and I’m reaching for this everyday now 🙂

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