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Christmas + New(ish) Hauls

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you started Christmas shopping? Ricky and I have… damn it’s bank breaking!

That’s not even all of it…


I thought I would also share a few new things, though I’m so behind that I have stuff from back in Oct/Nov I still haven’t blogged about… oops

A recent little haul from Adambeauty and Ichibankao

I think of it as my Christmas present to myself hehe

Everything here was from Adambeauty apart from the DHC men’s facial foaming wash (for the bf), Visee palettes and Jill Stuart brochures.

TBH I was really worried about my package from Ichibankao.  They say they include the shipping costs with each item, so I would expect at least Registered Post, but they only offer free REGULAR shipping.  Luckily for me my Adambeauty package arrived on the same day so the mail man handed both of them over personally.  Really puts me off because I have to worry whether it will get stolen while sitting in my letter box.

Stocked up on my Heroine Make Long & Curl mascara and Koji pencil liners.  I think on average, the mascara lasts me 1.5-2mth, and liner lasts me around 3 months (only use 3x/wk).  I don’t think I’ll need to repurchase any of these until at least April ^^

Keyring is from Adambeauty.  Loves their accessories.  Always good quality for very cheap price.  That star one was only $4.50USD.

Bloody Tsuya no Mayutama cocoon exfoliators

WTF is with the rave about these useless pieces of rough shits?!


  • Apparently all natural silk containing sericin


  • I put it in boiling hot water for 20 minutes and it was still very much hard
  • I might as well exfoliate my skin with sand paper
  • This shit irritated my skin! And it’s not even chemical!  My skin hardly ever gets irritated..
  • It SOOO did not clean anything.. ANYTHING!! FFS
  • waste of $7USD.. could have bought something that actually works for a few bucks more

Beauty Foot Peeling Mask

Bought this from Adambeauty for $18USD.  I still haven’t found time to use this.  It also has this super super small tube of L’egere hand/foot cream.  Pretty useless IMO.

Apparently it makes your feet STINK, and PEEL like a reptile, but leaves you with baby feet after 🙂  I have to find a week where I won’t see anyone before I use it.. and no.  I WILL NOT POST PICTURES OF BEFORE AND AFTER! WTF that’s disgusting LOL  Sorry to those that are sick enough to want to see it 😛

The highlight of my haul: Visee Glam Nude Eyes Royal Party Collection

On the left: Blond Fur N-7; On the right: Rose Fur N-6

I tried to resist so bad.. but these palettes were both screaming out to me T.T  Ichibankao was the only place I could find it on.  It’s damn pricy at ~$27AUD.  Visee should really only be $22USD at most, but it’s worth it because straight after I bought them – They were out of stock!!! BUAHAHAHAHA MINE!!

The colours are so complicated in this limited edition range.  But I love this palette.

Excuse my scaly yucky skin.  I think I should invest in good hand cream lols

It was so hard to get a good photo of these colours, this is the best I could do on my point & shoot ><

Really pretty rustic rose pink colour, not too red, not too pink, nice and neutral with a bit of bling.  Totally fits in with the theme hehe

I have no colour close to these as of yet 🙂

The cream colours in the Visee ranges are continually improving, and the texture of this palette was the most buttery soft I have felt so far.

Visee Glam Nude Eyes Royal Party Collection in Blond Fur N-7

The left pic was as gold as I could get it.  Most of the time it looks like the right- almost taupish for some reason 😐

The gold looks more gold when swatched hehe

TBH I actually liked this palette less than N-6. The colour turns out frosty more easily, and is a lot more neutral than N-6.

Actually both of them swatch very nicely, being very shimmery and metallic, but they appear more frosty on the eyes.  Nevertheless I love these palettes as they are buildable and do look very shimmery despite being slightly frosty.  I have found that with the newer ranges such as Blossom Eyes, the colours become very pretty once I have used into the palette.

I take it all back.  No frosty!! Metallic shimmery goodness with the use of brushes.. teehee ^^

I personally prefer the old sponge applicators, as I think that the brush doesn’t pick up the shadow as well as it should.  I like using my ecotools brushes more with these shadows.

Aube gloss Fruitina in 15 orange

A transparent orange tinted gloss

Got this because it was on sale on Adambeauty for $4.50USD, and I always wanted to try different lip glosses.


  • lips look pretty and plump for 15 minutes


  • high gloss = oily lips
  • makes my lips flake, dries it out too
  • just dislike it in general, will stick to my Castledew VOV ones…

And that ends my post 🙂  I shall start with skincare reviews soon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!


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