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Christmas and New Year

January 2, 2011 6 comments

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year!!! Mine was very quiet this year, though my whole weekend was full of meaty BBQ goodness!  Too bad I didn’t bring my camera, and photos taken by other people have not yet been uploaded.  I think I really should invest in a new camera…

On another note…

My 13″ Cambridge Satchel Bag arrived at Ricky’s doorstep just after Christmas!!

Thanks so much ^^

I first saw the Cambridge satchel on Joey’s blog, and naturally I went and browsed through the website, and became mesmerized by the  purple.  I love purple!!!!

I showed Ricky, who goes “Yeah that’s nice.  You want it?  This can be your Christmas present”.  LOLS And so that was that, I took up the offer and now I have one, with “Ah Mi” printed on it hahahaha

I took so long thinking whether to get the 11″ or 13″, but Ricky insisted I should get the 13″.  It’s a really good size, as you can see it’s slightly bigger than a medium sized Gucci.  The leather is soooo beautiful and RAW.

With love from Secret Santas, and the family.

Of course the festivities wouldn’t be complete without alcohol right?

Ella was very generous and gave us some plum wine, though we shall save this for another day.. it’s just too precious to waste…teehee

Now I have a more colourful Pandora as well ^^

I received this growing wish flower from Secret Santa, and thought it was really interesting.

My growing crystal 🙂 It’s sprouting after just 24 hours!

It takes 12-15 days to reach full size though.

You should take some time to open this pic up and read the instruction.  It’s so FOB HAHA



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