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Korean make up + chocolate cravings

August 20, 2010 4 comments

Been having a crazy chocolate craving phase this past month.  I’ve been eating Freddo frogs as my meal when I get really busy at work – sort of keeps me up and running… lol

Let me introduce you to my half finished “Chocolate Monster” – made up of chocolate ice cream, chocolate bits, maltesers, a bit of milk, and cream.  They also put a block of chocolate on the top too.  I can’t even describe how awesome that piece of chocolate was!!  Purchased from an ice cream store that replaced Yogen Fruz (what the heck happened to that place anyway?  I really wanted to try their Green tea frappe) at Carindale shopping centre.  It looked sooo dodgey when it was being made, but boy is this chocolate lover’s heaven… horrrrr.. not overly sweet either.

Now to second half of my mediocre length post – Korean make up a.k.a VOV cosmetics.  Was waiting around at Sunnypark when I spotted this little korean store.  Long and behold, there was a table full of VOV cosmetics!!  Had been eyeing their shadows for so long.

VOV Castledew Color Shot Eyes

Blue is very hard to get pigment and ends up looking pretty much the same as the white.  Not really my style of eyeshadows TBH but probably a good light day make up.  It definitely lives up to its name of “pearl effect”

VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes E902

The finish of these E/S are more shimmery but still a bit pearly.  Texture is sort of chalky for the lighter colours, and better in the darker colours.  Again, overall not very exciting.  Would reach for my Jap ones over these any day.  Regretful 😦  But it’s alright, they didn’t cost an arm or a leg

VOV Eye Max Volume Up mascara.  Came with a free eyelash curler – Does the job although definitely doesn’t feel like a quality curler haha

Short stubbled comb-like bristles.  Pretty good IMO.  The formula itself does volume and can be layered.  However it does flop the eyelashes if it is used as the first layer (Pretty fail since it claimed to curl).  I have no flopping issues at all even with layering up to 3-4 coats if I use Heroine Make first.  It lasts a whole day and the SA said it was waterproof.  I have my doubts though but haven’t tested it out.

Update: The mascara has good lasting power, but is definitely not waterproof as it easily washes off with cold water.

Lastly, went to the Coast with my parents the other weekend, and stopped by at a Japanese grocery store at Southport Centro on the way home.  It has a $2.50 section!! It used to be something stupid like $1 but of course all good things come to and end.  $2.50 is still a bargain XD I also saw that they had this little sunscreen in the cosmetics section for $9.95 woot woot 😀

It’s tiny with only 30mL but good for travel.  The texture is slightly creamier than Allie’s one, but smooths on to provide a transparent and non-greasy finish.  If only it came in a larger bottle!

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Long make up post

May 12, 2010 7 comments

As promised, a very delayed update ahahaha… I’m so lazy.  But this will be quite a long one..

My sis got back from her holiday a little while ago and she bought me some goodies!!! So happy!!

I got some more Sasatinnie mascara and a Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliner pen (best eyeliner in my opinion, no smudge even with no base and easy to remove).

I received my first Jill Stuart palette!!! This was from the Illuminance eyes range in Layered Gem 07

This palette was probably one of the more boring but safer colour combos.  The middle two colours look like a pink brown combo, but it actually shows up a more pinky purply, not sure why.


  • Really pretty and sturdy package
  • Very shimmery, very bling
  • Fun to play around with the colours.  The colours look light, but actually make a nice smokey look.  Can mix and match with other E/S to give a different finish
  • Silky smooth texture


  • Not sure if this is a con, but it has this flowery scent.  Some would say it is pleasant, but to me it steers more towards the powerful side.
  • Fallouts, a lot
  • Not 100% convinced, I definitely don’t love it. The colours didn’t really pop like I expected them to.  Nevertheless, I love using it for mix and matching, it’s so bling!

Will I buy again? I think I would, but only if they came in more interesting colours.  I only have my eyes on the Crystal Ruby palette from the newest range for now.

The Skin Shop BB cream SPF37 PA+++ 50g

My sister picked this out for me.  Such a good pick!

  • Great neutral colour match
  • Creamy consistency, easy to blend
  • Sheer-medium coverage (I think it has potential to build coverage)
  • Dries to matte finish
  • No skin irritation
  • Does not smudge off easily, quite waterproof as well.  I washed my hands with detergent and it stayed put.
  • No smell
  • Great package.  Looks so similar to Skin79 super BB cream ahhaah but I think this better, no greyness.
  • SPF 37 PA+++ I love sun protection 🙂

My sis found these Hair poofer velcro things.  They came in a pack of three.

You’re supposed to be able to just stick these things in your hair and just walk out the house with it still in there.  I’m not daring enough ahah.. I did do it once when I forgot about it, and by the time I remembered I was at the shopping centre so I couldn’t exactly pull it out lol.  No one noticed though 🙂 I use it like normal rollers now.

Sana Covercom Powder SPF 50+ PA+++ all those ++++++’s!!

Finally collected my face powder from Joey.  I was so late in getting it from her >< But it was good to catch up when we did, while at Buddha Fest!!

The lighting is a bit dark so this is not their true colour.  I put the Covercom next to my Bihadashi, both in the lightest colour they come in (light beige).  They look the same, feel similar, coverage is around the same.  I think what stands out to me is Covercom’s puff! It’s so puffy!!! Love it 😀 and all those ++++’s!! I’m sold lol

Today’s mini haul.  Cheapest haul ever!!!!

Nak dry shampoo.  This is Australian made 🙂

Ricky was reading some blogs and came across dry shampoo so he suggested it to me.  The girl wrote that it gives hair texture.  I tried it, and it relaxes my hair, but doesn’t add texture ahah.. It feels softer afterwards and actually feel refreshed too 🙂 Maybe I need to have dirtier hair for it to add texture.  It sprays on as a powder and you brush it out after waiting for 2 minutes.  Smells good too.  On the exi side though – AUD$19.95.  Ricky, there is no such thing as a cheap deal in Australia.. the cheapest one there was still $15 😦

EVAS Elevee BB cream SPF36 PA++ 50g

You can’t really see the blending.  But it actually does provide some coverage, just not sure why it didn’t show up.

I was walking past Elizabeth Arcade today and saw a new Korean shop open!! I had to go in and take a look.  It’s mostly accessories but at the back I saw these BB creams and skin products.  Thought it would be at least AUD$40 but OMG this was only $5.95 after a 10% discount!  I had to get it O.o

  • Creamy
  • Good neutral colour match, similar to TSS, no greyness
  • Not waterproof, washed off easily with detergent
  • Sheer coverage, buildable
  • Although it’s creamy, it doesn’t seem to blend that well.  You have to be careful when applying because it can get flaky
  • Still need to see if it will irritate my skin.  I don’t have much hopes for this BB cream since it was so freaken cheap!! But it’s a bonus if it gives me a good outcome 😀
  • Dries matte, but feels more moisturizing than TSS.

Castledew Over Setting Gloss in colour 9

Got this as well for only AUD$5.85 after 10% discount!  So freaken cheap!!!! They didn’t even try to rip the Aussies off with cheap Korean products!!  Tempted to buy more colours before they decide to raise the prices eheheheh…

I still don’t know what colour suits me.  This is a bright pinky orangey red.  Shows up darker on my lips with a red tinge.  I still don’t know whether I suit lighter, orangey or pinky tones.  I guess, I can only experiment to know!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA  This stuff smells nice and fruity too 😀

I am quite happy with my very cheap splurge.  I feel satisfied, without any guilt!  I love cheap finds! AHAHAHAHAHA


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