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Packages with love and make up brush cleaning

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Ella dropped off this bag of goodies for me last night, she’s so nice!!!

She said that she had too much and wanted to pass them onto me, but… my gawd.. so much, and all of them were coincidentally things I’ve been wanting to try!

Serums, Skin food Omija Whitening set, sleeping masks, face masks, eye masks, eye cream, and even two pair of CK jeans that were too big for her.  Surprisingly they fit me.. and were actually a little loose too… I feel good XD AHAHAHA

Anyways thank you so much ^^ Going to cherish all of these!

I’ve been inspired by all these make up tool cleaning videos I’ve been seeing on youtube and I went on a make up tool cleaning spree at like.. 12am one night, and spent 2-3 hours on it… seriously late night lol

I am really lazy, and I just sit them on top of my box if I am just quick cleaning them.

Don’t do that if you are washing your brushes people…

Something different was a video by BeautyQQ.

She is so unique and creative, her ideas are always different.  This inspired me to clean even my sponge tip applicators – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but was worried they wouldn’t survive the cleaning process.

Couldn’t get all the colour out but they are pretty clean 🙂

I am reluctant to put these under the tap though, because I think it would really ruin the applicators.

Example of ruined sponge tip applicator.  This is an old Kate one.

From this cleaning experience, I really got to learn more about the different sponge tip applicators offered by various brands.

I found that the poorer quality sponge tips didn’t survive the cleaning process.

What I have found is that each brand rarely alternates sponge tip applicators and each brand has its own unique perks.

The best applicators I found were by Esprique, Lunasol, Coffret D’or and Visee.  The sponge part was dense, did not move around a lot on the plastic bit when wiping them, and were easiest to clean.

My experience is that, the best applicators must pass two tests.

  1. When you bend the sponge part, it shouldn’t feel like the sponge is moving too differently on the plastic bit inside.
  2. When you squeeze the sponge, it shouldn’t depress a lot.  It should feel quite springy.  Jill Stuart and some of Visee’s newer applicators were too squishy.

My favourite of them all is the one in the new Visee Glam Shade eyes.  I love how the bigger end is pointy as well!

I was worried that Lunasol’s applicators would crumble because I saw a few extra holes show up when cleaning it but it turned out alright.

Kate’s sponge tip applicators apply well, but also crumbled the most!! I don’t know why this is the case because they feel similar to Visee’s forming eyes ones.

At the top is Visee’s Glam Nude x Royal Party e/s, and below is from Blossom Eyes.

These were the poorer quality ones by Visee when they were trying to be innovative and putting a brush on one end.  I’m so glad they stopped doing that because it was horrible!

As you can see, the seams split apart because the sponge tip was too floppy and moved around the plastic when I was wiping it.

I used Bare Escentual’s quick change brush cleaner to do all my cleaning.

I was too lazy to wash them with water.  Shall do it next time ahaha

This quick change brush cleaner has a purpose of doing a quick clean for your brushes so that you can use many colours with the same brush.


  • Really does do a quick clean, it can clean waterproof eyeliner off the brush too
  • Relatively cheap, $17AUD from Strawberrynet
  • generous size – 110mL
  • hygienic bottle
  • I choose this to clean my sponge tip applicators
  • Very strong scent
  • Have to spray at least 4 sprays onto cloth before you can start cleaning your brushes
  • Can actually use up a lot of product by the end of all that cleaning
  • Does leave some residue, so still need to actually wash the brushes after a few quick cleans
  • Not really that quick drying
At the end of the day, I don’t know if I would repurchase.  I wouldn’t say I definitely won’t but I would need to try other products first.
And to end my super long post,
I bought all this lace from a craft shop at Greenslopes.  So many pretty laces – I need to put my mind in creative mode again and turn this into jewellery.
This could take a while… lol…


Haul post (long and pic heavy :))

October 19, 2010 5 comments

Firstly a shout out to Eric my brother-in-law who’s birthday is today – Happy Birthday!

This is rather belated as I purchased this over a month ago.  Just been too lazy!  My purchase was from Adambeauty.  I love Adambeauty ^^ The only thing I don’t love is that it doesn’t stock everything but you can’t ask for toooo much can you?

Kose’s Sekkisei sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ 60g

May I mention how pretty the bottle is? It’s a shimmery blue as opposed to the dark matte blue I originally thought 🙂

I haven’t tried this as I am still a long way from finishing my Allie one.  I am petrified of getting tanned, I am sick and tired of my damn freckles, and it’s approaching summer here in Brisbane too.

I shall be purchasing Palmers fade milk soon to attempt fading my freckles.  Review shall follow in the future after I buy and try.  If that fails.. I’m going to try Revitol.

This particular sunscreen has received great ratings in Jap mags, as well as online too.  I put off buying it because, well I don’t know.  I think I got sucked into free body spray in Allie’s promo set =.=

I imagine it will be similar to Allie with no white cast, great milky texture and good lasting ability 🙂

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ 40g

This BB cream was highly recommended by Eki.  It looked so nice I had to get it!

It claims to have whitening and wrinkle improvement.  It apparently contains “white tea, green tea and black tea” to “keep skin brighter and firmer”.

I avoided Skin79 BB creams for a long time because of its grey tinge, its reputation to not sink into the skin, and apparent dark shades.  This one had none of these!!

It comes with a blush/lip tint + mirror!  It actually works too 🙂  I was using this BB cream + blush in the pics in my previous post.

BB cream on left, bare skin on the right and blush/lip tint in the middle.  As you can see it’s a perfect colour match and the blush/lip tint gives a really nice fresh pinky tint to the skin.


    • I used to love my The Skin Shop BB cream but this is my new favourite.
    • Don’t need a lot to get good coverage.  Finish is a smooth complexion.  Love!
    • Blush/lip tint is awesome
    • Does not irritate my skin at all
    • No heaviness


    • Pump dispenser is sort of messy
    • Requires a fair few pumps before product comes out for the first time, after which it’s fine (don’t try taking the rubber stopper off!)
    • Only 40g 😦
    • not a high SPF.  I prefer over SPF30 at least, but it’s alright.  I always use sunscreen beforehand anyway.
    • This can be good or bad but it leaves a “dewy” finish => I can’t stand it and I end up patting some powder on top of it because it’s too dewy for me.

Visee Blossom Eyes in Gr-4

The packaging is sooo pretty with the off white floral embossing.  I really wanted a neutral green palette and this did a great job!  The back of the packaging shows a how-to.

The applicator it comes with is quite disappointing TBH.  It doesn’t seem to pick up the product as well as the previous Blooming or Blackish Forming ranges.

The top two shades are cream, but feels dry almost like powder, much better than the yucky greasy stuff and no creasing with eye primer.  However, it takes a bit of layering for the colour to show up.

Bottom three are powder shades.

Pretty and shimmery neutrals ^^

Texture is silky with little to no fall outs.

Visee Blossom Eyes PU-2

Packaging is same as above.  The top cream shade looks purple but is actually brown, but lighter than that of GR-4’s.

For some reason I couldn’t get the lighting right so it’s a bit warmer but it’s still pretty close.

The medium purple is pretty light and gives the eye just a purple tint.

Texture again is silky.

One thing I love about both palettes is the darkest shades.  They are soooo pretty!  However, overall I have to say I am disappointed with this range.
I loved how it looked, but when applied to the eyes, it didnt’ really give me “wow” I was expecting… Maybe it’s the applicator’s fault… But nevertheless these are still great palettes for spring/summer since they are so fresh and neutral!  I love the green more than I do the purple 🙂

Coffret D’or C Curve Eyes in 07 Plum Wine

This is my first Coffret D’or E/S palette.  I was sucked into the beautiful plum shade and the highlighter since I had none XD

No more jewelled case, just big printing on a very slim case.

The case is so slim that it falls backward when the case is open, because the mirror is so big and weighs more than the shadows.
Despite that, it weights 3.9g so they aren’t really ripping us off 🙂

The applicators are really nice and picks the shadows up well.

The highlighter does a great job without looking OTT shimmery 🙂

I wanted this palette to give me a more smoky purple look, which it did successfully.

Texture is actually harder than most palettes I have.  Probably similar to T’estimo’s discontinued palettes – which figures since Coffret D’or was the replacement for T’estimo anyway.  Nevertheless, it glides on the eyes easily, and leaves a subtle shimmery finish.

And that ends my post 🙂 Now it’s time for me to wash off my Coconut Hair soak 🙂 I’ve left it on for way too long XD



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