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February 7, 2011 6 comments

Ricky’s awesome bangers and mash.  I love his food.  Of course I love him too teehee

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to review today.  I thought the easiest was cleansers since I have quite a few now.

I have upgraded my cleansing routine because I’ve started to care a lot about my skin, and I’m sick of pores, and I’m scared of getting wrinkles, and I hate my freckles.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Beckie actually introduced this to me.  I’m glad she has experience with waterproof make up remover!

I was really sick of how crap The Balm Balms Away remover was, and sick of using cotton pads to rub my eyes.  I just wanted something simple.


  • Thick oil, easy to spread (I like it thick, doesn’t feel like I’m ruining my eyes)
  • Emulsifies really well and leaves no oily residue
  • Removes waterproof mascara!!!
  • Economic I think.  I use like.. a third pump for each eye.
  • Large size (200mL), hygienic pump


  • Expensive – $31.20 AUD (but will last me ages since I only need it for my eyes)
  • Stings when it gets in my eyes! (If you get eye make up remover, it needs to not sting, but no matter what, it will get in your eyes.)
  • Eyes get cloudy if it gets in my eyes
  • Not very travel friendly

Overall, happy with this as my first cleansing oil.  I don’t think I will repurchase again as first choice though.  I want to try Softymo’s White C/O next, though I believe that DHC emulsifies the best ><

Food A Holic Charcoal Daily Purifying Foam Cleanser

This was a very cheap buy from a Korean grocery store for only $3AUD for 180mL.  There were a few different ranges, but I chose Charcoal for whatever reason I forgot now.  Forgot to take a picture of the back of the box.


  • No skin irritations
  • Removes my cream and BB cream in one go.
  • Goes from a neat grey toothpaste consistency cream to a foam
  • Leaves my skin squeaky clean
  • So cheap!


  • Looks like a knock off of The Face Shop
  • No idea whether this is good for your skin.  Having said that though, I have had no skin irritations
  • Only works up into a thin foam
  • Not the most pleasant of scents.  Definitely has a hint of tar but I get used to it.
  • No information or reviews online


Ylem Flower Basic Plus Soft Peeling Gel

I have no clue how to read korean and all I can understand is 3-5!!

3-5 what? minutes? times per week?  I have no clue.

Feel free to translate it.. actually PLEASE TRANSLATE IT!!!

This was $3-6 AUD?  I wanted something that can help me deep cleanse my skin.  I’m quite daring because my skin doesn’t seem overly sensitive.


  • Smells nice, really refreshing
  • I feel like it does deep clean my skin, without stripping it down
  • My skin doesn’t feel tight straight after washing it off, but of course it would after a few minutes.
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin, only if I concentrate on one area too long.
  • Very big and cheap.  $3-6 for 150mL


  • Bad instructions!  I just try my luck.  I’ve tried every combination: dry/wet skin, wait/no wait… everything seems to just do the same.  I prefer dry skin, wait 1-2 min, rub, then wait another 1-2 min.
  • No information, no reviews, no nothing on this.
  • Leaves a very slight film that’s not greasy and I think it disappears pretty quick.  Don’t need to double cleanse it.

St Ives Daily Microderm-Abrasion

I’m still a loyal St Ives fan.  This is my new found love.


  • Cheap on sale at Priceline XD $7.99AUD
  • Gentle enough to use everyday (for me)
  • Pleasant, refreshing scent
  • The small little scrubs really do scrub, and they scrub well
  • Only need a small amount to cleanse the whole face


  • Nil!

On a different note, I made my first Lush purchase around… October I think.

Lush hand made lip sugar lip scrubs

Mint Julips – Peppermint and chocolate

Sweet Lips – Vanilla and chocolate

These were also a cheap buy at around $6AUD each.

Ingredients are so simple!

Nothing too interesting inside, tight packed sugars with oils.


  • Smells great
  • Some people eat this, some people don’t eat it.  The SA said it’s edible.
  • Actually tastes nice ahahahaha.. I’m afraid to eat too much of this though.
  • Simple formula
  • Scrubs away some dead cells


  • Doesn’t actually scrub as well as I expected
  • Really messy
  • Not that easy to get out of the tub and onto the lips.  Need damp fingers.
  • Should be better ones out there
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