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May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Ella and her friend Allen were very very SUPER kind to be thinking of me while in Melbourne, and bought my much craved for Macarons from Cacao!!!

So many flavours!

horrrrrr.. they are all so delicious

I must share them with Ricky and not gobble them all up in one go ><

Ella also got me more bling for my bracelet.  I think it’s pretty much full now woot!

She gave me some bow hair ties too, they are so adorable!

What an awesome early birthday present ^^ ❤

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Lowie’s birthday

May 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Though I’m pretty sure most of you who read my blog won’t be mums.. but still.. hehehe.. I have reserved my whole day for her as a symbol of my respect for the day… lol.. hey that’s a big task!!  Went to yumcha in the morning with the sis and brother in-law + family, and shall be going to Indian tonight.

Lowie called me and Beckie out to Wellington Point for a cozy afternoon early celebration for his birthday yesterday.  I’ve missed our catch ups!!!  Unfortunately Joey couldn’t make it because she is still feeling crook 😦

We spent most of the afternoon playing around with our cameras XD

I didn’t really take much since mine was running low on battery =.=

Oh we also enjoyed watching Wong Fu Productions and Kevjumba on Beckie’s Ipad 2 hehe

We ended up landing our butts at Off the Wall Diner – home of the “World’s hottest chilli burger”

None of us were up to it, so normal burger it was.

This is Lowie’s Greek style burger.  I didn’t get any shots of him!!! noooooooo

Beckie and her beef… with cheese burger.. I can’t remember the name.

I also had this one too.

Inside the beef burger

I think the beef was very home style though a bit dry.  Overall tasty and I loved how they had spinach in it.  It’s my favourite salad vege apart from lettuce/cabbage.  The chips were also really yummy.

And we admired the sunset at Wellington Point

Wish I was able to walk across to the island.. but…not wearing sneakers or thongs XD

Once again.. happy birthday all you May babies!!!!

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Jobee’s Birthday at the Venice Restaurant

May 7, 2011 Leave a comment

With May comes birthdays!  Actually every month has birthdays, but for some reason they seem to be more closely packed this time ehehe

I was glad to be able to attend my high school friend Joanne’s birthday dinner yesterday. She chose a restaurant along the riverside called Venice, it’s actually quite highly rated.

The Special Birthday girl – Joanne aka Jobee

Our little All Hallows’ group appears to be getting smaller and smaller now since everyone seems to be finding their feet and moving away.

Joanne is also going to be moving to Emerald to work.  I am quite glad we were able to catch up before she leaves.  Really the good ol’ times 🙂

Back to the food, this is my entrée creamy shellfish soup.

I would say that it was a very fresh, light starter.  I can’t really fault this soup at all.

Another entrée that we shared, bread with truffle butter and… I can’t remember, but it tasted like olives.

Unfortunately I really dislike olives so I couldn’t enjoy it, but the butter and bread was nice 🙂

I decided to go all the way and be a pig.  Seafood platter for me it was 🙂

They say it’s great to share, but I think if I were very hungry I can down it all.  Though I did share mine hehehe… Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with the twins, and they both had the same dish as well, I don’t think any of us had trouble finishing it 🙂

Everything was light, the oyster shots were sooo fresh.  The chilli soft shell crab was a bit salty – probably over seasoned I suppose.  Overall I really enjoyed my dish, not to mention the bee-battered chips were everything it should be 🙂

With Joanne and my good friend Cel

Cel ordered the other dish I was contemplating to order – I think it was a tea smoked duck?

I think it could have been a little more tender but it was a tasty dish.

Our other Joanne, or shall we say, Jo, or ah por hehe

She ordered an entrée sized pasta dish.  I can’t really what it was.

Generous serving.  It was an appetizing tomato base, however I would have liked it slightly saucier.. but that’s just me 🙂

Me with Janice, another make-up fanatic, may we go broke together 😀

We could not leave without dessert, I think Jobee would have cried hahaha, and for good reason!

She had a mixed platter with another high schooler I don’t often see – Phuong/Helen.

My chai créme brulée with milk ice-cream and some sort of biscuit… thing…

Really hit the spot, everything complimented each other nicely and it was perfect!

Chocolate pudding with caramel sauce and the milk ice-cream.  Heavenly!!

The location was great and quiet.  I think we were slightly too noisy but oh wells XD  The only bad thing were that the waiters kept looking at the time and hurrying us to order.  I still don’t quite understand why.  It’s not like it was packed.  They were very polite though and delivered prompt service.

We had a great catch up and there were even fireworks as well!!  Jobee must be quite special haha.. and until the next AHS dinner..

We shall create more mischief elsewhere 🙂

Happy birthday all you May babies!

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Chocolate buffet at Bistro Allure

May 2, 2011 4 comments

This offer was brought to my attention by one of  my friends – only $20AUD!!

So we took advantage of it and went on a binge, and had a nice catch up too 🙂

Offer ended today though…

It was really busy at the front, but nice and quiet at the back where we sat.

It was really dark inside as well… wanted to sleep already

The cake section

The fondue…horrr

The mini dessert area – that woman on the left hand corner took her sweet ass time picking and poking through everything =.=

I had 2 plates like this and I was done… got hooked on the fruits.

I really liked the chocolate in the fondue, rich, but not too sweet.  I found it better than Max Brenner’s… sorry to say.  Though not comparable to Haagen Dazs horrrrrr

And a whole table of chocolate… and I didn’t get any of it!!! Totally forgot!!!! GAHHHH

They also had DIY flavoured milk.. thingies but I can’t take a lot of milk because I ended up gagging for the rest of the day.

So that was my first chocolate buffet experience!  I don’t think I can handle too much of those though, but was a nice one and got to catch up with some friends I don’t see often.

Any ideas of better chocolate buffet locations in Brisbane?

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Sydney Tripping Part 2

April 28, 2011 7 comments

Managed to snap a few shots of Zara second time round.

This line is NOTHING.

On Saturday you CANNOT EVEN SEE the metal fence.

This is first floor Zara, people mountain people sea.

BTW it’s situated at Westfield Sydney, such a pretty shopping centre!!!

Blurry pictures coming up… it was really dark in that place.

Inside Westfield Sydney…. Miu Miu hasn’t opened yet!!!!! T.T… next time.. 😀

And just across from the unopened Miu Miu, and before the unoponed Prada


Bloody Asians kept making the line into there so huge.. and I was one of them.. shame ><

And this is the food court!!! It’s sooo pretty… takes food court to a whole different level.

However Westfield Bondi Junction has even more awesome food court..

My Thai um… satay beef with their.. rice noodle.. my favourite type of noodles 🙂

Massive.. couldn’t finish it.

So high tech!  They have these little beepers to let you know when the food is ready.

Shanghai dumplings at a food court 🙂

Definitely not as good as…..

Din Tai Fung!!!!! HORRRRR… They didn’t have any crab ones left though..

Most awesome drink ever… Lychee mint frappe… thingy….

A bunch of yummy sides

Poor Ricky was down with gastroenteritis… and was knocked out from Saturday and even on the last day of the trip… he could only stomach a little bit of this soup…

Heart Ache T.T

Meanwhile… I went shopping…

Stopped by at Haigh’s for some chocolate.. should have bought more =.=

Fell in love with these nuts at QVB, on the way to the train station last trip.

So I bought more to take home 🙂  Couldn’t get my hands on any pork jerky though 😦

But my main damage came from here…

My new accessorised Coach Madison dotted op art tote

Gucci off-white Sukey tote – looks better bare or with a scarf?

Couldn’t find any clothes or shoes I liked this time round… or maybe there were.. but I wasn’t very focused on that…

Shall finish up with our last take away meal before last day… Rengaya take away!

Was a new experience but a nice and simple one.

A short but fun trip, too bad my Ricky was sick the whole time and is still not recovered… but it was still a good get away nonetheless… well until next trip 😀

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Sydney Tripping Part 1

April 25, 2011 2 comments

Muahaha I’m such a dedicated blogger, even spending time to blog on my holiday away.  No actually I just have heaps of time to bum and do nothing in between all the food and window shopping.

 This post is picture and food heavy!

YES ZARA IS OPEN! But I really cbf to go in.  They had a massive line with security guards on 2 or more floors.  I really should have taken a photo!!  I think the wait could have been over an hour!   I don’t think I want to waste half my day for that.  Maybe next time 🙂

Taken by Ricky, and it took a whole minute for this shot to be captured with the Lx5.  Well worth it 🙂

Mizuya @ Town Hall, a feed to start our shopping day 🙂

Touch screen self serve menus!  They are evil!!

The photos from this restaurant were taken from my phone, so size is a bit different ^^”

Edamame – can’t go wrong

What was left of sweet chilli soft shell crab.  It’s the first time I tried sweet chilli flavour and I think it’s a really good way to get rid of that fatty taste.  

My sashimi

Su’s sukiyaki

I think the price was pretty good with generous serving, and most things were between $10-20AUD

Went to this restaurant for Ricky’s friend’s birthday, famous for its seafood

Great location overlooking Sydney Harbour – I apologize for my sleepy face.

Oysters Kilpatrik – not the best, not the worst

Ricky’s Tuna – not something I would choose ^^”

My Lobster Mornay – so filling!! But the lobster was quite fresh.  It was also diced up as well so it was really clean and easy to eat!

The menu at Peter Doyle’s is rather simple and most of it was fish and I wouldn’t say I would pay so much for fish.  My lobster however was great for $68sth AUD for a whole fresh lobster wahahahahahaha… Overall a pleasant fine dining experience.  

Take away Golden Century meal, awesomeness.

Today we headed to Manly for a late lunch/afternoon tea.  Was quite a nice day 🙂

What was left of our meal of fish & chips, oyster kilpatrik, salt & pepper squid

A satisfied me in the car on the way home before I passed out.

MuMu Grill @ Crows’ Nest, near where we are staying at St Leonards.

It boasts the best grass fed beef.

My Victorian Beef Fillet – very meaty yummy!


Organic wagyu beef balls – tasted like normal meatballs but still nice.

 And that ends my post for tonight, more to come later 🙂  Enjoy the remaining of our long weekend and stay safe!

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Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2011 1 comment

The famous Valentine’s Day which is recognised all throughout the world happened yesterday!! (obviously)

How did everyone celebrate? Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s whether it was with you SO, friends, family, or even yourself 🙂

Our number 7 was celebrated twice this year, super special lor XD

We moved it forward and had steak at the Morrison’s on Sunday.  Too bad no photos because we didn’t get our new camera until Monday teehee

Come Valentine’s Day we had a quiet night and ended it with Fusion360 dessert! Simplicity FTW

Panasonic Lx5!!!!! Best of all in pearl white + silver

Ricky’s Green Tea ice cream with pancake

My Black Sesame waffle + ice cream (without bananas.. yuck)

Pictures taken via Lx5 with no flash, stolen from Ricky

I feel all warm and fuzzy hehe .. as commercialized as Valentine’s Day is, and as much as people might try to boycott it, I think it’s really just a nice way to give couples an excuse to do something different and/or remind each other how special they are 🙂  Afterall, it only happens once a year!

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