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Some new additions to my make up/skin care collection (picture heavy)

July 20, 2010 2 comments

Ever since I started my new job, I have for some reason become more stressed, and more depressed… and as a result… shopping cravings have increased!  So I decided – STUFF IT! I’m just going to buy all the stuff I’ve been iffy about buying for the past year (except for a Lunasol or Jill Stuart eye palette… I’m still iffy-ing about those).

On top of that, I am feeling extra bored and also sick so here comes a long post to keep me busy tonight.

First I’d like to share a new eye palette my friend Ella so kindly gave me when we met up for a catch up dinner… awwwwwwww Can’t say how thankful I am ^^

Kate in BK-1.

It’s SO much better than the one I have in BR-1. The texture seems a little different and a lot more shimmery.  I’m beginning to appreciate the diamond glitter part too 🙂
The look is sort of like the Visee Blackish Forming in B3, except maybe lighter? Anyhow, LOVE!

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes in Waterproof

Oh how long I waited to buy this mascara.  The spikey ball attracted me so much, just the price drove me away at $49 AUD.  Alas, I bought it.  I was rather disappointed when I used it first as it flopped my eyelashes big time.  Definitely not something my sister would be too impressed about.  However, the second time I used it –

Actually my eyelashes didn’t turn out too bad 🙂 I think I used probably 3-4 coats (I used my new Kate eyeshadow too ^^ I’ve been cursed with inward folding eyelids.. sorry for polluting your eyes 😦 I just wanted to give a picture of what the mascara does T.T)  I actually quite like this mascara and it actually can keep a curl.  Whether I would recommend to someone like my sister who will literally scream if her mascara flopped her eyelashes the tiniest bit?  I would have to think twice about that…

I also took the plunge and bought TFSI.  I am still rather… uncertain about this base.  Maybe because it is silicone based.  My E/S stayed put but colour pay off didn’t make me wow or anything.  It was crap with keeping my problem left lower lid smudge-free, my MAC paint pot was better at that.  However, there is definitely better colour pay off on the upper lids than MAC though.  So I guess I shall use TFSI on upper lids, and MAC on the bottom.. ahha.. that works. Was also using TFSI on my eye pic above.

I also moved my make up into another box recently… I think I still need to find better storage options….

Thought long and hard about buying the full sized tube because my face stung quite a lot when using the sample packet, even though results were pretty good and the sting went away once the mask dried.  The full sized tube had no such problem 🙂 I love this mask, my face feels so clean afterwards ^^

I really love the packaging of Formula 10.0.6.  I got this overnight spot minimizing patch and the box it comes in looks exactly like the sachets and it’s all blue inside the box!  Comes in 4 of those sachets, 21 patches each.  They were $5 sth AUD on sale.  I probably won’t get through all of these since I don’t really have pimple prone skin, however they are always very handy in an emergency!!

Thought these would be handy too.  I don’t really like it though.  Have to wait so long for them to dry, and sometimes they don’t dry properly =.= I really want to try the asian branded ones- namely the one that is black in colour that comes in a tube, and you just smooth it over your nose and peel it off once it dries.  Pity I don’t remember the exact name of the brand 😦

Lastly, I recently abandoned my Loreal Waterproof make up remover and changed to this one.  I kind of got sick of Loreal’s one because I had to soak two cotton pads and still have residue remaining, while Garnier seems to get my make up off easier with only one cotton pad.  I have pretty sensitive eyes, eg they went bright red when I tried Lancome’s one.  But at the same time my sister is fine with Lancome’s one but the Garnier one instead irritates her! HAHAHA  I think I’ll be sticking with this one though.

Nice, it’s nearly 9:30 now.  Time to sleep! ^^

Oo two more things before I go:

My new favourite daily facial cleanser ^^ So cheap as well.  I love the tiny beads.

Stay away from this shit!  St Ives is not a bad brand, use anything BUT this Olive scrub.  It does crap all, and the beads are horrible to wash off even though they don’t do any scrubbing at all!! It literally feels like oily cream when you apply it, but luckily it does wash off completely despite the fact it is fails as a scrub, and annoys me every time I use it.  I have to use this in the shower because of how fail the beads are at washing off.  FAIL

Ok, nite 🙂


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