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May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Ella and her friend Allen were very very SUPER kind to be thinking of me while in Melbourne, and bought my much craved for Macarons from Cacao!!!

So many flavours!

horrrrrr.. they are all so delicious

I must share them with Ricky and not gobble them all up in one go ><

Ella also got me more bling for my bracelet.  I think it’s pretty much full now woot!

She gave me some bow hair ties too, they are so adorable!

What an awesome early birthday present ^^ ❤

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Good things come cheap too :)

May 18, 2011 1 comment

Unfortunately Australia rarely has anything good that comes cheap.  Heck even if it’s expensive it might not necessarily be good either – referring to clothes and shoes that is.

I like to roam random stores and look at what they have to offer.  There is this one store called Cosmetics Plus at Carindale Shopping Centre which sells the largest range of BYS products I know.  I don’t think I can bring myself to use a lot of their products because I don’t like using cheap make up, but there were some things that attracted me 🙂  They also sell some Maybelline, Revlon, L’oreal products for cheaper too.

And from there, I introduce you to one of my latest mini hauls.

I think this was $39AUD all up

My Accessory Bun enhancer

I really wanted one of these because it makes it so much easier to do a bun.

My bun 🙂 front and back view in one picture woot!


  • Easy to use – just feed the hair flat through the middle, roll down and then loop into a donut, then tidy it up 🙂
  • Can control the size of your bun, depending on how loose you roll your hair down
  • Cheap.  I think around… $4AUD
  • Re-usable
  • Need to have thicker, longer hair to make a very fuss free bun.  My hair is very layered and it was difficult keeping all the hair in.
  • I had a hard time making the bun complete.  I have to pin some of it down to cover the sponge part at the bottom

BYS Kabuki Brush

I really wanted a kabuki brush for easier application of translucent powder and blushes.  I also didn’t want to spend too much money on one because for some reason I’m not cheap on eyeshadows, but I am on make up brushes.

The brush isn’t very travel friendly because it comes housed in a cheap plastic cylinder.  But I finally found a function for my Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming serum box hehehe

  • Very soft and fluffy, not scratchy at all!
  • It has a large surface area, exactly the size I was looking for
  • It comes in purpler horrrr
  • Cheap – $10AUD
  • Does not shed much at all.  Probably 3 hairs in total and I’ve washed and used it several times already.
  • STANK REALLY BAD!!! Like cheap plastic shoes and it didn’t go away for 2 weeks.  Fortunately the smell went away after I aired it out.

BYS cracked nail polish – my camera went pysho and I couldn’t get the right colour

I actually bought these for Beckie because she wanted to try them.  I kept the red for myself to try since she wasn’t into red XD

The red is so bright 😮

  • Has a nice eggy crackle finish
  • Does not dry too quickly
  • Comes in quite a few colours although most of them are quite scary
  • Cheap – $5AUD
  • It flakes off
  • Does not last long at all
  • Ok so yeah. cheap price cheap quality

And my $10AUD scarf ^^ loves!

Speaking of scarves,  I’m really into the loopy ones this winter.  They are so convenient and not too bulky!!
I also bought another 2 scarves from Tree of Life.  See told you I’m random.  It’s like a gypsy hippie store and I found something there XD

I look so scary!! I was using my shitty camera before I got fed up and switched to my Lx5, which helped… every so slightly… ehehe… ^^”

I love my new scarves!
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HK goodies part 2 (picture heavy)

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last post 🙂 There are so many things to post about but I shall start off with the rest of my HK goodies.

I went crazy with Koji DollyWink products this time round.  I have many eyeshadows, but none of them were bright and colourful.  I thought I needed a pop of colour teehee

My sister thought otherwise, being horrified at my strange taste when she bought them.

04 Green Pink

Gotta say, so much attention to detail was paid into packaging.  The eyeshadow is guaranteed to sit right side up with no tilting or movement within the plastic box

Each of the shadows are housed in this cardboard mini… book? with instructions.

The black casing with engravings looks like Anna Sui.

Shimmery off white, aqua, hot pink and glittery black/grey

Oh yeah, they look scary BUAHAHAHA

Good thing is it can be layered, so if you use a light hand, it does not actually turn out like that.  I must admit, the pink is difficult to pull off under the eyes.  It can just make you look like you have some eye infection if not done properly.

03 Blue Orange

Again housed in a mini book with instructions

Shimmery white, fanta orange, blue, dark shimmery blue

Aren’t the colours so poppy!

These colours are good to have in case of a dress up party!  Also, used with a light hand, it is a very good summer palette.  However since it’s approaching winter these palettes will probably be left untouched for a while.


  • The colours make me feel happy and bubbly when I look at them XD
  • Very bright but can be layered for a less or more intense finish
  • Pigmentation is pretty good
  • Butter texture
  • Affordable.  Works out to be around $16AUD
  • Pretty packaging!
  • Somewhat chalky in texture (but it’s also very buttery!)
  • The aqua green in 04, and blue in 03, really show up with little difference on the eyes 😦  I wanted a truer green…
  • Not the most wearable colours XD
  • A little frosty

DollyWink pencil eyeliner in black

I actually wanted the liquid eyeliner but got this one instead, but it’s good I can have a play with this one 🙂

Very cute


  • Pretty packaging
  • Good intensity
  • Buttery soft, doesn’t tug on the eyelids
  • Didn’t experience too much smudging, though I set it with eyeshadow, and did not put it on my smudge prone areas… so my opinion is not accurate
  • Did not pass my smudge-proof test
  • I don’t like having to sharpen my eyeliners

Smudge-proof test: apply, wait 3 minutes, swipe with finger and see how much it smudges

I also wanted a microfibre hair turban so I can dry my hair faster

3M Nexcare

No I am not going to make myself a hair turban model. My hand shall do.


  • Well made, no loose ends or seams
  • Fit very snug, won’t fall off
  • Does make my hair dry quicker than my usual air dry
  • I think it’s a bit on the exi side… more than $15AUD if I remember correctly
  • Needs stretching and I worry I will break my hair when I twist the turban around
  • It really REALLY hurts when I pull the loop out to button it.  I prefer to just leave it unbuttoned, it doesn’t fall off anyway
  • Not for the big-headed
  • I don’t know if my hair will dry at the same rate if I just wrap a normal towel around it, but either/or, hair turbon is much more convenient
Lastly I really wanted this pore cleanser stick thingy

Arezia pore cleansing tool

The tool is well built and very sturdy


  • Cheap: around $1AUD
  • Does the job!  It doesn’t get rid of all the gunk, but a majority. I was always skeptical but my bf.. YES my BF!! – he told me it was good HAHA
  • No harsh chemicals
  • The needle is very sharp.  I don’t get pimples so it’s not very useful for its purpose
  • Takes a really long time to use.
  • Painful T.T
And that ends my very long post 🙂
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Drugstore goodies

March 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I hope people won’t feel offended by my continuation of make up posts in the wake of all these natural disasters.  I thought about posting or not posting, but in the end, everyone needs a bit of normal right?  Must continue with our own lives or else the world will stop.

I had a couple of good finds at Priceline recently as I wanted to make use of my vouchers 🙂

Rapidlash had a promotion for a mini hair straightener as GWP

I love how it’s pearl white, and it’s very compact.

Being only 1/2″ wide, it’s small enough to pack into a hand bag.

Works a treat when I need a quick straighten after work or something.

Grown Vitamin & Watermelon lip balm

Grown skin care products is a newly emerging brand that boasts all organic ingredients.

Though I didn’t think this smelled anything like watermelon.

Not entirely fond with this type of packaging but I can live with it.

The consistency of this lip balm is slightly like… pear sorbet? Slightly lumpy but smooths out into a glossy finish.

I was expecting to get a matte finish sort of as a base for lipsticks (that I never wear) however this is very glossy, verging on oily.

I think men can stay clear from this product.   That said, it’s a great moisturizing lip balm that keep my lips feeling soft.  If you want a lip gloss that keeps your lips moisturized this is a good option.

And finally, after a million years this finally hits the shelves of Australia.

I chose 956 eggplant since I have black and brown gel liners already.

The brown looked too light for my liking as well.

And a line up of the gel liners I own.  My favourite is still Kate’s old formula gel liner.

That said Kate’s newer formula brown liner is crap.


  • Quite smudge proof and waterproof
  • Brush included is awesome!
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • cheap – ~$16AUD RRP, on sale I got it for $14
  • Quite smooth to glide on


  • Takes longer to dry.  I swiped a swatch after 3 minutes and it smudged real bad, then I tried again and waited around 5-7 minutes and it didn’t budge.
  • Some fading throughout the day
  • The formula is crumbly, but still glides on really well, unlike Kate’s newer formula brown gel liner which crumbles AND doesn’t glide on nicely.

Also after a million years L’oreal’s Elnett hairspray also finally hit the Australia shelves!

Disappointed though.  Definitely not as good as John Freida or Samy’s volume hairsprays.  It does brush out with no flaking though 🙂


On a separate note, I got these at some random cosmetic store that sells genuine cosmetics for very cheap XD

I only got the mascara because of the eyeliner, the price is great even for the eye liner alone 🙂  I had already quit using this liner because it costs too much to keep using so I was happy.

L’oreal Colour Riche in 845 Tawny and 425 Perfect Coral

Man these lipsticks smell!!  I should have taken this into account when I bought them.  It’s not even just these ones, I went to Priceline and sniffed ALL of L’oreal’s lipsticks and they all stank like cheap cosmetics omg…

However the colours will be enough to forgive the smell.. a little.

My favourite is perfect coral, such a fresh colour! Tawny is like a “my lips but better” sort of colour.  Never buying L’oreal lipsticks ever again though.


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NeGoo Hair Curling Set

March 9, 2011 3 comments

I don’t think I’ll bother mentioning how delayed my posts are anymore, because as you will see, this was done even before I dyed my hair lol.  So I shall just keep the posts coming 🙂

I bought this NeGoo curling set from Adambeauty for $17.50USD

This is a really easy way to create loose waves without heat!

It comes with DVD, 6 Curlers, paper instructions + stork

The difference between the blue and pink are large.

They determine which direction your hair will curl.

So you just shove the pink stork through the plastic tube,

Hook it through a section of your hair and pull stork down.

I usually like to use this on semi-dry hair and let it dry for 1-2hr before heat blasting it and then removing it.

I usually prefer to make the front curl outwards, and the back inwards.  However in the picture I made the front go inwards instead.

Basically, just for reference:

Pink on the right = inwards curl

Blue on the right = outwards curl

and vice versa.  If yours isn’t differentiated by those colours, all you need to do is hold it up next to your hair and you can see which way it will curl.

You can also control how low you would like the curls to begin.  The good thing about this curling set is it will turn out pretty true to the way you set your hair in the curlers, except a lot looser.

This was a result of front curled outwards and the rest inwards.

I left this overnight once just to see how tight the curls would be, since I was tying it up for work anyway.  I prefer not to leave it in over night because the curls become a bit too tight for my liking.

Again styled like above but left for only 1-2hr, heat blasted and then removed.

I think I put the front one a bit lower as well so the curls didn’t start as high. Loves!


  • Very simple to use, for a simple wave result
  • 3 is enough to cover the whole of one side for a simple wave result
  • Good quality curling tubes
  • Really need no heat! But it depends on how long you leave it in for.  If you don’t leave it in long enough to let your hair curl, it just turns into an unsightly KINK


  • Only comes in one size and can’t find refills separately
  • Slightly fiddly because your hair can have a big kink at the beginning if you don’t put the curlers in to follow the direction of your hair (but that applies to all curling devices)
  • The pink stork thing snap locks, and comes undone very easily, and if it comes undone while trying to pull hair through the tube, it won’t go until you snap lock it back!
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Remington Spin Curl styler

November 7, 2010 5 comments

Been following Jen’s blog and took notice of this hair dryer!  I showed Ricky and he ended up buying me one off Ebay hehehe

This one is from the UK so it requires an adapter.  Shipping was really quick too!  I think it was just under $50AUD all up inc. shipping.

Comes with a 2 year guarantee from Remington

Instructions at the back

It comes with two attachments.  The other one is the concentrate nozzle which I probably won’t use.

3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and cool blast 😀

This was taken at the end of the day after about.. 10 hours? Jee I’m so tired my bags have all come out lol

Totally love the hair dryer!!!!


  • Works!
  • Easy to use! Light as well.
  • The waves literally last the whole day without drooping.  It lasted a whole afternoon of wind as well haha
  • Hair dryer can be used with and without attachment
  • Has 3 heat settings, and 2 speed settings, and a cool blast


  • Pretty exi for a hair dryer…
  • Non-existent in the local department stores.  Must buy online.
  • Must use Max heat + speed settings to achieve the curls.  Or else it just turns into disgusting kinks…
  • Quite noisy
  • Just a bit fiddly to get both sides curling the same way.. one side sort of curled inwards, while my right tended to curl outwards.  But that was alright, it works out nicely!

Again… Totally love!!!! So glad I saw Jen’s post, and sooo happy Ricky bought this for me ehehehehehe making great waves is so easy now!

Now I need to get some sleep before my cold gets any worse =.= stupid crappy immune system has gotten the better of me again..


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Recent Happenings and Coconut Cream

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment


First of all I would like to make a note of my good friend Joey’s belated birthday party.  It was such a great night of catching up, heaps of fun, and also meeting some lovely people!

Stole a few pics from her blog also because she’s got awesome camera skills and equipment hehe

Who could resist smooching a gorgeous lady?

With Joey, her sister Joanne, and my new make up buddy Lidia!

Secondly I would like to introduce you to:

Most people would automatically think curry or cooking ingredient when they go to the supermarkets and see a can of coconut cream.

Well I’ve found a whole new way of using coconut cream, and I can say right now that most of you will be thinking to yourselves… WTF.

Oh how did the light coconut cream find its way into my stash.. I shall have to see whether it’s just as effective, but either way, it’s still more exi but luckily the cashier didn’t realise and neither did I AHAHA.  Trusty Woolworth’s Home Brand was on discount for 85c.  IGA was also selling Black & Gold for 85c too.

Okay cutting to the chase, I now use Coconut Cream as a hair treatment! Yeah yeah start the WTF’s..

I first got this idea from Jojoba from mymakeupreviews, and she considers this as her staple hair care item.

What you need:

  1. Coconut cream!  Or you can use coconut milk instead, except it would be runnier and messier ( not that cream is completely clean either)
  2. Shower cap!  These were really cheap for 10 pack from the $2 section of a Japanese grocery store a Southport Centro
  3. Any towel to help catch drips
  4. A good 2-3 hours of spare time

What you need to do:

  1. You can use the coconut milk/cream straight out of the can but it will be a bit runny.  Jojoba suggested to leave it in the fridge for a few days.
    I found that 3 days is enough to make it really creamy, but I usually get impatient and take it out on day
  2. Added in:  I first rub some extra virgin olive oil through the tips for better results
  3. Rub the cream onto dirty unwashed hair.  I use the solid cream on my tips, and the runnier stuff through my roots.
    It’s easier to part my hair into two sections rather than use the front to back method.
  4. Cover with shower cap.
  5. Optional: you can blow some hot air into the shower cap with hair dryer to get the process happening faster.  I do it to make myself feel better.
  6. Place towel on neck, or simply wrap the towel over the shower cap to catch drips
  7. Wait 1.5-2 hours depending how dry hair is
  8. Rinse thoroughly- my hair feels as though there is a film of oil even after rinsing thoroughly but make sure you rinse as much as you can out
  9. Follow with usual shampoo and conditioner


  • Hair felt so much healthier straight after.  I couldn’t do any pics because it was too hard ><
  • Only slight smell of coconut after washing, not disgusting at all
  • Even with blow drying my hair doesn’t feel like straw anymore
  • The results last for at least a week.  I think that with continued use, the results would last longer and hair will become even healthier
  • SO economically friendly: 85c – $1.30 for a can.
    One can lasts me 2 treatments at one treatment per week.  I just put the remainder in a cup and cover with glad wrap
  • Can be varied – some people add extra virgin olive oil, avocado and other stuff too – check up the Jojoba’s link to check out the comments


  • Needs a lot of spare time in a day
  • I’ll need to stock up on shower caps too…
  • Not good for people who don’t like the smell of coconut, there is still a very very slight coconut scent after it’s washed off but doesn’t bother me
  • A bit messy?
  • Added in:  Still not moisturizing enough for my dead hair on its own

I think this is the best any hair treatment has worked so far, and for such a low price, I’m happy with it.. ehehe.. try it and tell me what your experiences are 🙂

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