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HK goodies part 2 (picture heavy)

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last post ūüôā There are so many things to post about but I shall start off with the rest of my HK goodies.

I went crazy with Koji DollyWink products this time round.  I have many eyeshadows, but none of them were bright and colourful.  I thought I needed a pop of colour teehee

My sister thought otherwise, being horrified at my strange taste when she bought them.

04 Green Pink

Gotta say, so much attention to detail was paid into packaging.  The eyeshadow is guaranteed to sit right side up with no tilting or movement within the plastic box

Each of the shadows are housed in this cardboard mini… book? with instructions.

The black casing with engravings looks like Anna Sui.

Shimmery off white, aqua, hot pink and glittery black/grey

Oh yeah, they look scary BUAHAHAHA

Good thing is it can be layered, so if you use a light hand, it does not actually turn out like that.  I must admit, the pink is difficult to pull off under the eyes.  It can just make you look like you have some eye infection if not done properly.

03 Blue Orange

Again housed in a mini book with instructions

Shimmery white, fanta orange, blue, dark shimmery blue

Aren’t the colours so poppy!

These colours are good to have in case of a dress up party! ¬†Also, used with a light hand, it is a very good summer palette. ¬†However since it’s approaching winter these palettes will probably be left untouched for a while.


  • The colours make me feel happy and bubbly when I look at them XD
  • Very bright but can be layered for a less or more intense finish
  • Pigmentation is pretty good
  • Butter texture
  • Affordable. ¬†Works out to be around $16AUD
  • Pretty packaging!
  • Somewhat chalky in texture (but it’s also very buttery!)
  • The aqua green in 04, and blue in 03, really show up with little difference on the eyes ūüė¶ ¬†I wanted a truer green…
  • Not the most wearable colours XD
  • A little frosty

DollyWink pencil eyeliner in black

I actually wanted the liquid eyeliner but got this one instead, but it’s good I can have a play with this one ūüôā

Very cute


  • Pretty packaging
  • Good intensity
  • Buttery soft, doesn’t tug on the eyelids
  • Didn’t experience too much smudging, though I set it with eyeshadow, and did not put it on my smudge prone areas… so my opinion is not accurate
  • Did not pass my smudge-proof test
  • I don’t like having to sharpen my eyeliners

Smudge-proof test: apply, wait 3 minutes, swipe with finger and see how much it smudges

I also wanted a microfibre hair turban so I can dry my hair faster

3M Nexcare

No I am not going to make myself a hair turban model. My hand shall do.


  • Well made, no loose ends or seams
  • Fit very snug, won’t fall off
  • Does make my hair dry quicker than my usual air dry
  • I think it’s a bit on the exi side… more than $15AUD if I remember correctly
  • Needs stretching and I worry I will break my hair when I twist the turban around
  • It really REALLY hurts when I pull the loop out to button it. ¬†I prefer to just leave it unbuttoned, it doesn’t fall off anyway
  • Not for the big-headed
  • I don’t know if my hair will dry at the same rate if I just wrap a normal towel around it, but either/or, hair turbon is much more convenient
Lastly I really wanted this pore cleanser stick thingy

Arezia pore cleansing tool

The tool is well built and very sturdy


  • Cheap: around $1AUD
  • Does the job! ¬†It doesn’t get rid of all the gunk, but a majority. I was always skeptical but my bf.. YES my BF!! – he told me it was good HAHA
  • No harsh chemicals
  • The needle is very sharp. ¬†I don’t get pimples so it’s not very useful for its purpose
  • Takes a really long time to use.
  • Painful T.T
And that ends my very long post ūüôā
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Hong Kong Goodies!

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

My sis went to HK for a couple of weeks and I gave her a list of stuff to buy XD

She said that most of the stuff were very difficult to find, especially the Dolly Wink eyeshadows because they are such scary colours that no one would use AHAHAHA

I was unable to get the liquid eyeliner and mascara unfortunately, but… no worry I will own them one day buahaha

Forgot to put this in the above picture as well ><

I was most excited about Jill Stuart’s newest limited edition eyeshadow

102 Amazonite Dazzle

The design of the box and palette is sooo dreamy

The colours shout out secret garden to me, they are so different from the usual Jill Stuart colours!

I find the colours really complicated, I couldn’t really put a name to them ><

From left (my interpretation):

– Silver with a tinge of pink

– Moss green

– Blue grey which sports a green tinge due to the green shimmer

– Plummy brown with some hints of fine green shimmers

Those colours took me a long time to come up with, and I still don’t think it’s completely right….

So I this palette must be green themed XD  I love all the colours and it makes a very sweet smoky look.  Not the easiest colours to use, especially the plummy brown Рit can end up looking super dirty.  However I did manage to wear all the colours today.  They are so fun to play with!

As usual, I find that using the jelly eye as base helps the colours turn out more vibrant.

The eyeshadow has the usual Jill Stuart scent, which I have grown to get used to.

I’m also really loving my new Koji Curving eyelash curler.

I was in need for a new eyelash curler because my 22R wasn’t really working for me anymore

I think the biggest difference with this one is that the Curving one is.. obviously much curvier lol

The curving eyelash curler is also wider, and the rubber has two ridges on either side where the curler clamps, rather than the one groove as most curlers have.

I think its curviness is really helping to deliver neatly curled stand up lashes ūüėÄ

I shall talk about Koji stuff and the rest in a later post ūüôā

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My package arrived!!

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Teehee ^^ My package arrived from Adambeauty teehee ^^

Just got some daily necessities.

  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & curl mascara – pretty good everyday mascara, though I didn’t think it lengthened that much, it coated my eyelashes and made it look nice and neat lol
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara remover (not for me)
  • Kanebo Allie Whitening UV protector SPF50+ PA+++ 60mL bonus pack with SPF26+ PA+ mist
  • Spring heart eyeliner pencils

I finally have a strong sunscreen!! I was surprised how small 60mL is.. so exi for such a small thing ($32US). ¬†The consistency is milky and not greasy when spread on the face. ¬†Was great as a base for my BB cream and my skin didn’t react at all to it, and my face stayed fresh looking for the whole day. ¬†No white cast either ūüôā

Anyhow, am glad to say, I shall not need to buy anymore mascara or eyeliner for a good amount of time.. teehee.. now all I am waiting for is my Jill Stuart jelly eyes from Bobodave! So excited!

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Uncontrollable hauling.

January 23, 2010 4 comments

Over the months, I have gradually given into my uncontrollable urge to buy things I see in make up stores, especially since they are on sale atm damnit. ¬†I’m such a consumer.. Shame on me >< But I guess money is not wasted if the items I buy are actually put to good use right? I believe so… yes.. yes thats definitely the case.

Kate Gradical eyes in B-1, Visee Glamorous Hunter in G-5 and Visee Brilliance Forming eyes in A-1

Swatch of Kate

I’ve been in search of a good brown palette for so long and I think I finally found it! It creates good contouring and for some reason the colours look better on the eyes than on the hand. ¬†Mixing with Visee Blackish forming eyes in B1 gives all the shades you need from white to black.

Swatch of Visee Glam Hunt

This palette is pretty shimmery. ¬†I thought the colours would look kind of funny but it ends up all blending into one smokey colour at the end anyway haha.. Don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not. ¬†It doesn’t look bad, I actually quite like it, but.. just not what I expected.

I decided I should invest in a brown eyeliner. ¬†Too bad the shop couldn’t stock Spring heart’s eyeliner pencil in brown. ¬†I really like the black one and you’ll see why soon. ¬†Anyway, I ended up getting this Palgantong eyeliner combi pencil set. ¬†Pretty good deal since it has brown, black and a glittery white pencil for supposed to be around $15 (naturally the shops here in Australia do a ridiculous mark up). ¬†It claims to be waterproof. ¬†So far only Revlon Colorstay and Spring heart eyeliner pencils have left me impressed. ¬†So let’s have a comparison of staying power.

From left: Spring heart, Palgantong, Kate square cut

Kate is the least black of them all, and Palgantong seems the darkest. ¬†Smooth-wise, Palgantong was quite hard and super sharp to begin with. ¬†Once it is a bit more blunt it’s just a bit smoother to apply than Spring heart. ¬†Spring heart is abit dry, and Kate probably wins the smoothness contest (but fails miserably for everything else). ¬†So staying power… one swipe across with my fingertip after waiting a few minutes…. tada!

A clear winner.

No I don’t think I will get Palgantong again. ¬†I wonder if there are others that automatically links “waterproof” with “smudge-proof”. ¬†I usually would think that if it doesn’t smudge, it would mean it’s pretty good against water/sebum. ¬†I have decided I love Spring heart eyeliner pencils and shall use nothing but from now on. ¬†Oh as for the brown eyeliner theory? Scrap it. ¬†It only suffices as a liner for the bottom eyelid. ¬†It’s great for that.

I also got Imju’s raved about Fiberwig mascara.

It’s one of those.. love or hate things and I’m afraid I can’t say I love it. ¬†What’s great is that it really does make your lashes really really long. ¬†What’s crap is that I don’t need length, and length without volume looks stupid anyway. ¬†It will kill a curl faster than the speed of light if you curl your eyelashes first. ¬†It hates anything but the Panasonic heated eyelash curler, anything else will cause painful ripping out of your eyelashes because of the rubbery texture of the mascara. ¬†You can attempt to layer it up, but the consequence of one wrong move will result in disgusting long and spikey eyelashes, and forget about volume.

It washes off super easy with luke warm water and comes off in rubbery chunks. ¬†Too bad I would never use this mascara on it’s own, and because of that it’s a freaken pain to get off. ¬†Fiberwig does not like make up removers. ¬†At all. ¬†I have found a way to make this mascara work for me though. ¬†Curl eyelashes->volume mascara->Fiberwig-> volume mascara at roots again. ¬†But even so, it can give a great look, or make one wrong move and your eyelashes will be totally fked for the rest of the day. ¬†However, after all this, I can’t say I hate it-just that I will never buy it again.

Moving on, anybody heard of ¬†Ricky told me about it after his friend introduced it to him. ¬†It’s a great site for buying those really random things for super cheap prices. ¬†They are offering free shipping at the moment too! ¬†The stuff came in about 2.5 weeks.

My microfibre cloth. ¬†I think this one is actually genuine haha… ¬†Cost US$2.56

4 pack get your fringe out of the way thing… US$2.36. ¬†Does the job!

Eyelash curler US$2.85. ¬†I took a photo to compare it with my Koji 22R eyelash curler (on left). ¬†They both have a spring. ¬†The no brand one is slightly more curved than the Koji one but same width. ¬†The no brand one doesn’t have the looped finger handle, which some people like, but I’m not too used to. ¬†It wasn’t very smooth when I first tried it but realized it was because it was bent a little the wrong way. ¬†After I fixed it it actually works really well, on par with Koji one. ¬†Wouldn’t try comparing it with Shu uemera or Shiseido though.

My favourite purchase from DX!!! US$4.69. ¬†It advertises it as the random brand “Seavennus”, but when it came it’s the genuine Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust it mattifying hair powder!! Retails on at US$17.40 discounted price. ¬†It’s so small and light but a little goes a long way. ¬†Have to be careful not to rub it into the scalp or else it will clog the pores. ¬†I love it so much I decided to get another 2 hehehe…

I believe I shall be good for another good few months. ¬†Now I am looking forward to the arrival of BB creams I’ve been wanting to try for so long and my HK wishlist ahaha ūüėÄ

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More Make-up…. hehe… ^^”

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay… so I said that I wouldn’t buy anymore make-up.. but that didn’t really work.. and I lost my motivation to save up for the end of the year.. so I blew it… just a bit… hehehe… ^^” Had a mini E-bay haul as well… (BECKIE!!!! And thanks to cel for helping me ^.^)

The line up:

Lavshuca in BR-2

I love this eye shadow.. I’m actually so surprised.. It’s super shimmery and the colours all show up really well and makes for a good daytime eyeshadow. ¬†You can make more dramatic looks with this as well. ¬†Very smooth too and easy to apply ūüôā

Not many cons I can think about this except for the fact that it would be better if they made the bottom two compartments the same size as the two above!!

Koji Eyelash curler in 22R

P1020006Small pic XD nothing fascinating… The size 22R is the one that is less curved which is good because my old one kept nipping my eyelids and it bloody hurt!! This eyelash curler has a spring on the hinge so it ¬†saves you some squeezing effort (well it claims to) but.. let’s see how long the spring lasts.

Sguard Rock-On mascara


Bit hard to get a good picture of the brush.  But not QUITE what I pictured it to be.

  • Mascara is waterproof, claims to lengthen, volume and curl in one.
  • Brush–¬†As seen on the packet, the brush has one side that is longer and the other side that is shorter. ¬†Looks a bit like a round head with spikey hair on top XD (tried to capture it in second pic but failed miserably =.=)
    – Longer side for the tips of the upper lashes for lengthening
    – Shorter side for the roots of the upper and bottom lashes to space them out and get volume
    – It does spread out the lashes nice and evenly, better than any other mascara brush I’ve used. ¬†that short brush for roots thing really does work and helps to prevent clumping.
  • I saw heaps… and I mean.. HEAPS of fibres on the brush. ¬†Frankly I think that the container is abit too narrow for the brush, and things can get quite messy because of that.
  • Formula… good concept.. doesn’t really work. ¬†Layered it on around 3 layers before I got minimal volume, but got more length and great separation.
    – Formula is really light and doesn’t weigh down the lashes, but this could also be why it takes 3 layers for it to show up.
    – I think this mascara is for lengthening more so than volume.
    – Fibres might be a tad too long and too much… I think it may have started to irritate my eyes.
  • Overall, I don’t think I’ll be getting this again… stick to Kiss Me Heroine Make volume and curl mascara instead….

This Japanese cherry blossom face mask came free with my ebay package ^^ probably won’t be using it anytime soon though I should.


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