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Some new eye shadows and miscellaneous stuffs

March 28, 2011 2 comments

I received my shortly awaited Esprique Precious green eyeshadow from Beckie who so kindly bought it for me while she was in HK 🙂

Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes in D2

I am so addicted to the texture, colour pay off and cuteness of this range!  This is my last though – not very fond of the new revamped Esprique, so BORING.

Pretty golden olive greens with shimmery peach to put on the bottom

She also gave me the “freebie” it comes with (after she got sucked into buying a blush XD)

I also got this from Beckie, must be another gift?

Stila E/S duo in Orchid

Very silky texture – light lavender, and deep vibrant purple with an iridescent finish

I think I don’t have a purple like this yet 🙂

I also made a purchase from Adambeauty, I think in late February?

I really couldn’t resist the new Visee eyeshadows, they looked so shimmery, so me!!

I wasn’t going to get this colour  because I have a few blues already and I don’t really wear blue often.  But Fuzkittie screwed me over by saying how the blue was to die for gahhh ><

She was so right T.T The blue is like shimmery denim!

Surprisingly this doesn’t turn out looking cheap and actually gives a smoky look with a bit of blue pop.  I guess it depends on how you wear it though.

The eyeshadow in GY-6

This makes an awesome beigey grey smokey eye.

The grey is this intensely shimmery bordering metallic gunmetal colour horrrr

Overall I was quite impressed with this collection.


  • Pretty packaging ^^
  • No more brush applicator! The sponge applicators are now longer and have a pointier tip which makes application very easy
  • All powder shadows
  • Very smooth and silky texture with great pigmentation
  • Super shimmery
  • The blacks in this range are SOOO intense!  Probably the most pigmented blacks Visee has come up with.


  • A bit of difficulty blending the colours properly despite the silky texture, but patting the colours on made the application evenly

I also decided to buy the Juju Aquamoist Moisturizing & Whitening toner after Viv the ex-receptionist told me about this one 🙂

Nothing too fancy, it’s clear with no scent (at least I don’t notice it).  It feels really nice and I have noticed that my pores have gotten smaller after using this toner 🙂 Can’t say much about the whitening properties yet though.

I should also mention a finishing powder I bought from Adambeauty with my NeGoo hair curler set.  I’ve been using it for a while now and I think it does the job.

Kokuryudo Point Magic loose finishing powder

I wasn’t very impressed when I saw all those shimmery bits, but it’s actually pretty nice.

It provides no coverage and gives the skin a nice glow.  People don’t really notice the shimmery bits unless they look really closely 🙂  Not bad for $8.50 USD!!

And that ends my random assortment 🙂