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Drugstore goodies

March 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I hope people won’t feel offended by my continuation of make up posts in the wake of all these natural disasters.  I thought about posting or not posting, but in the end, everyone needs a bit of normal right?  Must continue with our own lives or else the world will stop.

I had a couple of good finds at Priceline recently as I wanted to make use of my vouchers 🙂

Rapidlash had a promotion for a mini hair straightener as GWP

I love how it’s pearl white, and it’s very compact.

Being only 1/2″ wide, it’s small enough to pack into a hand bag.

Works a treat when I need a quick straighten after work or something.

Grown Vitamin & Watermelon lip balm

Grown skin care products is a newly emerging brand that boasts all organic ingredients.

Though I didn’t think this smelled anything like watermelon.

Not entirely fond with this type of packaging but I can live with it.

The consistency of this lip balm is slightly like… pear sorbet? Slightly lumpy but smooths out into a glossy finish.

I was expecting to get a matte finish sort of as a base for lipsticks (that I never wear) however this is very glossy, verging on oily.

I think men can stay clear from this product.   That said, it’s a great moisturizing lip balm that keep my lips feeling soft.  If you want a lip gloss that keeps your lips moisturized this is a good option.

And finally, after a million years this finally hits the shelves of Australia.

I chose 956 eggplant since I have black and brown gel liners already.

The brown looked too light for my liking as well.

And a line up of the gel liners I own.  My favourite is still Kate’s old formula gel liner.

That said Kate’s newer formula brown liner is crap.


  • Quite smudge proof and waterproof
  • Brush included is awesome!
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • cheap – ~$16AUD RRP, on sale I got it for $14
  • Quite smooth to glide on


  • Takes longer to dry.  I swiped a swatch after 3 minutes and it smudged real bad, then I tried again and waited around 5-7 minutes and it didn’t budge.
  • Some fading throughout the day
  • The formula is crumbly, but still glides on really well, unlike Kate’s newer formula brown gel liner which crumbles AND doesn’t glide on nicely.

Also after a million years L’oreal’s Elnett hairspray also finally hit the Australia shelves!

Disappointed though.  Definitely not as good as John Freida or Samy’s volume hairsprays.  It does brush out with no flaking though 🙂


On a separate note, I got these at some random cosmetic store that sells genuine cosmetics for very cheap XD

I only got the mascara because of the eyeliner, the price is great even for the eye liner alone 🙂  I had already quit using this liner because it costs too much to keep using so I was happy.

L’oreal Colour Riche in 845 Tawny and 425 Perfect Coral

Man these lipsticks smell!!  I should have taken this into account when I bought them.  It’s not even just these ones, I went to Priceline and sniffed ALL of L’oreal’s lipsticks and they all stank like cheap cosmetics omg…

However the colours will be enough to forgive the smell.. a little.

My favourite is perfect coral, such a fresh colour! Tawny is like a “my lips but better” sort of colour.  Never buying L’oreal lipsticks ever again though.


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An early unexpected Christmas gift

December 23, 2010 1 comment

So I’m sitting here on the night before Christmas Eve, a.k.a massive midnight/overnight shopping… where literally everyone in Brisbane is hanging out right at this moment.  I became really excited all of a sudden because I thought I had a tiny glimpse of hope that I would go too, but long and behold.. I’m sitting at home.. here.. It’s like.. being high on Cloud 9, missing my footing, and falling flat on my face at the bottom of the deep sea floor… actually I’m very bitter about it, but I’ll get over it.  Well I’m going to boxing day sales then!  Go go go!

But something to be very happy about is that my friends show me love 🙂

I thought I should wait until Christmas day before blogging about it, but I couldn’t quite wait till then teehee

Beckie bought me MAC pigments from the Tartan Tale range OMFG!

This is the Cool Thrillseekers set.

MAC limited edition ranges are usually stuff I admire from afar, but never end up getting because I feel too stingy, but now I have my very own pigments! I always wanted to try them ^^

The 4 pigments and cosmetic grade glitter FTW!

From left: Silver fog, Softwash grey, Mauvement, Cheers my dear!, & Reflects pearl

They all have an intense metallic sheen and the glitter shows up super sparkly in real life!

Silver fog: a metallic silver grey

Softwash grey: my favourite – purple tinged grey with purple shimmers

Mauvement: metallic bronzey earth brown

Cheers my Dear!: a pretty metallic pinkish purple

Reflects pearl: silver glitter that isn’t gritty at all!

These as you can see have a lot of fall out if you aren’t careful, so a good base is a must.  I can imagine these looking awesome over my Jill Stuart jelly colours muahahaha can’t wait to try them out on my eyes.

Thanks beckie!!  You really know me well teehee

Also have a safe trip Cel!!

Only 2 more sleeps until Christmas!  I shouldn’t be so excited because I believe it will be much less exciting than I anticipate.  I shall go calm myself down lol

Happy shopping everyone!




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Autumn cleaning and random post

April 10, 2010 3 comments

Since probably 4 weeks ago, I have been “determined” to clean out my wardrobe on the weekend.  That obviously didn’t happen for 4 good weeks hahahaha.. well today I finally got up off my butt and did some major wardrobe cleaning – aka chucking out all the clothes under the  “maybe I might wear it one day” category.

Got rid of 7 bags of clothes and bags.  All shall go to the next donation bin I come across ^.^

My wardrobe is so small 😦 I can hang all my clothes inside my wardrobe now!!!  And I can open each drawer easily now ahha.. I had to hang some of my clothes on a hook on the door of my wardrobe before 😦 And up until today, the left side of it was occupied by my mum and dad’s very VERY old clothes.  I’m talking about those heavy checkered suits from the 70’s :S  Good thing my sister’s wardrobe is vacant so we can use that as the new store room of the clothes my parents will never wear, but will also never throw out.  So you can imagine how bad it was before I did the big clean out!!

Funny I still have clothes that “maybe I might wear one day” after the clean.  I’ll probably be chucking them out after winter ahaha..

Does everyone keep a lot of clothes thinking maybe they might wear it one day… but know deep down they never will?

Made some creamed corn with diced pork for dinner tonight 🙂 dad made the veges. yum yum.

BTW update on MAC paint pot.

It’s pretty good 😀 Very economical because you literally sweep your finger over it, and dab that all over.  Any more and it will support creasing instead of prevent.  It lasted from day to night with very little creasing.  I usually wear dark E/S and I could only see a little bit of fading on the crease but other people probably can’t tell unless they starred at me while my eyes are closed (who would do that anyway :S).  I also used the paint pot on my lower lid too and that worked really well.

My very teary left eye corner still smudged after around 6-8 hours but way slower and less than previously.  I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect anyway since I think I would pretty much need a permanent marker to prevent smudging.. and even then I think permanent marker will still fade on me =.= But would definitely recommend and repurchase 🙂 eyeing soft ochre now ehehehe

very tired now.. feel like I’ve done a workout for the whole day LOL

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Happy Easter!!!!!

April 1, 2010 4 comments

Happy Easter everyone!  I think I’m most excited about the long weekend more than anything XD

Some unexpected easter chocolates from the teachers at the school I’m working with.  They are so nice!!!

I think I have just begun to appreciate MAC.  I know it’s been the rave since forever but  I just never found them that attractive, and E/S-wise I would much prefer Japanese brands over MAC.
Don’t know how I came across MAC, but I’ve been trying to find a good eye primer since forever.  The girls at DJ’s MAC were so helpful and patient.  I used to think that MAC is overpriced, but it was actually the most affordable of all the brands of eye primers available, at $AUD 35.  Unfortunately Soft Ochre was sold out or else it would have been a perfect match.  I originally got Painterly but after some consideration, I realized it’s too pink and a bit too dark for me.

Bare Study 

Bit hard to see with the lighting, but:
Far right = Bare Study – neutral golden shimmer
Middle darker shimmer you can see = Rubenesque – darker orangey gold shimmer

Haven’t tested the staying and crease proof power of this thing yet but shall update once I do.  I usually have the terrible oiling up at the crease and creasing by the end of the day.  Not to mention the corner of my left eye is constantly tearing and causes me havoc.

My good friend Beckie went to HK a little while ago, and she was nice enough to help me buy some stuff from Sasa 🙂  Haven’t really had time to test them out until recently.

Sana Maikohan and Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliners

Top = 1 swipe of Sana
Middle = a few swipes of Sana
Bottom = Heroine make

The Sana Maikohan eyeliner received some high reviews on the Sasa website so I thought it might be a good gamble.  Boy was I wrong.  Do you see the running of the eyeliner into the cracks of my hands? the colour is not really black either, and it’s not waterproof even though it says it is.  Quite disappointed in this one.

The heroine make this time was the tub version.  The brush isn’t the easiest to use because it does not have a defined tip, rather a blunt nail polish brush look.   However the product itself is just as good as the pen.  Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t fade, doesn’t run, and very black.  And my pen version has just about run out too 😀 very good.

Sasa’s own Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara

I actually really like this mascara.  It’s cheap, the one-sided comb makes it really easy to apply without clumps, it’s buildable, and it leaves the eyelashes feeling soft as well.  In terms of curling, I can’t really judge because of my permanently curled eyelashes, but I think it does do a bit of curl enhancing and the volume it creates is pretty good too.  I like 😀

I also got the BRTC Jasmine BB cream but didn’t end up keeping it for myself.  I tried it once and it is definitely very nice, but I thought it might be a bit too white for me.  The coverage was good too.  I think the only thing was that I felt slightly oily.

My other good friend Joey also went to HK and helped me buy the Sana covercom face powder.  I just need to find time to get it ><

I feel so lucky that people are willing to help me buy things even when they could use the money to buy other stuff. I will definitely remember to return the favour if I go anywhere substantial ehehe.

Long weekend!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Next term I’m going to be torn up all over the place as I will be only working 4 days, and servicing 4 schools in total over each fortnight.  wahh.. see how I go I guess.  I would really rather have 5 days, but must appreciate what I have, and not concentrate on what I don’t.  As always, must soldier on!

Leave you with a song

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