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I got it!!!

October 3, 2009 2 comments

I got them!! And I love them!!! Thanks Ricky!!!! I love you too 🙂

Majolica Majorca BR799



Kiss Me Heroine Make volume & curl mascara 2009

hehehehe I like I like

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Random update

August 17, 2009 3 comments

Getting quite exhausted these days, not really sure why ehehehe.. Just thought I’d do a quick update about… nothingness AHAHAHA I’m so 無聊.

P1010966My look in physio uniform.. everyday Monday to Friday.  I look so tired

I am announcing my last make up splurge hopefully till the end of the year XD

Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B1


  • I was very surprised when I used the lightest colour to find out it was a warm creamy colour and not plain white 🙂
  • The reddish brown is quite pretty
  • Easy to create a natural warm browny look


  • I think I still like the reddish brown colour from my Red Earth Starlights palette in Chocolate Dream a bit better

I’ve actually been really interested in this palette from Majolica in BR799 but I never ended up buying it.. I really like the colour combos with pink, silvery colour + dark brownish plummish colourI did alot of discouraging to myself to stop myself from buying it.  Also Ricky helped convince me not to buy it as well 😀  Knowing me I can probably blend colours I have atm to create something similar anyway wahahaha ><


Just finished watching this 12 episode TW series “ToGetHer” starring Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang and George Hu.

It was so sweet haha… It’s a really simple, and uncomplicated sort of story.  Left me with butterflies in my stomach just because it was sweet and cute.  No need for brains, and no really annoying frustrating draggy melodramatic conflicts included.  Just a really nice watch.

Wonder Bakery! Starring WonderGirls!! So hilarious.  Has 8 episodes but I’ve only watched 7.

I might get killed by their fans but after watching this series I realised how very average these girls look compared to what I usually saw them as.  But they are funny nontheless and quite talented in many ways.

Call me screwed up in the head but I actually really like freaky movies.  Not blood and guts like Saw or Chainsaw Massacre… but I really like the ghost stuff.. like phenomenol ghost stuff.

I was expecting to watch a movie like that when I watched this korean movie “Alone”.  But there was nothing of the sort.  It was just a very sad story about a very screwed up family.  I did get scared at the beginning when I was watching it at 12 sth at night.. I had to stop in the middle because I got too scared.  But when I finished watching it the next day I realised all the scary parts didn’t make sense and didn’t really have  a purpose.  Disappointment 😦

Any good scary haunting movies to recommend me?

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Make up Review Time!!!

August 11, 2009 2 comments

Time for the make up reviews I said I would do!! I was so lazy when I first got the net back, and now I can’t stop spam blogging AHAHAHA!! You can track back to my old blog for my previous reviews.

Ok I’ll try to keep this as short as I can, although I do tend to be able to ramble on forever when  I start about these here goes!!

1. Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B3



  • Packaging is nice and compact.  I like the printing on the shadows
  • Easy to make smokey eyes
  • Easy to make softer and more dramatic effects
  • Soft texture
  • Has a good variation in the colours from light to dark so able to use all the colours equally
  • Very shimmery
  • Can’t think of many cons!!!


  • The texture was a bit rough to begin with
  • The sponge applicator sometimes isn’t the best with showing off the shimmery characteristics of the shadows.  ie. Using fingers can get better colour out

2. Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B4


  • Packaging is nice and compact.  I like the printing on the shadows
  • The colours of this quad are very interesting-
    – even the white base colour has a tinge of pink in it
    – the pink colour has pearly shimmer in it: quite unique. I’s bright but not too outrageous
  • Good for day wear because the colours aren’t too strong
  • The texture was a bit softer than B3
  • Although I have eyeshadows that I can combine to make similar effects, I still like this one hehe


  • Same problem with the sponge applicator
  • I think this is my problem but I expected the darker colour to be sort of dark brown, but it ended up being browny purple and it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be
  • My problem again: I have a few pinkish eyeshadows at home and I am able to create a similar effect.  Therefore, I could have used my money on something else like the B1 quad, which was the other one I was thinking of getting instead T.T

General impression of Visee blackish forming eyes range: I want to get all of them!!!  They are so convenient to use and the quality is quite good too.

Now why did I not buy their newer Brilliance Forming Eyes range?

TIP: A few criteria I made after a few regrettable purchases like the Kate Diamond Cut Eyes. People might be different but I find this generally works for me.

  1. No 2 similar colours. Usually the problem lies in the lighter colours.  You waste the money you spend because you don’t use both!
  2. Good gradation of colours from light to dark (preferrably a blackish colour somewhere). I can mix and match better
  3. Become familiar with what you have. You don’t need too many different brands of the same colour because you’ll probably end up only using one.  Eg, Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BR1 and Visee Jewel Crush Eyes in E2 are basically the same.
  4. No Cream shadows in my quads thanks. They smudge.  Although I did buy another Majolica shadow >< but I have my reasons

Anyway, there was my ramble on about nothing.  Continuing on 🙂

3. Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BR1



  • Packaging is nice and compact. I like the diamond looking pattern on the plastic above the shimmer
  • I guess it’s good if you haven’t had a copper colour eyeshadow before
  • Texture is soft once you get rid of the top layer


  • No in between colour from light copper to blackish brown
  • White base colour not shimmery
  • The silver/gold shimmer is… useless
  • sponge applicator does not pick up the shimmer well, looks pretty matte on the eyes- I think using fingers is better for all the colours in this quad
  • I think I can make do with the Visee Jewel Crush Eyes in E2
  • I think this range was a flop tbh.  Wouldn’t buy again

4. Majolica Majolook in BR762




  • Ok I have a reason why I just scrapped some of my criterias:
    – I’ve been looking for a greeny brown eyeshadow for a while and this is the only one that was close to the colour tones I wanted
    – To be able to get the blackish colour included as well, I would need to get the more high end products like Lunasol Star Shower Eyes and Maquillage which I am NOT RICH ENOUGH to get yet ehehe.. so I decided I would compromise.. I can use the black from Kate Trick Eyes in GN1
  • Packaging is so cute!!
  • The colours are soft like velvet and glide on effortlessly
  • Sponge applicator is great- soft and picks up colour + shimmer, and spreads each colour well
  • The lightest colour is OMG shimmery I LOVE!!!


  • Scrap the cream colour
  • No black colour.. boo… but its good I can match with other small quads so not too inconvenient
  • Won’t be using this eyeshadow quad on its own.  Looks abit sick because the darkest colour doesn’t show up that dark on the eyes

5. Shiseido The Makeup Cream shadow in H2

This is a bit of an old one but I thought I’d mention it since I liked it quite alot when I used it at my sister’s wedding


No swatch for this one 😛 Shimmer doesn’t turn up very well on my camera


  • Very good shimmer base- very very shimmery
  • Shimmer does not clump up in one spot then dry up
  • The shimmer seems to show through the eyeshadows I put over it


  • Not a fan of cream
  • Not very good lasting power- will smudge very easily so I only use it around the brow bone area and stay clear from my eyelids
  • No nails when using this one HAHA.. the dip gets quite deep so it’s easy for nails to scratch the shadow

6. Kate eye gel liner in BK1



  • My new HG gel liner!!! Kate > Mac by heaps!!!!
  • Kate lasts longer than Mac- I have most issues with the outer corner of my eyes and it doesn’t seem to smudge at the end of the day
  • The brush is very soft and can make a thin line but you can also smudge the line with the brush to give a more smokey look
  • The brush has not deformed yet like my other brushes have


  • I still see some smudges happening in the inner corner of my eye at the end of the day

So.. one may ask.. or they may not 😛 What skin care products do I use? Expensive high end stuff? I think not.  I’m quite simple in that sense.  Here are my most used cleansers and moisturizers.  You may be surprised ^.^”

Happy derm!!! This mousse is quite refreshing and gentle.  I use it morning and night

Used 2-3x a week

Told you I was simple 😛 I was pretty skeptical about oil for pretty obvious reasons but also because I have combination skin.  However, this is a must have for me in winter.

I just rub more over the dry patches and try to only use a thin layer over the more oily patches

Haven’t really had an issue about break outs as of yet 🙂 Probably won’t use this in summer though..

This was my favourite until I got avocado oil.  Big tub.  Can’t really finish it haha

I use this through winter and summer.  Not greasy at all and I put it over avocado oil and QV cream without too many issues.  I’m not too sure about the matt properties of it.  I don’t really notice much of a difference apart from the fact that it comes out of the tube skin coloured but once it’s on the the skin it spreads like normal cream.

So there you go! My daily moisturizing routine.  Very anti-climatic isn’t it 😛

I think that should end my make up review post.  Oh another thing I’ve decided since my last post in xanga.

Applying mascara!

  1. Clip eyelashes.  Yes I do that first now.. hehehehe ^^”  It doesn’t really flop if I use only waterproof mascara all the way
  2. Prime eyelashes with Microfibre base.  I use Maybelline Intense XXL waterproof
  3. Coat with waterproof volume mascara while the base is still wet!! So I do one eye at a time.  I’m still using Maxfactor aqualash
  4. Wait to dry and clip again
  5. repeat steps 2 and 3 again and I’m done!!

Okay I’m really done now.  Hope you enjoyed my ramble.

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