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HK goodies part 2 (picture heavy)

May 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last post 🙂 There are so many things to post about but I shall start off with the rest of my HK goodies.

I went crazy with Koji DollyWink products this time round.  I have many eyeshadows, but none of them were bright and colourful.  I thought I needed a pop of colour teehee

My sister thought otherwise, being horrified at my strange taste when she bought them.

04 Green Pink

Gotta say, so much attention to detail was paid into packaging.  The eyeshadow is guaranteed to sit right side up with no tilting or movement within the plastic box

Each of the shadows are housed in this cardboard mini… book? with instructions.

The black casing with engravings looks like Anna Sui.

Shimmery off white, aqua, hot pink and glittery black/grey

Oh yeah, they look scary BUAHAHAHA

Good thing is it can be layered, so if you use a light hand, it does not actually turn out like that.  I must admit, the pink is difficult to pull off under the eyes.  It can just make you look like you have some eye infection if not done properly.

03 Blue Orange

Again housed in a mini book with instructions

Shimmery white, fanta orange, blue, dark shimmery blue

Aren’t the colours so poppy!

These colours are good to have in case of a dress up party!  Also, used with a light hand, it is a very good summer palette.  However since it’s approaching winter these palettes will probably be left untouched for a while.


  • The colours make me feel happy and bubbly when I look at them XD
  • Very bright but can be layered for a less or more intense finish
  • Pigmentation is pretty good
  • Butter texture
  • Affordable.  Works out to be around $16AUD
  • Pretty packaging!
  • Somewhat chalky in texture (but it’s also very buttery!)
  • The aqua green in 04, and blue in 03, really show up with little difference on the eyes 😦  I wanted a truer green…
  • Not the most wearable colours XD
  • A little frosty

DollyWink pencil eyeliner in black

I actually wanted the liquid eyeliner but got this one instead, but it’s good I can have a play with this one 🙂

Very cute


  • Pretty packaging
  • Good intensity
  • Buttery soft, doesn’t tug on the eyelids
  • Didn’t experience too much smudging, though I set it with eyeshadow, and did not put it on my smudge prone areas… so my opinion is not accurate
  • Did not pass my smudge-proof test
  • I don’t like having to sharpen my eyeliners

Smudge-proof test: apply, wait 3 minutes, swipe with finger and see how much it smudges

I also wanted a microfibre hair turban so I can dry my hair faster

3M Nexcare

No I am not going to make myself a hair turban model. My hand shall do.


  • Well made, no loose ends or seams
  • Fit very snug, won’t fall off
  • Does make my hair dry quicker than my usual air dry
  • I think it’s a bit on the exi side… more than $15AUD if I remember correctly
  • Needs stretching and I worry I will break my hair when I twist the turban around
  • It really REALLY hurts when I pull the loop out to button it.  I prefer to just leave it unbuttoned, it doesn’t fall off anyway
  • Not for the big-headed
  • I don’t know if my hair will dry at the same rate if I just wrap a normal towel around it, but either/or, hair turbon is much more convenient
Lastly I really wanted this pore cleanser stick thingy

Arezia pore cleansing tool

The tool is well built and very sturdy


  • Cheap: around $1AUD
  • Does the job!  It doesn’t get rid of all the gunk, but a majority. I was always skeptical but my bf.. YES my BF!! – he told me it was good HAHA
  • No harsh chemicals
  • The needle is very sharp.  I don’t get pimples so it’s not very useful for its purpose
  • Takes a really long time to use.
  • Painful T.T
And that ends my very long post 🙂
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Hong Kong Goodies!

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

My sis went to HK for a couple of weeks and I gave her a list of stuff to buy XD

She said that most of the stuff were very difficult to find, especially the Dolly Wink eyeshadows because they are such scary colours that no one would use AHAHAHA

I was unable to get the liquid eyeliner and mascara unfortunately, but… no worry I will own them one day buahaha

Forgot to put this in the above picture as well ><

I was most excited about Jill Stuart’s newest limited edition eyeshadow

102 Amazonite Dazzle

The design of the box and palette is sooo dreamy

The colours shout out secret garden to me, they are so different from the usual Jill Stuart colours!

I find the colours really complicated, I couldn’t really put a name to them ><

From left (my interpretation):

– Silver with a tinge of pink

– Moss green

– Blue grey which sports a green tinge due to the green shimmer

– Plummy brown with some hints of fine green shimmers

Those colours took me a long time to come up with, and I still don’t think it’s completely right….

So I this palette must be green themed XD  I love all the colours and it makes a very sweet smoky look.  Not the easiest colours to use, especially the plummy brown – it can end up looking super dirty.  However I did manage to wear all the colours today.  They are so fun to play with!

As usual, I find that using the jelly eye as base helps the colours turn out more vibrant.

The eyeshadow has the usual Jill Stuart scent, which I have grown to get used to.

I’m also really loving my new Koji Curving eyelash curler.

I was in need for a new eyelash curler because my 22R wasn’t really working for me anymore

I think the biggest difference with this one is that the Curving one is.. obviously much curvier lol

The curving eyelash curler is also wider, and the rubber has two ridges on either side where the curler clamps, rather than the one groove as most curlers have.

I think its curviness is really helping to deliver neatly curled stand up lashes 😀

I shall talk about Koji stuff and the rest in a later post 🙂

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Make up brushes, and the infamous UDPP

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I finally received my replacement make up brush set from Adambeauty the other day.  I waited like 2 weeks for it.  I swear Australia Post is understaffed or something at the moment… the packages are taking longer and longer to arrive and I believe it’s not at the fault of the seller.

NTP Mini make up brush set

Adambeauty actually stuffed up my order and gave me another NeGoo hair set instead of this brush set, and also forgot to put in the travel size Juju Aquamoist toner that was supposed to come with full size bottle I got in a promo set.  I won’t be getting that either because they forgot to check about the toner.  Moreover, I was going to send the hair set back, but instead I ended up getting it for half price – and gave it to my sis.

Anywho, this is the make up case, smaller than I imagined.

It has a detachable zip up case in the middle, houses a mirror and pockets.

And just a quick look at the size, it’s long enough to fit a JS e/s, and quit roomy if you put a Lunasol palette in.

I can also zip this up completely with both palettes in there, but I took the inner pouch out.

Brushes themselves: eyeliner, lip, eyeshadow and face brush

The eyeliner brush is awesome! I really love it because it can draw a really precise line.  The lip brush is also alright although there were some fray bits

The face brush malts like crazy and is a bit scratchy and so is the eyeshadow brush.  My Ecotools ones are so much better, but I still keep the face brush in the computer room and I do use it.

The brushes themselves are actually quite sturdy and I like how they fit in my hand.

These had powder coming out of them when i ran my fingers through it so I had to wash it thoroughly before use.

Overall, all I can say is that if I went back in time I wouldn’t buy this, and would buy another Ecotools set instead… lol…


My next topic begins!!

I need to mention about this eye primer first though.

The NP Set eye primer

Can you already tell my reaction to this eye primer?

This is really a horrible eye primer!!!!!

It boasts that it uses all these oils… yeah OILS… to produce this great eye primer that enhances eyeshadow colour and make it last longer.

  1. Half the damn tube squirted on my wall and on the floor because of all this pressure build up in the tube!! WTF?!!?!
  2. I have to massage the tube like I freaken knead muscles for 5 minutes to make sure I don’t squeeze a puddle of oil onto my hand (TFSI also tends to separate too but it’s so much better and blendable too)
  3. I can’t squeeze this directly onto my eyes, because a little is still too much and it requires a lot of blending
  4. It smells like cheap cosmetics…. and fat.
  5. From the land down under, nothing good comes cheap – and even if it’s exi, it still may not be good.  This primer was $30-35AUD.  Good thing they at least give 10mL.

I gotta say some good things about it…

  1. Consistency is a bit mousse-like.  I mean.. that’s different to other eye primers….
  2. It claims to nourish your eyes with Jojoba, Rosehip and sunflower oil.  It’s also sulfate-free
  3. Made my hands feel smooth when I swatched it… 😀

On a happier note, yes, UDPP!!!!! I got the professional 25mL size for myself.

Beckie requested the regular tube (10mL) but then I found out there was an XL version but non on ebay 😐 I believe that the regular UDPP has also recently changed to the above squeeze tube but smaller too.

I love the packaging 🙂

Oh I got this from ebay seller, good seller and great packaging.  Only bad thing is she didn’t message me to confirm combined shipping when I requested her to.

The full size version was $26AUD inc shipping, and the professional size was something like $44AUD inc shipping.  Shipping is bloody exi!!!

Transparent original colour 🙂 Hygienic nozzle tip

From left to right:  UDPP, TFSI, NP set

No Bare Escentuals comparison since I used it all up already.

Smeared down once, UDPP is clearly the driest formula.

Woah TFSI looks shiny there.  I think I squeezed a lot out though.

I know these eye primers have been reviewed like crazy and way better than the way I do it, but here’s my say anyway.


  • Spreads surprisingly well, it looked similar to Bare Escentuals but it is much easier to spread.
  • Didn’t make e/s frosty.  I put off buying it for a long time because I was scared of that.
  • Does enhance the colour of my e/s


  • Exi and hard to find
  • Didn’t stop my left eye from smudging… I give up.. I really do.
  • The squeeze tube isn’t that great?  Really hard to squeeze the product out but good thing is it doesn’t shoot out product like NP did on the first squeeze.
    I think the nozzle might a bit a bit too narrow.  I read some horror stories about the tube bursting, but then again it happens with TFSI as well but mine is fine.

Overall great product and I’m reaching for this everyday now 🙂

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Some new eye shadows and miscellaneous stuffs

March 28, 2011 2 comments

I received my shortly awaited Esprique Precious green eyeshadow from Beckie who so kindly bought it for me while she was in HK 🙂

Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes in D2

I am so addicted to the texture, colour pay off and cuteness of this range!  This is my last though – not very fond of the new revamped Esprique, so BORING.

Pretty golden olive greens with shimmery peach to put on the bottom

She also gave me the “freebie” it comes with (after she got sucked into buying a blush XD)

I also got this from Beckie, must be another gift?

Stila E/S duo in Orchid

Very silky texture – light lavender, and deep vibrant purple with an iridescent finish

I think I don’t have a purple like this yet 🙂

I also made a purchase from Adambeauty, I think in late February?

I really couldn’t resist the new Visee eyeshadows, they looked so shimmery, so me!!

I wasn’t going to get this colour  because I have a few blues already and I don’t really wear blue often.  But Fuzkittie screwed me over by saying how the blue was to die for gahhh ><

She was so right T.T The blue is like shimmery denim!

Surprisingly this doesn’t turn out looking cheap and actually gives a smoky look with a bit of blue pop.  I guess it depends on how you wear it though.

The eyeshadow in GY-6

This makes an awesome beigey grey smokey eye.

The grey is this intensely shimmery bordering metallic gunmetal colour horrrr

Overall I was quite impressed with this collection.


  • Pretty packaging ^^
  • No more brush applicator! The sponge applicators are now longer and have a pointier tip which makes application very easy
  • All powder shadows
  • Very smooth and silky texture with great pigmentation
  • Super shimmery
  • The blacks in this range are SOOO intense!  Probably the most pigmented blacks Visee has come up with.


  • A bit of difficulty blending the colours properly despite the silky texture, but patting the colours on made the application evenly

I also decided to buy the Juju Aquamoist Moisturizing & Whitening toner after Viv the ex-receptionist told me about this one 🙂

Nothing too fancy, it’s clear with no scent (at least I don’t notice it).  It feels really nice and I have noticed that my pores have gotten smaller after using this toner 🙂 Can’t say much about the whitening properties yet though.

I should also mention a finishing powder I bought from Adambeauty with my NeGoo hair curler set.  I’ve been using it for a while now and I think it does the job.

Kokuryudo Point Magic loose finishing powder

I wasn’t very impressed when I saw all those shimmery bits, but it’s actually pretty nice.

It provides no coverage and gives the skin a nice glow.  People don’t really notice the shimmery bits unless they look really closely 🙂  Not bad for $8.50 USD!!

And that ends my random assortment 🙂

Drugstore goodies

March 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I hope people won’t feel offended by my continuation of make up posts in the wake of all these natural disasters.  I thought about posting or not posting, but in the end, everyone needs a bit of normal right?  Must continue with our own lives or else the world will stop.

I had a couple of good finds at Priceline recently as I wanted to make use of my vouchers 🙂

Rapidlash had a promotion for a mini hair straightener as GWP

I love how it’s pearl white, and it’s very compact.

Being only 1/2″ wide, it’s small enough to pack into a hand bag.

Works a treat when I need a quick straighten after work or something.

Grown Vitamin & Watermelon lip balm

Grown skin care products is a newly emerging brand that boasts all organic ingredients.

Though I didn’t think this smelled anything like watermelon.

Not entirely fond with this type of packaging but I can live with it.

The consistency of this lip balm is slightly like… pear sorbet? Slightly lumpy but smooths out into a glossy finish.

I was expecting to get a matte finish sort of as a base for lipsticks (that I never wear) however this is very glossy, verging on oily.

I think men can stay clear from this product.   That said, it’s a great moisturizing lip balm that keep my lips feeling soft.  If you want a lip gloss that keeps your lips moisturized this is a good option.

And finally, after a million years this finally hits the shelves of Australia.

I chose 956 eggplant since I have black and brown gel liners already.

The brown looked too light for my liking as well.

And a line up of the gel liners I own.  My favourite is still Kate’s old formula gel liner.

That said Kate’s newer formula brown liner is crap.


  • Quite smudge proof and waterproof
  • Brush included is awesome!
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • cheap – ~$16AUD RRP, on sale I got it for $14
  • Quite smooth to glide on


  • Takes longer to dry.  I swiped a swatch after 3 minutes and it smudged real bad, then I tried again and waited around 5-7 minutes and it didn’t budge.
  • Some fading throughout the day
  • The formula is crumbly, but still glides on really well, unlike Kate’s newer formula brown gel liner which crumbles AND doesn’t glide on nicely.

Also after a million years L’oreal’s Elnett hairspray also finally hit the Australia shelves!

Disappointed though.  Definitely not as good as John Freida or Samy’s volume hairsprays.  It does brush out with no flaking though 🙂


On a separate note, I got these at some random cosmetic store that sells genuine cosmetics for very cheap XD

I only got the mascara because of the eyeliner, the price is great even for the eye liner alone 🙂  I had already quit using this liner because it costs too much to keep using so I was happy.

L’oreal Colour Riche in 845 Tawny and 425 Perfect Coral

Man these lipsticks smell!!  I should have taken this into account when I bought them.  It’s not even just these ones, I went to Priceline and sniffed ALL of L’oreal’s lipsticks and they all stank like cheap cosmetics omg…

However the colours will be enough to forgive the smell.. a little.

My favourite is perfect coral, such a fresh colour! Tawny is like a “my lips but better” sort of colour.  Never buying L’oreal lipsticks ever again though.


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Eyelashes and Maybelline mascara

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Quite sad at the moment as I just found out the fighting fish at home died today while I was out…For some reason I found myself more attached to this one even though I wasn’t the one looking after it.  Probably because I was the one who wanted my parents to buy one, and I stood in the store for close to an hour choosing it.  Not a pretty sight right now…

Just sharing some thoughts on some new mascaras I’ve been trying as of late.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express &

The Colossal Volum’ Express, both in Waterproof of course.

You can tell which one I used first haha

The Colossal Volum’ Express

The brush is round and fat


  • Keeps a curl
  • Coats lashes alright
  • Light weight formula which isn’t too dry
  • Builds some volume, and it is buildable with minimal clumping
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Lasts all day without smudging or flaking


  • No colossal volume
  • Brush is a bit too fat and can transfer on to the lids if not careful
  • A bit difficult to apply on bottom lashes because of the fat brush
  • Funky smell.. cheap cosmetic one..

The Falsies Volum’ Express

I like this brush better!  Flat and curved!


  • Awesome brush, very easy to apply
  • Builds some length and volume
  • Lasts the whole day
  • No smell
  • Holds a curl
  • Light weight formula, more on the wet side but does not weigh down lashes
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Not really a pro or con, but the brush is really flexible,  Pretty useless characteristic since you would never press hard enough on your lashes to make the brush flex anyway…


  • No falsies effect

While I’m still on the topic of lashes, let me share what’s been happening with mine recently.

I wrote a post about Rapidlash here a while ago.  One fact I tried to emphasize was that, your eyelashes will MALT!  And the cycle of malting and regrowth will continue on… which totally sucks.

Well here is what happened last week, maybe 2 weeks ago.


Do you SEE my remaining long lashes?!?!

I was left with the remaining extremely short regrowing ones…

One week after, my eyelashes are quickly growing back.  They are still shorter than even my original lashes before I started using Rapidlash though, especially the inner ones 😦

I think of Rapidlash like… the pill (even though I have never tried it).  The idea is the same: everything just gets regulated lol.

This was the worst malting I experienced since starting, but I will still remain loyal to my Rapidlash, unless it doesn’t get my lashes back to what they were before they all fell off… 🙂

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Esprique Precious

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday to me!!!


Yeah like.. 5 months too early XD

My parents just decided to order a Chestnut cake from Sunni Bakery because they had some cake voucher.. and put that message on the cake HAHAHA

Cake tasted good.

Today is time for Esprique Precious Dual Gradation Eyes.

These were purchased by Celeste in HK.  She got sucked in too and bought D1 in pink ehehehe

The cases are such a pretty metallic pink.  Too bad they collect fingerprints like crazy.

EP Dual Gradation in D3

Pretty copper browns.  Love them!

These shadows are so pigmented with intense shimmery gleam.

EP Dual Gradation in D4

Such pretty, shimmery, pigmented taupes!!!

Even the cream shade surprisingly does its job!  It feels like it would be greasy, but smooths on to a dry base.  I never fail to use eye primer though.

Cel was so nice to give me the freebies – which consisted of blotting paper, face mask, toner and moisturizer.

The moisturizer does not irritate my skin at all, and is moisturizing without being greasy.

The toner also seems decent.  Glad I have this because I thought it was about time I started using toner in my cleansing routine.

I have yet to try the face mask and blotting paper.




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