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Eyelashes and Maybelline mascara

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Quite sad at the moment as I just found out the fighting fish at home died today while I was out…For some reason I found myself more attached to this one even though I wasn’t the one looking after it.  Probably because I was the one who wanted my parents to buy one, and I stood in the store for close to an hour choosing it.  Not a pretty sight right now…

Just sharing some thoughts on some new mascaras I’ve been trying as of late.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express &

The Colossal Volum’ Express, both in Waterproof of course.

You can tell which one I used first haha

The Colossal Volum’ Express

The brush is round and fat


  • Keeps a curl
  • Coats lashes alright
  • Light weight formula which isn’t too dry
  • Builds some volume, and it is buildable with minimal clumping
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Lasts all day without smudging or flaking


  • No colossal volume
  • Brush is a bit too fat and can transfer on to the lids if not careful
  • A bit difficult to apply on bottom lashes because of the fat brush
  • Funky smell.. cheap cosmetic one..

The Falsies Volum’ Express

I like this brush better!  Flat and curved!


  • Awesome brush, very easy to apply
  • Builds some length and volume
  • Lasts the whole day
  • No smell
  • Holds a curl
  • Light weight formula, more on the wet side but does not weigh down lashes
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Not really a pro or con, but the brush is really flexible,  Pretty useless characteristic since you would never press hard enough on your lashes to make the brush flex anyway…


  • No falsies effect

While I’m still on the topic of lashes, let me share what’s been happening with mine recently.

I wrote a post about Rapidlash here a while ago.  One fact I tried to emphasize was that, your eyelashes will MALT!  And the cycle of malting and regrowth will continue on… which totally sucks.

Well here is what happened last week, maybe 2 weeks ago.


Do you SEE my remaining long lashes?!?!

I was left with the remaining extremely short regrowing ones…

One week after, my eyelashes are quickly growing back.  They are still shorter than even my original lashes before I started using Rapidlash though, especially the inner ones 😦

I think of Rapidlash like… the pill (even though I have never tried it).  The idea is the same: everything just gets regulated lol.

This was the worst malting I experienced since starting, but I will still remain loyal to my Rapidlash, unless it doesn’t get my lashes back to what they were before they all fell off… 🙂

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Strawberrynet and others :)

September 22, 2010 4 comments

This is quite delayed because my camera’s SD card decided to crack in half and die on me.  I also tried using my parent’s point ‘n shoot but the photos were so terrible I gave up.  Here I was thinking my current Lumix point ‘n shoot was crap…

Nevertheless, I still managed to pull off something LOLS.

Delivery was very prompt and it’s the first time I have received my products in a box.  I like 🙂 Everything was wrapped up nicely too 🙂

This was the main reason for my purchase – the BF has become all high end and decided the only thing good for his skin was this product he tried at his friend’s place in Sydney.

So now he officially uses better skincare than me! LOL oh wells so far so good.  It really does help with oil control while moisturizing at the same time.

These are the stuff I bought for myself 🙂

The Balms Balms Away Eye Make up break up

Really wanted to try this because I was getting sick of using my current Garnier and Loreal two layer removers.

When I bought this I was hoping for something that will save me from rubbing back and forth with a cotton pad.  This literally feels like vaseline but claims to have vitamins that help moisturize and protect the eyes.  My eyes do feel nice after I use it and it removes my waterproof eyeliner and mascara with the 30 second eye massage 🙂

The other reason I bought this was because other reviews say it gives you a bang for your buck.  The hole in the above picture was made over 3 weeks but I shall see how long this lasts me.

What I don’t like is the wiping off process.  I usually use a cotton pad instead of the recommended tissues to wipe it off.  I have to wipe around the lash line repeatedly to get it all off, though it does eventually all come off.  That sort of counteracts the soothing properties this remover claims to provide.  Though I do believe that trial and error has made it increasingly easier.

I lose a couple of eyelashes along the way but I’m not sure if that’s because of the Rapidlash I am trying out atm (it is typical to malt for the first few weeks while the eyelashes restore themselves – review coming later :)). I think it could be the Rapidlash because I can see that the make up remover actually nourishes my eyelashes.  Shall see.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time eye primer

It offers 1.5mL/0.05fl oz for $22AUD, while TFSI offers 11g/0.35fl oz for $35AUD.  WTF 1.5 measley mL?!?!?!? HUGE unhappy face 😦

Whatever.  Since Fuzkittie loves it and rates it higher than TFSI, I bit my lip and bought it.

The twist tube it comes in is a very nice sturdy design.  One question.  What happens to all that product stuck IN the actual tube once it runs out? BAH! There goes more money down the drain.  I say fail packaging! FAILLLL!! I wish it would come in a squeeze tube instead with more.  At least humour me with even 5 or even 3mL…  I don’t even want to use it because I’m scared it would run out =.=

Anyway, to the upside – The consistency is actually drier than TFSI and you can clearly tell that it has no silicon properties in it unlike TFSI.  Well all the better because I never wanted silicon in my eye primer anyway.  One tick from me already.  It smooths on nicely with a small amount despite the dry consistency.  Another tick 🙂 (Freaken better considering how little they give us in the first place..)

I decided to put it to the test with my Jill Stuart palette.  Jill Stuart.. ahh the luxurious brand.  Has anyone ever mentioned – Your fall out is bad.  You fade faster than my Visee and even Lavshuca palettes.  You turn frosty and dull with glitter chunks easily.  What the heck.  Your range contains WAY too many pink palettes. Yawn.  And even after all that, I still really really want to buy more, if only there were some non-pink palettes..

Anyway to my surprise, fall out was little to none, and the colour stayed vibrant without creasing all day.  I got that really nice shimmering glossy feeling I always wanted from my Jill Stuart palette- not the dull faded look I was getting way too often.  I’m in love 🙂  Also, I had minimal smudging around my problem left eye corner too 😀

I think I will have to buy this again when I run out.  But I really really REALLY hate how it’s such a rip off.

Gosh Pearl Shine Lipstick in Starlet 607#

This came free with the purchase

A bit darker than I thought it would be.  It’s quite moisturizing and doesn’t dry out the lips.

It has an underlying cheap cosmetic scent, but also a sweet candy smell too.  It doesn’t bother me too much though.

I went to a discount perfume/cosmetic store a while back and saw Stila products!!  The E/S palette was only $12 AUD!!  I also got a Stila double ended eyeshadow brush for $8 😀

Stila in Marrakesh.  Isn’t the packaging adorable ^^

I had a really hard time trying to get a good shot of the colours, but my camera just was going psycho and wouldn’t let me.  It was only for this palette too.. I think it could be because of the silver packaging.

One under natural light, and you can see the shimmers better in the second pic.  The colours are still pretty true.

Swatch.  Pretty neutral pink palette 🙂 Awesome for Summer!

The two middle colours actually look pretty similar, but the third colour from left allows for some subtle contouring.  Totally loving the dark brown with red shimmers!  Actually this looks pretty similar to Visee’s Forming eyes in A-1.

Above: Stila ; Below: Visee

Pretty similar aren’t they? Except Stila has a more metallic finish while Visee has a shimmery bling finish.

Visee’s pink is also deeper and more vibrant.

Stila’s brown has a more reddish tint, while Visee has more chocolate brown tones.  I still thought Visee’s dark brown was quite reddish though.  But that’s alright, it’s good that these two aren’t completely the same 🙂

I also took advantage of Priceline’s sale 2-3 weeks ago and bought myself two mascaras.  I know I know.. I said I would end my mascara shopping but They were half price!

Maybelline Pulse Perfection’s brush.

I actually like this mascara.  It separates well and I find myself reaching for this one now.  I think it is mediocre in lengthening and voluming.  Just a good daily mascara.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect’s brush.  Very fat brush with short bristles.  Good combination.

I was a bit disappointed with this one.  The formula I think is a bit rubbery?  It does build length and volume, but I found the brush hard to work with and a bit difficult to get the mascara onto my eyelashes.  What I found surprising was that it didn’t really help with keeping the eyelashes neat – something I thought would happen with short bristles.  I find myself not reaching for this mascara all the time.

Lastly, I finally decided to re-organise my make up using the drawers my mum bought from Aldi XD Good old Aldi ehehehe

It’s so neat but I wish it was a bit longer or something.  It only just accomodates for the E/S.  I’m sure I can find a way to rearrange it to fit more though 😀

Korean make up + chocolate cravings

August 20, 2010 4 comments

Been having a crazy chocolate craving phase this past month.  I’ve been eating Freddo frogs as my meal when I get really busy at work – sort of keeps me up and running… lol

Let me introduce you to my half finished “Chocolate Monster” – made up of chocolate ice cream, chocolate bits, maltesers, a bit of milk, and cream.  They also put a block of chocolate on the top too.  I can’t even describe how awesome that piece of chocolate was!!  Purchased from an ice cream store that replaced Yogen Fruz (what the heck happened to that place anyway?  I really wanted to try their Green tea frappe) at Carindale shopping centre.  It looked sooo dodgey when it was being made, but boy is this chocolate lover’s heaven… horrrrr.. not overly sweet either.

Now to second half of my mediocre length post – Korean make up a.k.a VOV cosmetics.  Was waiting around at Sunnypark when I spotted this little korean store.  Long and behold, there was a table full of VOV cosmetics!!  Had been eyeing their shadows for so long.

VOV Castledew Color Shot Eyes

Blue is very hard to get pigment and ends up looking pretty much the same as the white.  Not really my style of eyeshadows TBH but probably a good light day make up.  It definitely lives up to its name of “pearl effect”

VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes E902

The finish of these E/S are more shimmery but still a bit pearly.  Texture is sort of chalky for the lighter colours, and better in the darker colours.  Again, overall not very exciting.  Would reach for my Jap ones over these any day.  Regretful 😦  But it’s alright, they didn’t cost an arm or a leg

VOV Eye Max Volume Up mascara.  Came with a free eyelash curler – Does the job although definitely doesn’t feel like a quality curler haha

Short stubbled comb-like bristles.  Pretty good IMO.  The formula itself does volume and can be layered.  However it does flop the eyelashes if it is used as the first layer (Pretty fail since it claimed to curl).  I have no flopping issues at all even with layering up to 3-4 coats if I use Heroine Make first.  It lasts a whole day and the SA said it was waterproof.  I have my doubts though but haven’t tested it out.

Update: The mascara has good lasting power, but is definitely not waterproof as it easily washes off with cold water.

Lastly, went to the Coast with my parents the other weekend, and stopped by at a Japanese grocery store at Southport Centro on the way home.  It has a $2.50 section!! It used to be something stupid like $1 but of course all good things come to and end.  $2.50 is still a bargain XD I also saw that they had this little sunscreen in the cosmetics section for $9.95 woot woot 😀

It’s tiny with only 30mL but good for travel.  The texture is slightly creamier than Allie’s one, but smooths on to provide a transparent and non-greasy finish.  If only it came in a larger bottle!

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My package arrived!!

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Teehee ^^ My package arrived from Adambeauty teehee ^^

Just got some daily necessities.

  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & curl mascara – pretty good everyday mascara, though I didn’t think it lengthened that much, it coated my eyelashes and made it look nice and neat lol
  • Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara remover (not for me)
  • Kanebo Allie Whitening UV protector SPF50+ PA+++ 60mL bonus pack with SPF26+ PA+ mist
  • Spring heart eyeliner pencils

I finally have a strong sunscreen!! I was surprised how small 60mL is.. so exi for such a small thing ($32US).  The consistency is milky and not greasy when spread on the face.  Was great as a base for my BB cream and my skin didn’t react at all to it, and my face stayed fresh looking for the whole day.  No white cast either 🙂

Anyhow, am glad to say, I shall not need to buy anymore mascara or eyeliner for a good amount of time.. teehee.. now all I am waiting for is my Jill Stuart jelly eyes from Bobodave! So excited!

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Some new additions to my make up/skin care collection (picture heavy)

July 20, 2010 2 comments

Ever since I started my new job, I have for some reason become more stressed, and more depressed… and as a result… shopping cravings have increased!  So I decided – STUFF IT! I’m just going to buy all the stuff I’ve been iffy about buying for the past year (except for a Lunasol or Jill Stuart eye palette… I’m still iffy-ing about those).

On top of that, I am feeling extra bored and also sick so here comes a long post to keep me busy tonight.

First I’d like to share a new eye palette my friend Ella so kindly gave me when we met up for a catch up dinner… awwwwwwww Can’t say how thankful I am ^^

Kate in BK-1.

It’s SO much better than the one I have in BR-1. The texture seems a little different and a lot more shimmery.  I’m beginning to appreciate the diamond glitter part too 🙂
The look is sort of like the Visee Blackish Forming in B3, except maybe lighter? Anyhow, LOVE!

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes in Waterproof

Oh how long I waited to buy this mascara.  The spikey ball attracted me so much, just the price drove me away at $49 AUD.  Alas, I bought it.  I was rather disappointed when I used it first as it flopped my eyelashes big time.  Definitely not something my sister would be too impressed about.  However, the second time I used it –

Actually my eyelashes didn’t turn out too bad 🙂 I think I used probably 3-4 coats (I used my new Kate eyeshadow too ^^ I’ve been cursed with inward folding eyelids.. sorry for polluting your eyes 😦 I just wanted to give a picture of what the mascara does T.T)  I actually quite like this mascara and it actually can keep a curl.  Whether I would recommend to someone like my sister who will literally scream if her mascara flopped her eyelashes the tiniest bit?  I would have to think twice about that…

I also took the plunge and bought TFSI.  I am still rather… uncertain about this base.  Maybe because it is silicone based.  My E/S stayed put but colour pay off didn’t make me wow or anything.  It was crap with keeping my problem left lower lid smudge-free, my MAC paint pot was better at that.  However, there is definitely better colour pay off on the upper lids than MAC though.  So I guess I shall use TFSI on upper lids, and MAC on the bottom.. ahha.. that works. Was also using TFSI on my eye pic above.

I also moved my make up into another box recently… I think I still need to find better storage options….

Thought long and hard about buying the full sized tube because my face stung quite a lot when using the sample packet, even though results were pretty good and the sting went away once the mask dried.  The full sized tube had no such problem 🙂 I love this mask, my face feels so clean afterwards ^^

I really love the packaging of Formula 10.0.6.  I got this overnight spot minimizing patch and the box it comes in looks exactly like the sachets and it’s all blue inside the box!  Comes in 4 of those sachets, 21 patches each.  They were $5 sth AUD on sale.  I probably won’t get through all of these since I don’t really have pimple prone skin, however they are always very handy in an emergency!!

Thought these would be handy too.  I don’t really like it though.  Have to wait so long for them to dry, and sometimes they don’t dry properly =.= I really want to try the asian branded ones- namely the one that is black in colour that comes in a tube, and you just smooth it over your nose and peel it off once it dries.  Pity I don’t remember the exact name of the brand 😦

Lastly, I recently abandoned my Loreal Waterproof make up remover and changed to this one.  I kind of got sick of Loreal’s one because I had to soak two cotton pads and still have residue remaining, while Garnier seems to get my make up off easier with only one cotton pad.  I have pretty sensitive eyes, eg they went bright red when I tried Lancome’s one.  But at the same time my sister is fine with Lancome’s one but the Garnier one instead irritates her! HAHAHA  I think I’ll be sticking with this one though.

Nice, it’s nearly 9:30 now.  Time to sleep! ^^

Oo two more things before I go:

My new favourite daily facial cleanser ^^ So cheap as well.  I love the tiny beads.

Stay away from this shit!  St Ives is not a bad brand, use anything BUT this Olive scrub.  It does crap all, and the beads are horrible to wash off even though they don’t do any scrubbing at all!! It literally feels like oily cream when you apply it, but luckily it does wash off completely despite the fact it is fails as a scrub, and annoys me every time I use it.  I have to use this in the shower because of how fail the beads are at washing off.  FAIL

Ok, nite 🙂


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Happy Easter!!!!!

April 1, 2010 4 comments

Happy Easter everyone!  I think I’m most excited about the long weekend more than anything XD

Some unexpected easter chocolates from the teachers at the school I’m working with.  They are so nice!!!

I think I have just begun to appreciate MAC.  I know it’s been the rave since forever but  I just never found them that attractive, and E/S-wise I would much prefer Japanese brands over MAC.
Don’t know how I came across MAC, but I’ve been trying to find a good eye primer since forever.  The girls at DJ’s MAC were so helpful and patient.  I used to think that MAC is overpriced, but it was actually the most affordable of all the brands of eye primers available, at $AUD 35.  Unfortunately Soft Ochre was sold out or else it would have been a perfect match.  I originally got Painterly but after some consideration, I realized it’s too pink and a bit too dark for me.

Bare Study 

Bit hard to see with the lighting, but:
Far right = Bare Study – neutral golden shimmer
Middle darker shimmer you can see = Rubenesque – darker orangey gold shimmer

Haven’t tested the staying and crease proof power of this thing yet but shall update once I do.  I usually have the terrible oiling up at the crease and creasing by the end of the day.  Not to mention the corner of my left eye is constantly tearing and causes me havoc.

My good friend Beckie went to HK a little while ago, and she was nice enough to help me buy some stuff from Sasa 🙂  Haven’t really had time to test them out until recently.

Sana Maikohan and Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliners

Top = 1 swipe of Sana
Middle = a few swipes of Sana
Bottom = Heroine make

The Sana Maikohan eyeliner received some high reviews on the Sasa website so I thought it might be a good gamble.  Boy was I wrong.  Do you see the running of the eyeliner into the cracks of my hands? the colour is not really black either, and it’s not waterproof even though it says it is.  Quite disappointed in this one.

The heroine make this time was the tub version.  The brush isn’t the easiest to use because it does not have a defined tip, rather a blunt nail polish brush look.   However the product itself is just as good as the pen.  Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t fade, doesn’t run, and very black.  And my pen version has just about run out too 😀 very good.

Sasa’s own Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara

I actually really like this mascara.  It’s cheap, the one-sided comb makes it really easy to apply without clumps, it’s buildable, and it leaves the eyelashes feeling soft as well.  In terms of curling, I can’t really judge because of my permanently curled eyelashes, but I think it does do a bit of curl enhancing and the volume it creates is pretty good too.  I like 😀

I also got the BRTC Jasmine BB cream but didn’t end up keeping it for myself.  I tried it once and it is definitely very nice, but I thought it might be a bit too white for me.  The coverage was good too.  I think the only thing was that I felt slightly oily.

My other good friend Joey also went to HK and helped me buy the Sana covercom face powder.  I just need to find time to get it ><

I feel so lucky that people are willing to help me buy things even when they could use the money to buy other stuff. I will definitely remember to return the favour if I go anywhere substantial ehehe.

Long weekend!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Next term I’m going to be torn up all over the place as I will be only working 4 days, and servicing 4 schools in total over each fortnight.  wahh.. see how I go I guess.  I would really rather have 5 days, but must appreciate what I have, and not concentrate on what I don’t.  As always, must soldier on!

Leave you with a song

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More Sydney, make up and shopping

March 2, 2010 4 comments

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go down to Sydney again over the weekend.  I loved it so much!  Got to catch up with Ricky’s friends, hang out and not worrying about going home.  The only thing I didn’t love was that I brought my camera down, but forgot to put the sd card in it… so I didn’t get to take any photos!!! So pissed!!  Also I was quite fatigued as I have been working nonstop 7 days for 3 weeks, so I was quite tired throughout the whole trip 😦

Coincidentally we went down on the same weekend the Madi Gras was on.  How exciting!  Too bad all the guys didn’t want to go and see.. it would have been so good!  We saw the aftermath though and it was pretty chaotic, even at the early hours of 12/1 am.  Such an eye opener!  Too bad no photos 😦

These were my goals- eat shitloads of soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, go to coach and look at their bags, buy pork jerky and go to the chinatown make up stores and check out the eyeshadows.  I got 3/4 done.  Can never have enough of those crab soup dumplings!!!!! So damn good!!!

My new Coach

How can you not go and buy freshly made pork jerky?

Most photos will be on Ricky’s camera, sucks that I have non of my own, such a shame 😦 But the little trip was nice and refreshing, need to have more of these ehehe

Just before going to Sydney, my sister also dragged me to get my eyelashes permed.  The result:

Wasn’t too impressed when I saw it straight after, but the mascara does wonders.  Much easier to deal with now and I don’t have to worry about clipping my eyelashes and making sure they are tidy.  I was scared that non waterproof would flop my eyelashes so put off using it for the 2 days recommended to stay away from heat and humidity.  Surprisingly no flopping occurred, and the mascaras I used really can’t hold a curl at all!  The lady that did it for me made sure it was nice and tidy, and tailored the perming time, and rod size to suit my eyes and eyelashes.

Details are here at Unique Beauty Salon.  The lady has a room inside the hair salon.

Now is time for me to go through some of my newer cosmetics:

Somang Coenzyme Q10 BB sunbase SPF46 PA++

This is my first BB cream and when I first squeezed it out, I was horrified because it was this dark really grey looking cream.  But surprisingly it blends really well with the skin and it loses that dark grey colour as soon as it blends into the skin (right side of my hand is blended, you can see slightly more shiny skin on the right)

Coverage: sheer- medium (although I wouldn’t recommend caking any foundation or BB cream on because the end result is just cakey), smooths out complexion without making you look like you have foundation or anything on, very natural finish.
Texture: thick creamy consistency
Scent: light refreshing floral fragrance.  I don’t usually like cosmetics that smell but this smell wasn’t unpleasant at all 😀
Tone: grey, suits yellow or pink skin tones I think.. I think I would be around an NC20-25.
Skin type: Oily to normal.  Surprisingly, even though it looks shiny on the picture, it dries to a matte look.  I actually need to put a bit of cream on first before applying this BB cream because I have slightly drier areas on my skin.  It left my skin pretty smooth for most of the day, even on really hot days when I’m working all day.

All in all, I would buy this again.

KissMe Magical Clear pore cleanser

I thought it was time I give my pores a good cleaning, and the sales woman said this was good.  To be honest it doesn’t look too impressive, the consistency is like runny egg white.  You’re supposed to massage into wet skin, wait 3 minutes, then apply more and massage more in then wash off.  Can’t really see a dramatic difference, but my pores do look slightly smaller, maybe a few more washes will do the trick.

Palgantong Zebra Eyes Mascara

Before I permed my eyelashes, this mascara was pretty fail.  It is a volume mascara I believe.  Apart from it’s nice thick and black results, it flopped the eyelashes big time, just like the Dejavu fibrewig mascara.  I had to apply first, then clip, praying that my eyelashes would stay tidy.  I’m actually wearing this mascara in the picture above in my permed eyelash pic.  This mascara is actually pretty good, if you have permed your eyelashes haha.

This mascara is also not waterproof, just like fibrewig, it comes off easily with warm water.  I made the mistake of forgetting about that when I had hydrotherapy the other day… heated pool for 6 hours.. the people must have thought I looked hideous.. lucky I realized quickly and washed it all off.

And that ends my post for today 🙂

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