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Make up brushes, and the infamous UDPP

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I finally received my replacement make up brush set from Adambeauty the other day.  I waited like 2 weeks for it.  I swear Australia Post is understaffed or something at the moment… the packages are taking longer and longer to arrive and I believe it’s not at the fault of the seller.

NTP Mini make up brush set

Adambeauty actually stuffed up my order and gave me another NeGoo hair set instead of this brush set, and also forgot to put in the travel size Juju Aquamoist toner that was supposed to come with full size bottle I got in a promo set.  I won’t be getting that either because they forgot to check about the toner.  Moreover, I was going to send the hair set back, but instead I ended up getting it for half price – and gave it to my sis.

Anywho, this is the make up case, smaller than I imagined.

It has a detachable zip up case in the middle, houses a mirror and pockets.

And just a quick look at the size, it’s long enough to fit a JS e/s, and quit roomy if you put a Lunasol palette in.

I can also zip this up completely with both palettes in there, but I took the inner pouch out.

Brushes themselves: eyeliner, lip, eyeshadow and face brush

The eyeliner brush is awesome! I really love it because it can draw a really precise line.  The lip brush is also alright although there were some fray bits

The face brush malts like crazy and is a bit scratchy and so is the eyeshadow brush.  My Ecotools ones are so much better, but I still keep the face brush in the computer room and I do use it.

The brushes themselves are actually quite sturdy and I like how they fit in my hand.

These had powder coming out of them when i ran my fingers through it so I had to wash it thoroughly before use.

Overall, all I can say is that if I went back in time I wouldn’t buy this, and would buy another Ecotools set instead… lol…


My next topic begins!!

I need to mention about this eye primer first though.

The NP Set eye primer

Can you already tell my reaction to this eye primer?

This is really a horrible eye primer!!!!!

It boasts that it uses all these oils… yeah OILS… to produce this great eye primer that enhances eyeshadow colour and make it last longer.

  1. Half the damn tube squirted on my wall and on the floor because of all this pressure build up in the tube!! WTF?!!?!
  2. I have to massage the tube like I freaken knead muscles for 5 minutes to make sure I don’t squeeze a puddle of oil onto my hand (TFSI also tends to separate too but it’s so much better and blendable too)
  3. I can’t squeeze this directly onto my eyes, because a little is still too much and it requires a lot of blending
  4. It smells like cheap cosmetics…. and fat.
  5. From the land down under, nothing good comes cheap – and even if it’s exi, it still may not be good.  This primer was $30-35AUD.  Good thing they at least give 10mL.

I gotta say some good things about it…

  1. Consistency is a bit mousse-like.  I mean.. that’s different to other eye primers….
  2. It claims to nourish your eyes with Jojoba, Rosehip and sunflower oil.  It’s also sulfate-free
  3. Made my hands feel smooth when I swatched it… 😀

On a happier note, yes, UDPP!!!!! I got the professional 25mL size for myself.

Beckie requested the regular tube (10mL) but then I found out there was an XL version but non on ebay 😐 I believe that the regular UDPP has also recently changed to the above squeeze tube but smaller too.

I love the packaging 🙂

Oh I got this from ebay seller, good seller and great packaging.  Only bad thing is she didn’t message me to confirm combined shipping when I requested her to.

The full size version was $26AUD inc shipping, and the professional size was something like $44AUD inc shipping.  Shipping is bloody exi!!!

Transparent original colour 🙂 Hygienic nozzle tip

From left to right:  UDPP, TFSI, NP set

No Bare Escentuals comparison since I used it all up already.

Smeared down once, UDPP is clearly the driest formula.

Woah TFSI looks shiny there.  I think I squeezed a lot out though.

I know these eye primers have been reviewed like crazy and way better than the way I do it, but here’s my say anyway.


  • Spreads surprisingly well, it looked similar to Bare Escentuals but it is much easier to spread.
  • Didn’t make e/s frosty.  I put off buying it for a long time because I was scared of that.
  • Does enhance the colour of my e/s


  • Exi and hard to find
  • Didn’t stop my left eye from smudging… I give up.. I really do.
  • The squeeze tube isn’t that great?  Really hard to squeeze the product out but good thing is it doesn’t shoot out product like NP did on the first squeeze.
    I think the nozzle might a bit a bit too narrow.  I read some horror stories about the tube bursting, but then again it happens with TFSI as well but mine is fine.

Overall great product and I’m reaching for this everyday now 🙂

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