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Eyelashes and Maybelline mascara

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Quite sad at the moment as I just found out the fighting fish at home died today while I was out…For some reason I found myself more attached to this one even though I wasn’t the one looking after it.  Probably because I was the one who wanted my parents to buy one, and I stood in the store for close to an hour choosing it.  Not a pretty sight right now…

Just sharing some thoughts on some new mascaras I’ve been trying as of late.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express &

The Colossal Volum’ Express, both in Waterproof of course.

You can tell which one I used first haha

The Colossal Volum’ Express

The brush is round and fat


  • Keeps a curl
  • Coats lashes alright
  • Light weight formula which isn’t too dry
  • Builds some volume, and it is buildable with minimal clumping
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Lasts all day without smudging or flaking


  • No colossal volume
  • Brush is a bit too fat and can transfer on to the lids if not careful
  • A bit difficult to apply on bottom lashes because of the fat brush
  • Funky smell.. cheap cosmetic one..

The Falsies Volum’ Express

I like this brush better!  Flat and curved!


  • Awesome brush, very easy to apply
  • Builds some length and volume
  • Lasts the whole day
  • No smell
  • Holds a curl
  • Light weight formula, more on the wet side but does not weigh down lashes
  • Keeps lashes separated
  • Not really a pro or con, but the brush is really flexible,  Pretty useless characteristic since you would never press hard enough on your lashes to make the brush flex anyway…


  • No falsies effect

While I’m still on the topic of lashes, let me share what’s been happening with mine recently.

I wrote a post about Rapidlash here a while ago.  One fact I tried to emphasize was that, your eyelashes will MALT!  And the cycle of malting and regrowth will continue on… which totally sucks.

Well here is what happened last week, maybe 2 weeks ago.


Do you SEE my remaining long lashes?!?!

I was left with the remaining extremely short regrowing ones…

One week after, my eyelashes are quickly growing back.  They are still shorter than even my original lashes before I started using Rapidlash though, especially the inner ones 😦

I think of Rapidlash like… the pill (even though I have never tried it).  The idea is the same: everything just gets regulated lol.

This was the worst malting I experienced since starting, but I will still remain loyal to my Rapidlash, unless it doesn’t get my lashes back to what they were before they all fell off… 🙂

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RapidLash Detailed Review (pic heavy)

October 27, 2010 3 comments

I’ve given it enough time to do its job so, as promised, I shall do a review on it.

This is readily available at Priceline stores and retails for $65 AUD.

Transparent serum with brush applicator

Directions:  pic taken straight from their website

  • Apply to lash roots, but not on the actual eyelids
    (apparently it can cause the eyelids to become darker?)
  • Can be applied to upper and lower lashes, and also on the eyebrows too.
    I only applied to upper lashes because my lower lashes are long enough IMO
  • Average time to see results is 6-8 weeks.


  • Despite the cons below, I will definitely repurchase and continue use
  • No irritations or inflammation.  Only stinging if I got it in my eye lol
  • One tube lasts nearly 2 months
  • Readily available in Australia
  • Cheaper alternative to stuff like Revitalash
  • Really works!  I started seeing results at week 4


  • Needs dedication!  Don’t quit once your lashes start malting off.
  • There is at least a 2 week period where your eyelashes will MALT!!
    – Not entirely but noticeable.  It still looked alright after careful mascara application.
  • There is a constant cycle of shed->regrow->beautiful lashes->shed again
    – I think it’s a 6-7 week cycle? I feel that my lashes are shedding again at week 7
    – I’m not sure whether it would malt to the same extent though
    – You want to either stop using it while it’s really nice, or else you will have to keep using it while it’s shedding and regrowing.
  • That said – effect is not permanent.  But that’s a given.
    – Expecting these results to last is like dying your hair and expecting it to not grow out for the rest of your life – not happening.
  • I found it a bit hard to get to every lash with the brush applicator.
    – Solution was not to swipe across, but to dab and rotate the brush on the lashes instead.
  • It feels like it’s running out at week 4, but when I spin the applicator inside the tube there is still heaps.

Now for the piccies:


I’m lucky to be born with decent eyelashes for an Asian, but my left eyelashes have always been problematic, a bit shorter, and messier, as you can see!

To top it off, my lashes mostly hide under my inward folding eyelids, so even if they are decent in length, it doesn’t show anyway =.=

See what I mean… stupid eyelids  =.=  I’ve posted this pic up before, but just to show again what my lashes looked like at the beginning of the year.

My eyelids have improved since then.  Yay!  There’s a reason for that – I explain it in the after pics below.

This pic was taken after my lash perm at Sunny Park.  My lashes were behaving extremely well for a few weeks.



After 6-7 weeks of use, my eyelashes are sooooo much longer and fuller! Especially on the outer corners 🙂

My left eye became my better side.. LOL

Pic taken today (after 7 weeks)
pic quality is bad ><

Clearer pic, but with messier eyelashes (note its on the right side).. And I’m cross-eyed =.=”

I guess the comparisons with mascara is unfair as I used volume mascaras in the before pics, and Heroine Make’s Long & Curl in the after pictures.

TBH these pics don’t serve the product justice.  It looks so much better in real life than in these pictures >< I tried my best though!


So the reason my eyelids have changed:

My eyes are always swollen in the morning making my lids very unstable,
turning into a million half-folds, and staying that way for the whole day.
My solution is to tape my lids at night, and take it off in the morning after the swelling settles.
I’m not one of those girls that like to wear tape on her lids out, so the tape HAS to come off before I leave the house.
I started experimenting to see how big my lids could get without them collapsing on themselves once the tape comes off.
My current lids are probably as big as they will get.  And I’m not going to go under the knife!!!!
I think I am lucky though.  My lids seem to have become a lot less FATTY within the past year (you can see even from the first and last mascara pics),
which probably explains why this works for me – even though I will still have to stick with crappy lids for the rest of my life….


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